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Chapter 21

Yan Fei until now had not known that the power had been cut – including in Luo Xun's home . The soldiers from before had spoken to Luo Xun about the blackout however Yan Fei did not hear since his injury was being checked .

Food was not an issue, it was not just congee and Luo Xun consumed most of what had been used . He made a bunch of simple rice cakes more preservable in the current climate . In a few days, the initial base should be established, people would go out to work . By then he could bring some food out, save some base currency and exchange for something useful .

Luo Xun looked at Yan Fei and estimated two or three months of required bed rest . He could only keep the other for this period…the more he thought the more it seemed like a loss .

If Luo Xun had been unable to make a weapon and get a room of his own would it be cheaper for him to work, cook and serve Yan Fei instead? His life could already be counted as secure .

After dinner, he tidied up the kitchen and the dishes . Luo Xun gently padded into the room after washing and lowered himself into bed, not too far from Yan Fei .

This morning's experience had made him a little nervous . Holding hands had prompted such a prominent reaction, what would happen if there was other intimate contact accidentally while not paying attention?

Alas life could be bitter, no way to control bodily instincts .

"Will the army come tomorrow?"

"Well it's been said they're distributing food and water . They officially launched the broadcast of the security zone . The military first calmed the residents who are now patiently awaiting rescue . Then announced a number of distribution sites near cleared up junctions . "

"Are you going tomorrow? Isn't it dangerous outside?"

"No way otherwise . I should be able to pick up our supplies, any zombies in the area should have been cleaned out . I heard if everyone went, it would take two days to build a wall . You and Puppy stay at home, I will bring back food…"

Yan Fei was silent for a while before opening his mouth . "Sorry…"

Anyway he was currently a burden . Even if Yan Fei had abilities and might be promising in the future, right now Luo Xun had to shoulder the cost of supporting two peoples' food and living .

Yan Fei had never felt so dependant on others, especially since he was an adult . The feeling may have left a person feeling depressed but at the bottom of his heart a trace of satisfaction rose . He savored the feeling .

Yan Fei thought of the uncomfortable feeling in his heart this morning when Luo Xun advised him to leave, and now felt the opposite feeling .

"No matter, you rest for now, when you're better you can repay me . Just don't strain yourself . " Luo Xun turned and spoke to him .

Anyway even if Yan Fei ended up running and leaving, Luo Xun would accept the room next door as sufficient repayment .

"Well, go to bed early . "

Yan Fei stared at the dark ceiling . "Your cooking skills are good, the rice was very delicious . "

Luo Xun paused then smiled, mostly joy with some melancholy . In his past life he could only use what had and gradually increased his skill to slowly improve the taste, to strive for deliciousness . However at the time even if he wanted to eat with others, there was noone to share with .

Now, he may have only accompanied Yan Fei for a short time, but Luo Xun felt heartfelt joy at the praise . It was nice to have someone to share results with, one to praise them sometimes .

The announcer on the solar radio relayed the elimination method of the current zombies, the way to find hel, results of rescue work etc .

In addition there was information on areas to be cleaned up, preparation of a safe zone and the location of material distribution .

Luo Xun made breakfast for two people with some vegetable meat congee . He would have liked to put some shredded egg but did not dare in fear of contamination . Luo Xun had been unable to use the network since two days ago and now wanted to find a hub to double check .

The breakfast garnish was replaced with Yan Fei's leftover egg soup .

Yan Fei hesitantly looked at Luo Xun after swallowing the custard . "Your home has a lot of eggs?"

"Quite a few and some more . "

Two big, full bamboo baskets from the nearby village when he bought the puppy . The eggs would go bad if left aside for too long, this was him simply using up the food efficiently .

Yan Fei seemed to have a relieved tone then ate some more custard – was he afraid the eggs were bad? It was fine so long he did not entertain bloody thoughts . In a real fight, the winner was not clearly certain .

He glanced at Luo Xun's lithe arm, although he was slim and thinner his limbs were in fact well-proportioned . Yan Fei did not notice anything wrong with closely analyzing another's body . He stayed silent and ate mouthfuls of egg instead .

After eating breakfast and leaving some water and emergency food on the bedside table Luo Xun went downstairs to let Puppy wander around . He felt the Yan Fei is his current state had little combat capacity . Luo Xun went out carrying a backpack and his equipment .

Of course before going out he checked last night's video feed . The corridor was quiet as ever and no one came through, very good he could go out now!

The building elevator came to a stop, Luo Xun was all the way downstairs . The area was finally becoming popular, many people had gone out of their houses, ready at the food and water distribution points .

Luo Xun secretly observed a bit and found more than a few student faces in the area . They had likely fled like Yan Fei and should be with the army in a few days . Some trapped people were rescued by the army and unable to return to their original homes would be placed in nearby empty homes .

After this the population would only increase since people were the primary source of labor . As long as there were enough people in the safe area to find food and supplies, some stopped factories could be reopened .

There was a flow of people forward to the designated location, reassured by military vehicles driving by time to time . Luo Xun was quite curious, who had inflicted such a heavy injury on Yan Fei? He had not asked before and the other party's characteristics were unclear so no guesses .

Material distribution point was to the west of the area's junction corner . There were two other districts nearby, one was old with six-storey buildings The old residential area was densely built and populated, one of the hardest areas to clear .

Luo Xun overheard while in line that the old area had not been completely cleared up . The army had only cleared up the corpses . Still need a few days before families could move in .

The crowd would riot upon hearing any sounds remoting resembling zombies . People would squeeze forward to get the things quickly then hurried home, in case a zombie appeared . What if one got attacked? What if one ended up bitten?

Luckily the situation was not out of control since there were a lot of armed soldiers around to keep order .

It was Luo Xun's turn – name of district, ID number, name and confirmed that there was an injured cousin at home . He received ten bottles of 550 mL mineral water, packages of instant noodles, two bags of biscuits – the amount for two people for five days .

The staff who had finished work and handed out items also gave Luo Xun a leaflet . The military had already divided the perimeter and was recruiting people for construction .

Carrying his backpack, Luo Xun did not immediately look at the contents of the flyer but rushed back and along the way avoided walking in unsafe areas . He hid the baseball bat inside the backpack – no iron nails, the regular version .

Luo Xun would not forget his life experience after the apocalypse and would not forget that Yan Fei's injury had been caused by someone . In this chaotic world, people could sometimes be more fearful than zombies .

Luo Xun sped up towards building seven hearing some sounds . The zombies had been cleared, at night there would be an army patrol, any danger would not be from zombies!

Sure enough it was not long before a man with a scarf and sunglasses suck in and out of view .

Luo Xun hurried into the corridor, all the way up the stairs . He felt relieved when he reached the door and Puppy reacted excitedly . He changed his shoes and quickly checked the surveillance video, fortunately nobody passed by outside .

He placed the supplies down and took the flyer to the second floor .

Yan Fei did not need to sleep to long each day but could not move around . He looked at the bedroom door to see the puppy curled around Luo Xun's legs .

"How was outside?"

"Okay . "

Luo Xun came in with the flyer and sat down on the bed . "The distribution point was just east of the intersection but there was a robber in building three before I got back . "

"Robbery?" Yan Fei raised an eyebrow .

"Well, wearing a hat, scarf, mask and sunglasses . More covered than when I went out to kill a zombie . "

Luo Xun shrugged and took a look at the flyer .


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