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Chapter 210

Even in the basement, they dared not make much noise . Everyone worked while carefully staying silent .

In fact, Yan Fei made the metal walls thicker than usual so the soundproofing was very good . Even the sound of beating against one side of the wall would not reach the other .

When they were previously eating in the kitchen, they heard stones falling only because it fell on the thin metal covering the solar panels .

With light hands, they moved soil and compost to the crops . A few days the seeds had grown into seedlings and the team sort of looked forward to the work . Every once in a while two people would go up and check the situation .

Although the computer could watch the situation, they had to check other rooms to be at ease that there were no accidents .

The children followed the adult’s example and stayed extra quiet . Yu Xinran accompanied the team before sitting with the baby and learning to write . Puppy was behind her and tagged along . Fortunately the baby had always been very quiet . He had little noise whether Luo Xun moved him, or was thirsty or hungry .

At noon, when everyone stopped to rest, Luo Xun and Yan Fei went up together to the third floor . The latter created a peephole to watch the zombies outside .

There were zombies flying in the sky and running around . Fortunately the enemies were relatively far from their new base, there was no sign of threat . Not to mention some walkers got caught by the mutant plants, which made them a bit safer .

“Let’s go down first and they should leave after a while . ” Yan Fei re-sealed the wall and gently patted Luo Xun’s shoulder .

Luo Xun nodded and the pair went back to the kitchen to have lunch .

Before due to fear of the zombies accidentally destroying their roof, they specially sealed their satellite dishes with metal . In order to not attract any attention, they could only wait before removing the covering .

As Yan Fei guessed, the zombies took two days to pass by and gradually disappeared .

After removing the metal that was blocking the satellite dish, He Qiankun was responsible for sifting through the new information . The photographs showed that the zombie wave had made its way to the southwest base, which was once again surrounded .

The southwest base had long predicted that the zombies would pass near base . They responded and prepared ahead of time .

Notified in advance, members were told not to leave after a certain point for defense . Now that the wave had arrived the teams took turns on watch .

Unfortunately there were still a number of emergencies that caused the situation to be a bit chaotic . For example, there were not enough resources on base so there was not enough weapons or ammunition so they had to rely mainly on ability users .

But the issues was after the regime change at the start of the year, in order to stabilize the situation, they secretly used the former base management’s methods . Teams that did not cooperate were deliberately sent into the city with many zombies – therefore tying a bunch of hands .

Another example, in order to get as many ability users under the control of the military and stabilize the situation, teams were forced to complete harder tasks . The smaller and disobedient teams were forced to disband . Although some of them were permanently gone, others joined larger teams but there were still those who were not willing to participate .

So with the zombie siege, the people were informed through team notification, individuals were not in the know . So the statistics of responses suddenly appeared to be a lot less .

Fortunately since there was advance notice, they quickly tallied up the defense force and the higher ups found the problem . They could only send information to the regular citizens with crystal cores as a reward . After each wave, the base would first let personnel out to collect scattered cores before outsourcing the task .

These crystal cores were naturally part of the rewards while the rest would be stockpiled and used as needed .

In the end, there were situations on base that the new management did not expect . The replacement of staff from top to bottom would naturally develop . For example, the passive idleness of external office staff .

At first they thought that the butterflies had been driven away . THe new staff were serious and responsible, but they ignored another problem – workers always relationship oriented . No matter who would inevitably give help to the people around them .

Partly due to human relations, partly due to gifts at home, if their work was not as well-paying as expected and there were no disciplinary actions, people would slack off .

All sorts of things led to work weakening before the siege . If there was no time, there would be a big problem with defense . Fortunately there was still time to spot dangers, problems, change behavior and adjust strategies .

When the first zombie flew over base, the battle against the zombie siege began again .

The photos showed a dense black mass surrounding the southwest base .

Luo Xun carefully checked and confirmed that the zombies were not moving towards their own base . “We’ll be safe here for now . Let’s head after a few days to check out the base . ”

The others nodded in agreement, although the zombies were gathered at the southwest base, who knew if they would suddenly change direction?

Zhang Yi opened his mouth to say, “I think it would be easier to go out and find things . Go to the warehouses, gas stations and other locations for supplies . Otherwise after the zombies retreat the base will send out people to scavenge and cause trouble . ”

Everyone looked at Luo Xun with bright eyes .

Luo Xun understood Zhang Yi’s point, frowned in thought before clapping . “You are right, some things are better to get now . Although we have no way to confirm if there is stuff we need, if we waste time it will be bad if we encounter other people . ”

Zhang Yi was right, the base could analyze areas the same as them but they were more staffed . If they went out to collect supplies, sooner or later they would encounter other base squads . If they did not take advantage now, wouldn’t there be only dregs left for them? There were no fools in this world, only those who were too slow .

After discussion, the team decided to head out early the next morning . Their destination – a warehouse they had previously found with many shops and so on . Even better, the area was near one of the main offices of a courier company .

Early in the morning, they once again checked the satellite photos before proceeding with their trip . Perhaps they would encounter some wandering zombies along the way but it was a small matter compared to the zombie wave .

The place was some distance away from their new base and the road was rough enough the team sitting in the car felt like they were on a roller-coaster, jostled from head to toe .

Poor Yu Xinran flew through the air part way on the road . Everyone parked on the roadside to let her rest while Luo Xun quickly checked the baby in the back . Who knew this child would stare back with excited eyes and waving arms .

Why did he enjoy the rattling?

Luo Xun and Yan Fei exchanged looks and then looked at his cradle…Perhaps because the baby was in there, the bumping was more like playing around and did not feel uncomfortable?

“Are you better?” Song Linling added some water to a cup before Xu Mei heated it up and handed it to Yu Xinran .

The little girl rinsed her mouth . After spitting twice, she nodded with a pale face . “I’m all right . ”

Everyone thought she was strong even with her pale face . In the meantime, Luo Xun and Yan Fei were holding the excited baby .


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