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Chapter 218

Perhaps due to the dead outside the street, when Luo Xun got up early last night, he found a lot of scattered zombies in the area .

Luo Xun went out killed the zombies while Yan Fei repaired the car frame . Then everyone was called and they continued on the road .

Along the way there were several small zombie groups, especially as they moved deeper into the city .

When the base took action and bombed the south city buildings, those who went out would subconsciously ignore the area and head to the north instead . The frequent human presence lead to more zombies in the area . So the further north, deeper into the city, the more there would be zombies .

Luckily, Luo Xun chose a relatively quiet road however even then zombies would occasionally jump onto the road . Of course these would be dangerous to those scavenging .

The team rushed south and then north but they did forget to express admiration to Luo Xun . How else would they kill zombies without the mushroom juice and Yan Fei’s improved buildings . Their previous weapons would at most deal small wounds . If not for Yan Fei refining according to Luo Xun’s plan it would be a hard battle with any zombie .

Even better, the level five water core they had found in the farmland had successfully leveled up Song Lingling’s ability before going out .

Level five ability users had amazing water control . Even if there was no wound on the target, she could instantly pull the liquid inside the target object!

This trick was not only used for processing the mushroom juice, it was also effective against the zombies . Although the zombie was dead and the blood was turned into something, it was still in liquid form . She could use her power, target the neck and drain all the liquid . Then anyone could break the branch-like enemy with one heavy strike!

Even better was that against a mostly drained body, Xu Mei’s fireballs would burn the zombies more easily!

Yan Fei used the metal crystal core and also raised his level . Now that he was level five, in addition to an increase in range, he could detect further sources of metal . He could only slowly explore his new powers for new uses .

The convoy set off again with two blocks of metal disguised as jeeps . Luo Xun wanted to have Yan Fei get a few metal cars to follow since they could be used as a distraction, but the road conditions were too difficult . There was a lot of debris, if the group was too large, they would not be able to react as quickly .

Since entering the city, it took the team a full three days to arrive at their destination . Those three days, they would fight the zombies to sleep at ease and have peace of mind on the road .

To their relative relief, the number of zombies they encountered increased gradually on the second day but as they approached the north, the number then decreased . There were only more signs of destruction which had been damaged by the zombie army from the past .

It seemed that due to the last wave of zombies, most of the ones who passed through were drawn elsewhere . But when Luo Xun drove down the road, they encountered zombies part way from a different group of zombies .

Luo Xun held up binoculars and observed from a distance . Then he decided to drive closer .

“The east gate was blocked by a collapsed building, there are three doors . The building opposite seems to have no obstacles with two buildings behind…” Before the end, A-city had a monopoly on digital products even before e-commerce, it was a famous place in the country .

Nearby commercial buildings were all in a line . Half the overpass was missing and there was damage everywhere .

Some weeds grew between the cracks . Even the originally modern buildings were covered in green and looked ruined .

They parked their car in a relatively safe place – which meant a place that no windows would get broken and not near an intersection where other vehicles could appear at any time .

The team got out of the cars, locked the doors and prepared to enter the building . Yan Fei suddenly stopped and raised an eyebrow . “There is a lot of metal . ”

Was it true? One should tell how much metal was present based on the items for sale . Before Yan Fei could sense metal inside buildings, but not as clearly as after he leveled up . The feeling of metal was hard to describe . To those who would not understand, imagine the scent from a public washroom, the feeling was sort of close .

The first peek past the door revealed broken glass . Not only broken windows, most of the counters were all smashed, the things inside were scattered and many had been broken .

Fortunately these things were samples, there were only one or two physical items . Luo Xun and the others lightly entered the building . Zhang Yi sent out a breeze and swept the area . “Nothing . ”

“Really? What about upstairs and downstairs?” Luo Xun had not been here in his past life and was therefore not familiar . But his previous home had similar places, for this kind of mall, there were products sold on every floor .

“The ground floor mostly sells mobile phones . ”

“There are also some game consoles!”

“Then bring back a few . Remember the TV we got last time? Bring back all the video games!”

“Cameras, cameras!”

“Don’t forget data storage!”

“Leader, Yan Fei, Zhang Yi . . hurry!”

Looking at the group of five injected with chicken blood, the three named people along with the females could not help but freeze .

Yu Xinran was held in Xu Mei’s arms, trying to keep her away from the guys who were in a state of madness .

In the end, they decided to go up first, the team climbed up to the second floor . To nobody’s surprise, it was clear that people had already visited .

Perhaps people who lived near had been here at the start of the end, or perhaps later scavenging teams, most likely some passersby . The reason was that the goods had all disappeared, second, many counters had been opened . Third, the open counters were not opened normally, instead through violence . Many things were trampled or thrown in a corner .

Looking at the mess, the group of people who came for resources were all angry – this was simply destruction . Those who came before were not looking for stuff, but to break and smash!

“Let’s look carefully, there must be something not broken . ” Li Tie stared at the boxes in a row filled with graphics cards . Some of the boxes had been smashed but there must be intact accessories inside .

“It’s okay, there are several buildings nearby and they can’t break everything in every building . ” Luo Xun patted his friend’s shoulder in comfort .

Luo Xun was right, those who came before likely were looking for food . They came here to vent their grievances on these unusable things .

Although a lot of things were destroyed, the third floor was not as damaged in comparison to the first and second floors .

It was a pity that the roof had been hit with something and half collapsed . The things placed inside were not all soaked .

The basement of the building was the same, seemed to be caused by melting snow water . The two underground floors were flooded, almost all the items had short circuited .

Luo Xun only found a small number of intact electronic equipment on the second and third floors, along with a number of hard drives .

When they reached the buildings in the back, the team’s faces were a lot better . Since that building was located on the outermost area, relying on the prosperous streets and subway for traffic . So the contents were destroyed the most . Further in, most things were left untouched except for food .


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