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Chapter 199

The night after leaving base was one of the most depressing for the team . Whether or not they were prepared to live in their place, the houses in the southwest base were their original homes . Now it was completely destroyed and they were semi-forced to leave, who would be in a good mood?

The next morning, the team packed up their things and climbed into the car towards their new home . As long as they made proper preparations, they would be fine .

“When we get back, let’s put our things away and look for gasoline or electricity in town, then some cloth . ” Luo Xun said suddenly while driving .

Yan Fei mouthed “Cloth” under his breath .

Luo Xun still talked with everyone last night, but his attitude was obviously different and sometimes he looked listless . Obviously he had not recovered from the blow of their destroyed house in the southwest base .

“Well, the first and third floors are almost done, but the second floor still needs some work . We don’t have enough thick cloth at home, we need to find a way to get more, otherwise we cannot turn on the lights at night . ”

Luo Xun then lit up, “Although we could add metal shutters to the metal shelves . We should enough to pull it off, let’s try it later in the evening when we get back?”

“Okay, I’ll try on one of the outside rooms first . ” Luo Xun could recover and stop thinking about the southwest base . Even if his workload was increased – anyways he had to work regardless .

It was not clear how the other people were doing, but the atmosphere between the couple had recovered . Luo Xun was responsible for driving but they had pulled over because of the stench, Yan Fei changed the baby’s diaper .

In fact, the last time Luo Xun was at the supermarket, there was a special promotion so he bought some diapers – yes, those had been used when the couple first met .

Unfortunately, he bought the adult size which was larger than the baby’s head . It had originally been prepared for special circumstances but they had no choice but to use it for now .

Fortunately, there was a lot of cotton at home which could be washed between replacements and increased the efficiency . So the two parents would bring enough for the baby each time and wash/dry in the sun .

The bun was now only three months old, although he was still smaller than average, he looked many times stronger than when first born . Tender white arms, large black eyes, with red lips…it seemed that the milk fruit was very nutritious and robust .

The baby stared at Yan Fei, a fist in his mouth while the latter was changing his diaper . Between the two seats, Puppy looked over with curiosity .

Luo Xun looked over once in a while while driving, a happy smile emerged unconsciously . The stuffy feeling in his heart had completely disappeared . Although his previous home was gone, he still had a new one with his loved ones .

As for their former home…He was someone who could let go . Since it was no longer possible to stay, then they would only sell vegetables, buy things and exchange information at the bars .

The convoy spent the entire day on the road but did not reach their destination . They had to camp out again for a night before everyone continued to drive towards their new home .

Before they came out they studied their recently received satellite photos . Because the largest wave of zombies was traveling away, the smaller groups of zombies had not approached and the rest were wandering in urban areas . At least for a short while Luo Xun’s team only had to worry about mutant animals without getting jumped by zombies .

Therefore this time out they were relatively safe .

They sighed in relief when they finally saw their base nestled among the mutant farmland . However they were subsequently shocked speechless .

“Huh, what’s going on here?”

*Awoo* Luo Xun had just asked when there was howling behind them . It was the two mutant wolves that they had met a while ago!

“Metal shield!” Luo Xun had no time to analyze the situation and could only speak to yan Fei beside him .

This time they left base with as much metal as possible . Although it did not look like it, the cars were filled to the brim with metal . After leaving, Yan Fei pulled the metal out and had it roll beside them on the road .

The metal ball was rapidly shifting in front of the team! But there was mountainous shaking in front of them!

Wang Duo’s panicked voice came from the radio . “God, these are pigs?!”

Before Luo Xun could answer, an excited voice came from the radio . “Leader! Pork, pork!”

Hearing He Qiankun’s voice, Luo Xun recovered from the shock and turned with bright eyes at Yan Fei . The latter rose an eyebrow and looked at the source of the noise…Pigs . Yes, pigs getting chased by two mutant wolves!

These pigs had also mutated but the head was not too big . The average height was less than two meters, slightly smaller than the wolves behind them . They did not know the reason but the herd did not have the slightest intention to fight back despite out numbering the predators . They panicked and fled instead .

Although these pigs were not the brightest, it seemed to know about the mutant plants and did not head straight through the farmland, but along the road towards their location!

Luo Xun stopped the car as far to the side as possible . Yan Fei made a metal slope which let the pigs run past them – of course, otherwise they would have been hit .

Since the pigs were running fast, Luo Xun suddenly thought of a plan to eat pork faster . He quickly commanded the team to prepare . Yan Fei was ready and Yu Xinran made a few big pits in the ground .


*Rumbling* The earth-shaking sound was getting closer and closer . Everyone secretly prayed that their plan would succeed .

Just as the pigs sped past their blockade, some of the animals tripped on the metal plates and it turned into something similar to a car accident .

The metal trip wires came out of the ground in front of Yu Xinran’s pits . Wind blades hit the pig’s feet along with strengthened arrows .

At least part of the herd fell afoul of the traps . The ones behind stepped on the martyrs and managed to run away . They stepped on their half-dead compatriots who had no way to cliimb up and escape .

At this time, the two wolves who had been chasing the herd also came around .

Before, Luo Xun had not really seen the two, but when they approached the team, Luo Xun felt pressure . That huge body, strong posture and dark green eyes…

Everyone did not pay attention to the pigs but clasped their weapons and stared at the two wolves .

The pair of wolves were also staring at the metal covered area .

The two sides were in a deadlock – a pig suddenly managed to climb out but ran in the opposite direction in panic . The wolf in the back pounced and bit it’s neck!

When one wolf acted, the other carefully stared at Luo Xun . Since the humans did not react after it’s companion, it carefully stepped forward and grabbed one of the hind legs .

The team waited for the two wolves to drag their prey away before breathing a sigh of relief, but with some panic in their eyes .

“Luo, Luo Xun, they’re not coming back, are they?”

“…Maybe . ” Luo Xun was not sure, who knew what those two animals were thinking?

“Leader, what are you waiting for? Bring it home!”

“Meat! Meat! So much meat!”

Luo Xun was called back by the team who were looking at the group of pigs in the ground .

There had been a bunch of fleeing pigs, enough that Luo Xun could not accurately count . But subtracting the one taken by the wolves, there were still six pigs left!

What were they waiting for? Bring them back!

The car was loaded with a lot of materials from base so the space was limited . They managed to fit two into the remaining space . For the rest they temporarily made a metal plate and dragged the rest through the metal tunnel .

Driving back through the tunnel, the three cars staggered with their heavy load…


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