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Chapter 206

The group of people cheerfully headed towards base . It was still very early so the sun cast slender shadows behind the roadside trees . On the way back Luo Xun remembered that there was a lot of dead wood while driving . As they gradually approached their home, Zhang Yi spoke through the radio . “…There are mutant animals in the direction of our base . ”

“Mutant animals? How many? Are they wolves?” The two wolves seemed to be operating hear their base, Luo Xun had met them more than once . So it was strange that Zhang Yi did not tell them any specifics .

“I don’t know…there must be more than two types . ” Zhang Yi had not finished when faint vibrations went through the ground . The team subconsciously parked the car and looked at each other . The same image flashed in their hearts – a group of pigs running in front followed by two wolves…

“No…Its…?” Wang Duo was interrupted, his question unfinished but everyone understood why .

Yan Fei silently changed the trucks into metal plates…then an amazing sight ran in their direction!

“Come on! Is that actually a cow? Are you sure it’s not the bull king?!” Li TIe’s voice rose while Han Li was either screaming in fear or excitement .

A herd of three-storey cattle with horns on their heads, madly rushed in their direction! Behind them were two familiar wolves, several times smaller than the herbivores .

They really did not know fear, daring to provoke this group of huge cattle . The number was certainly smaller than the pig herd, but the few of them could actually cause an earthquake through their powerful velocity .

Discovering their convoy, the two wolves suddenly changed the direction of their pursuit . But also a few thorns appeared from the ground directing the cattle so that they ran towards the team as well .

Come on, what else would that mean? Even the wolves knew about mutual cooperation . Luo Xun naturally could not stand in place as the cows ran past .

Still metal appeared for a trap together with the sandpits . This time when the cows ran past, two fell and broke their legs .

The two wolves politely pounced on one and dragged it away while ignoring the other one . The other half dead cow was left with the pit while the team stared at Luo Xun .

“…They…intentionally lead the cows to us?”

After a while, someone whispered, “It’s possible…when we come back later we need enough metal or I am afraid we will be trampled to death by prey . ” Luo Xun looked at the hill sized cattle .

How long would such a big cow feed the two wolves? Luo Xun did not know but one was enough for them to eat for New Years . Don’t forget, there are several pigs that were uneaten! So they had no need for hunting for the rest of the year .

Yan Fei made a trailer with the metal and several cars pulled the prey into their base . After peeling and waiting for the beef to be processed they wanted to go home early for a break and process the meat .

The two women took a piece of beef into the kitchen . Luo XUn froze the remaining meat and organs . He hung the cowhide and pondered, “After these two busy days, let’s make some meat sauce? Along with some beef jerky . ”

After all there were several pigs still in the freezer at home . It would go bad if frozen for too long . In case of repeated encounters with the two wolves getting the team to help with hunting, their family would always have meat to eat .

What’s more, the team has had quails as a source of meat .

“Good, good!”

“No problem, do it!”

The group of gluttons were all excited and wanted to fill up their stomachs with these snacks .

The beef accidentally brought by the two wolves had a small change – stewed, fried and all kinds of beef dishes were introduced into their menu . Of course, the premise was that they time to mess around with recipes . Unfortunately these days everyone needed to hurry out and collect metal .

This was because of the basement renovation and other work which needed to be finished . The satellite photos showed that the zombie tide at the seaside had turned around!

The zombies didn’t jump and learn to swim or prepare to explore the unknown depths but turned towards the team . Like a ball hitting the wall and bouncing back .

According to the direction of the rebound, it was estimated that they would soon approach base . Whether is was Luo Xun’s new base of the southwest base, they could encounter another zombie siege .

Even more troubling was that there more waves passing by the area, even the ones from abroad would arrive in the near future . They did not know if their small base would trigger a siege but they must be ready before then . In particular they would have to completely close of the basement walls to avoid tunneling zombies, which would be a big problem .

There were also buildings on the ground that needed to be prepared or completely close them off to avoid zombies . So the team changed tactics again, going out a few times to collect metal . They were ready to face the zombies that were approaching .

In less than ten days of work, Luo Xun went out eight times and brought back metal, wood, all kinds of trees . The planting racks were almost all filled!

The last time they went out, they passed a gas station and Yan Fei discovered that there was a lot of gasoline in the tanks!

Song Lingling’s ability was able to manipulate any liquid at level four and the range had become much larger . As soon as they made a hole in the pipeline, Song Lingling could extract the gasoline . It would last for a while after being stored in metal containers – enough for a while . There was enough that they could return later – with Song Lingling’s ability they could easily pump any encountered vehicles .

“Tomorrow is the end of the month, let’s go early and stay in the southwest base for a day and then leave at night . ” The last time the team came home, they met at the kitchen table .

Now it was the end of May, they would visit the southwest base in early June . THis time they had no intention of visiting their old house or exchanging for gasoline . They would just go explore, get news and sell vegetables or something .

After all, they could not receive a lot of photos and messages from the satellites . But they did not know how ordinary people lived inside the base . There would be time to contact other people .

The team had no objections to Luo Xun’s decision and nodded in agreement . Han Li asked with some concern . “Luo Xun, what about the zombies? Will they come in two days?”

They were nervous about collecting metal to build their walls, mainly because the zombie wave was heading towards their direction . If they go out there was a possibility of encountering them, so they did not want to go out now .

“It won’t be for a little while, from the speed at which they’ve been moving forward . They are nearly two weeks away from us and we’ll leave tomorrow and come back the day after tomorrow . ” This was one of the reasons why Luo Xun dared to take advantage of returning to the base at the start of the month .

“That’s fine . ” The others had no opinion .

It was a pity that He Qiankun asked, “The warehouses we found before…” They had been planning on going to those warehouses and other places but had to temporarily revise their plans because of the zombie tide . It was a pity .

Luo Xun was also helpless, “We can only wait until the end of this zombie tide before taking a look . ”

There was no way, it was an external factor and they had other issues to worry about after securing their base .

Discussing the situation, the team went to their rooms early to rest . Ready to go to the southwest base the next morning . The next day, the convoy set off again and headed towards the base .


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