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Chapter 215

Bag by bag, a box of soil was mixed with water and fertilizer in the yard . Luo Xun and the others were now very glad that they had saved a lot of soil . Otherwise they would not have had enough and they would have to temporarily dig out a few pits .

Filling the pits was not more efficient than digging them and it took them two days to fill the entire space with fresh, fertile soil . In the meantime, they also purposely built several small hillsides for when they needed to transplant fruit trees above ground .

After the earth was laid it did not look any different . Because there was a wall outside and connected to the basement ceiling, they simply lowered the elevation of the space . There was enough soil left for the tree and grass roots to grow . This way, the building would not look too tall while still giving enough height for the plants .

Luo Xun and team filled the rest, compacting the ground before scattering more than half of the earthworms in the garden . Afterwards, they created a path in the garden using some of the leftover marble and other materials .

Once they were done, they set their sights on the roof . To install the roof as quickly as possible using the glass, protective metal and some solar panels at home . Lamps and other things needed to be installed to ensure there was enough light .

The team went a few times again, collecting enough metal to make the frame while leaving space for the windows from the factory . Naturally the glass would be fitted with metal covers to avoid potential damage to the greenhouse .

While Yan Fei was working with the metal, the others painted on the metal so those who looked at satellite photos would ignore the building .

This work was very time consuming, Luo Xun divided it into two parts . One was responsible for painting the metal sheets while the rest started to transplant the collected fruit trees . It would be best not to expose the new plants to the sun so the roof would act as a shield .

Yan Fei was mainly responsible for installing the glass, building shelves and pasting the metal pieces after the painting was done .

The whole set of work was time-consuming, it took a whole week to finish the roof and transplanting the plants . It was not long before they finished with the soil, looking for metal and stirring the earth .

Now, it was early to mid July when the weather was the hottest . After the new greenhouse was completed, the first and second floors were completely covered . The only part left was the third floor . Luo Xun had brought all the air conditioning units there . There were even a few left after installing the machines onto the roof and inside the rooms for operation .

After dealing with the second floor, they no longer needed to make so many metal shelves outside . The ones originally hung outside the solar panels were to the greenhouse . It was handy with all the metal at home .

Today they could see their new greenhouse from the second floor window . It was a real garden with the orchard and vibrant crops along with some animals/insects .

With the new garden, there was no better place for Yu Xinran and Puppy to play around . Luo Xun made a swing in one of the open spaces . He also moved some grape racks and found some natural furniture .

This team of people were so relaxed in the shade they even wondered – did they want to bring back some small rides from a playground before the apocalypse .

Looking at the little girl smiling on the swing, the dog running around and the baby with curious eyes, the team thought about setting up a playground . They tried to think of any similar places they had passed before .

“It’s okay for those cars to be on top of our heads right?” Li Tie asked and pointed at some farm vehicles behind the house on a platform . The tractor on the outermost edge looked dangerous .

Luo Xun also looked above and was conflicted, “The next time we go out we’ll get metal to make a fence . The vehicles are attached to the wall and will not fall down . ”

Those things did look quite scary since they were higher than a person’s height . But since they were essentially part of the wall, if they did not know that the metal was thick enough, no one would dare approach .

If possible, Luo Xun also wanted to move them to the underground parking area, but the elevator was not large enough to pass through! Now the ground was surrounded by mutant plants and it was not possible to drive these things past the fields so they could only temporarily hang them in the air .

The result of the excavation was a lot of storage space underground, leaving space to flowers grasses, fruits and veggies except those that could not be moved .

The marble and brick-paved were lined with lush leeks, coriander and garlic seedlings . Apart from that unique taste, it was no different from a garden at first glance .

There was also a specially dug river in the garden with some clean water . For the time being it had no other role than adding humidity to the space .

Luo Xun also had a part planted with watermelon, the fruit trees were placed on the new small hillside . There were also lemon bushes, orange trees, strawberries, cream fruit and so on .

Of course, on the roadside corner at the edge of the trees and flowers, they also placed a mushroom box . They were made to look like chairs, stools and so on but also stands for pots . Tired people could rest on them but their main use was to absorb toxic substances and avoid plant mutation .

Although not perfect, the greenhouse could be considered a basic success .

Luo Xun had considered whether to let the animals outright live in the garden . However considering they had not confirmed whether the mutant quails had any ability or any time to slaughter one . They could only wait until they were confirmed not dangerous before considering the issue . Who knew if the animals would not destroy their garden . If there was a chance, they would rather set up an isolated room .

The team’s big project finally came to an end but they were still busy . They went out to find electronic equipment, furniture and children’s toys to decorate some rooms .

At the same time, He Qiankun and Wu Xin lived up to their expectations of getting new documents . This time was not communication between bases but some encrypted documents . Because Li Tie and the others had been working in the military, they knew a few internal passwords . Before since they did not know about the information channels, they had no access . However once they did learn, there were naturally no secrets .

The southwest base was indeed prepared to follow the model of those smaller bases . But there were concerns that the base population was too large and would lead to other problems threatening leader security if the policy was too strong . So the base decided to slowly change – completely separating into inner and outer layers for double-standard management .

The inner city would be thoroughly militarized . Those who did not want to obey could leave for the outer city . But if the base encountered a dangerous situation, the military would give priority to the inner city, even abandoning the outer city . Therefore in the issue of security, the outer was not as safe as the inner portion .

The inner city would temporarily focus on the military after restructuring . They would also absorb some personnel who were willing to obey the management . The outer city was where the latecomers and those who did not want to join would live temporarily .

But once the inner city was successful in reforming, the outer city would follow sooner or later . It would be faster in comparison .

Luo Xun thought of his original house – located in a prime location of the inner city . He dropped the document with a sigh and asked, “Is everything ready? After breakfast, we’ll leave for the base, take action!”


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