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Chapter 20

One person went up the stairs, at the top the taller officer bent forward seeing the puppy in the cage .

"Chow chow, looks healthy, no abnormalities?"

"No, she has been fine these days . " Luo Xun quickly explained .

The officer nodded, "You have to be careful, best not let her out . Outside a lot of dogs mutated, it would be a pity if the dog was inadvertently bitten and also went rabid . "

"Ah, I know, fortunately I bought her young and did not develop the habit of walks . "

Luo Xun nodded, it was only after second mutation when zombie animal bites would not mutate into zombies . Bitten animals would either die or transform .

The two officers simply checked the room for zombies . Luo Xun had been well prepared beforehand, all the items were packed into boxes and placed on shelves of the balcony . No problem even if seen – were people not allowed to keep flowers on their own balconies? Either way, who could tell at a glance?

Fortunately neither of the officers looked and were ready to leave after a rough check . Before they left, Luo Xun suddenly thought of something to remind the two .

"Right now there's no electricity since it stopped but what about water? Can I have a drink?"

"Water?" The two questioned .

"There is something that turns people into zombies through bites . Could it be pollute the water through contact?"

The two officers expressions tightened and they nodded . "We will report this matter to our superior, be careful when you use water, boil it for a while . Soon, someone should come door-to-door with a notice, also pay attention to any broadcasts . "

After Luo Xun had sent away the two, he closed the door and took a long breath . He then immediately ran to the balcony and terrace to let the crops blocked by opaque plastic sheets soak up some sun .

"Are they gone?" Yan Fei arrived after hearing the door close .

"Yeah . " Luo Xun breathed a sigh of relief and turned to Yan Fei .

"I put the house next door under your name, if this really becomes a safe zone if you don't stay you can rent it out to another person and maybe make a lot of money!"

He was not joking, the place next door had two bedrooms with 80-90 square metres of area . How many solar panels could be hung on just a side of the balcony floor window? Even if Yan Fei did not rent out, not bother to go out and work, he could rely on the outside light o sell energy for a living .

If he had not been reborn would he have gotten such a good house? At the start of the apocalypse many people who came to the safe area preferred lower rooms to save time and stamina climbing the stairs . However the value of the top floor was much higher than the underlying ones!

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, he was not Luo Xun and did not know the value of the room would skyrocket . Luo Xun seemed proud to be frugal, Yan Fei could not help but splash some cold water .

"What if the original homeowner comes back?"

Luo Xun gave him an annoyed side glance . "I did not tell you earlier? No one locked it properly and the homeowner had not installed a peephole . "

On the other hand, what would Luo Xun do if the family came back here alive!?

His heart was in turmoil, Luo Xun sighed and felt regret . He knew he had gotten an extra empty room and now the military had come and registered, what good would tricks be?

Luo Xun thought and his eyes lit up at Yan Fei . "That…you have not rented out the room, go back and clean up I will rent it afterwards…"

Yan Fei was puzzled and wanted to understand the response . He glanced at Luo Xun .

"You're renting this room . "

Yan Fei stated rather than asked, Luo Xun instantly reddened, his guess was spot on . Luo Xun straightened .

"I signed a one-year contract and intended to rent it long term . "

Yan Fei eyes revealed a trace of laughter and he whispered but also coughed because of his chest injury . "Well, when I am better you can help me out next door . "

Luo Xun calmed down, if the original owner really came back, he would simply make a deal with Yan Fei . The room next door was smaller but still very good . Fortunately when he bought all kinds of materials he still had some funds at home .

Even if there was a shortage he could go out and collect stuff after the base was completed . The primary zombies had not yet formed nuclei and were easily dealt with .

At this point, Luo Xun had completely forgotten that he had originally wanted Yan Fei to leave . He considered people next door, crowding together to live – although next door was Yan Fei's, the outcome would most likely involve others .

If he did not need to move, Luo Xun would not leave the house . After all in the last decade he had never heard of the original homeowners . However it was no problem to think of the house next door as a backup .

Luo Xun was bound to find a way to deal with Yan Fei, fortunately from their first meeting the two had not had any conflict . The only difference was that Luo Xun had abandoned the plans to go and find Yan Fei's family, instead he would help next door .

He was now occupied with the layout of one of the bedrooms, certain other things became less important .

Anyway there were a lot of supplies at home, caring for Yan Fei was little trouble . No strain on him, not to mention if Yan Fei could voluntarily provide his own ammo, it meant he had an inexhaustible supply of live ammunition!

Luo Xun welcomed this kind of win-win situation that also was inexpensive .

Only received a crossbow arrow deposit, Luo Xun did not realize he had been paid a deposit without getting any actual benefit . He slowly moved to the bathroom, following the other guy who needed to go to the toilet .

The arrival of soldiers in Hong Jing district was a breath of fresh air . Since the zombies were basically cleaned up, many people boldly left the house . Some people were wondering whether or not to take advantage of the presence of soldiers on the road to collect supplies from the nearby supermarket .

Some families with cars drove to nearby supermarkets but found the nearest large ones had been taken over by the military . The contents were naturally forfeited, with people unable to contest . However they were afraid that there were zombies further out . Most of the people were scared and did not have the courage to search further for supplies .

Some people encircled the military vehicles and expressed concerns of the basic food shortage problems in their homes . The military had to send out more unflappable soldiers to the public .

Tomorrow morning they would distribute supplies in several points in a matter of hours . They relied on the personal information registered prior to designate several locations for food and water . After the military there would be reconstruction work, all who participated would receive a stipend of food and materials, the specifics to be announced .

With hope, people joyfully returned home even if they had not received things and waited for the arrival of the next day . Full of thoughts of 'next door neighbor backup friends' Luo Xun was in a happy busy mood all day long .

He cleaned up the room, replaced the fully charged battery, trimmed branches and leaves of plants in the patio, picked mature vegetables, followed up on the nursery work .

Finally with a small protest from his stomach, he boiled a pot of lean vegetable congee . Green tender, freshly picked rapeseed and the meat was an early purchase from before the apocalypse packaged and frozen .

In addition there were cut salted duck eggs, cold spicy garlic cabbage cut into wedges with red bean curd sauce . Yan Fei was surprised .

"You, this is too much…" Yan Fei's heart had an indescribable feeling as he looked in shock at the fragrant dishes .

God knows he had drank plain congee that had less salt . He really did not mean for this!

He had escaped troublesome people after the apocalypse and thus naturally knew the current climate . Being able to eat hot congee was already a large gourmet delicacy and he did not want Luo Xun to endanger himself going out to look for meat .

Luo Xun calmy used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of tofu in sauce . "No trouble, I have to eat anyway . "

Yan Fei had bypassed the dangerous period and could now eat more hearty food .

Luo Xun was indifferent to his own food . Anyway outside was not too peaceful right now, even if he went out with some vegetables there was nothing to exchange with . As for the meat, it would eventually go bad even if frozen in the fridge, just slower . If not eaten within a year and a half it would go bad, same with the other food items .

Luo Xun was like a sommelier, the congee, fragrant meat, refreshing side dishes and moderate saltiness caused Yan Fei's tongue to come alive . He gazed complexly at Luo Xun, he would like to ask where the food came from but it was wise to remain silent .

Right now less than a week had passed since the apocalypse, any spare veggies had not been consumed nor were they normal . Luo Xun did not go out these past two days and did not deliberately seek out trouble .


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