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Chapter 226

The newly formed pond near the Otaku squad’s home was not large and looked like a symmetrical water field . It was also not too deep so the birds moving around was not too big .

But even if the volume was small, these were mutant animals with stronger bodies . One by one they hit the metal shield, even if Yan Fei made them stronger, it was inevitable that there would be shaking .

The scraping made a lot of noise, it was fortunate that Yan Fei erected a wall . Otherwise, the team would have been sent flying and nowhere to go .

Thinking of this, the team could not help but turn their heads to stare at the two mutant wolves . The two animals had run behind the team and were looking at the metal plate, their ears quivering with each impact . They seemed to be wondering if the birds would catch up .

“Let’s deal with the birds first, or even chase them away . ” Although they wanted a change of taste, but they would not be able to finish this many birds even if they were all hunted!

There was so much pork at home that even if they ate meat every day, it was enough to last until the New Year . The team immediately rolled up their sleeves and began to bombard the birds, starting with the ones that first hit the wall . Even if they did not have a lot of oil the meat would still be good with vegetables .

This group of water birds also had abilities similar to Luo Xun’s team which were not easy to deal with . After a while, the birds returned towards the pond .

Before Luo Xun could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt the ground vibrate . The two fleeing wolves who had fled to their group each held a water bird in their mouth . They casually gnawed on the prey and turned their mouths blood red .

Looking at these two uncourteous wolves blocking the way while eating, Luo Xun and the others stared . When one bird was finished, the wolves grabbed the other and leisurely walked away from the bird’s lake .

“… . Even left us two, should we say thank you to them?” Luo Xun looked at the two remaining prey and asked for advice from the team .

Zhang Yi looked at the offering . “You did not notice that they left us the smallest ones?”

They picked out all the big ones? Their team only got the leftovers?

The team turned to look at the pair of wolves lying under a tree . Childlike eyes stared back with no traces of worry or nervousness .

“Brother Luo, shall we drive them away? Otherwise, every time we come back from a trip we’ll have to clean up their mess . ” Han Li advised .

“Although they are very wasteful…” Luo Xun resisted a smile, “but they are still able to deter some people and animals . ”

Although these two were gone whenever there was a lot of danger, two large wolves living near the area could still act as a deterrent .

Especially now that the area has a pond with the birds as temporary residents . Survivors out hunting mutant creatures will think twice before daring to come . This was also a question of security to Luo Xun .

They picked up the two water birds . Although the two were the smallest, since they were mutated, each body was one and a half meters . Including the neck and feet, one would stand at a height of around two meters . Luckily they were on the way back so they could use the livers to taste foie gras .

The team drove home, everything at home had not changed much . Some vegetables had grown and other crops had matured and needed to be picked . There were more eggs in the house and some baby quails had hatched .

This time when they returned, the group did not jump in gaming but started work instead . There were still a lot of rooms in the house to be furnished as well as rooms in the basement missing planting racks and other equipment .

Luo Xun also wanted to work on another thing – the monitoring equipment they brought back last time had not even been opened!

They were all mature adults, occasionally relaxing for two days was fine but now was the time to work seriously on their livelihood .

Now that they were settled at home without the need for a hurry since the foundational work was finished, they could set reasonable working hours . No one would care about what people did during the evening hours back in their rooms .

This way, even when Yu Xinran was in the study while everyone else was working her pink handheld would sit beside the other game machine . She would prefer to accompany Puppy or the little bun if he was awake .

Luo Xun sat at the large dining table in the kitchen area which was covered in a pile of paper, a computer, a laptop, and other things . He also had a pen and notepad along with several boxes at his feet containing cameras, instructions, and accessories .

It took two days for Luo Xun to count the number of cameras at home and separate based on waterproofness, shutter type and size . After counting, he designed a monitoring system for the entire base . After he finished with the main areas, he moved his attention to the surrounding area .

Although their home area was small and there were enough mutant plants to assist in protection, people could not be watching every day . This was the problem with a small base, so Luo Xun would naturally make good use of the convenient equipment they picked up .

The cameras on base were good with Yan Fei’s ability, wiring and installation could not be more simple . But the question was how to deal with the outer cameras .

Luo Xun wanted to install equipment on a highway outside of the home, but the location could not be too low lest it get covered in snow or rain .

But how would they get the line all the way out there? And how would he choose where to install the camera? The sides of the highway were covered in wanton plant growth, but they were relatively short . Luo Xun thought it would be ideal to have the cameras set up higher .

Most importantly, once these things are installed, they had to do as much as possible to ensure that the cameras would not be found by others, otherwise, it would be better to not install any at all .

Luo Xun wrote and drew for two days to make the road map . He considered that setting up a monitor on the highway also depended on Yan Fei and Yu Xinran’s help . If they could use their abilities to do so, then they could directly place the wire towards the destination . Now he could only wait until after discussion to make a decision .

The two ladies were in the kitchen making lunch while Luo Xun was working at the table . Yan Fei was helping people make metal furniture according to specifications – since they could not get ready-made furniture, they would have to make some . Anyways before they sifted through their data to find information, Yan Fei had already made shelves and other items .

Luo Xun gave everyone a simple tutorial so they knew how to sew cushions and add padding to the metal sofa frame . Usually, the two women and Luo Xun would do this kind of meticulous work . Unfortunately, it was close to noon so the ladies were cooking while Luo Xun was working on the design so the rest could only do their best .

Before long, the smell from the kitchen grew stronger and stronger . There was the sound of footsteps outside the door . The people who had been working for half a day and discussed the room layout came into the room .

Yan Fei sat beside Luo Xun, the latter did not lift his head and said, “Once you are finished with those things, take some time and see if you can take the metal pipes so that wire can pass through . ”

After carefully identifying the contents of the drawings showing an area outside of base, Yan Fei could not help but say, “You want to have cameras on the road to monitor outside? It’s not hard to deal with metal pipes, but you have to think about how to ensure those outside devices are not noticed . ”

“Yeah, I am worried, those things give off light when on, noticeable especially at night but they can’t be removed…” Luo Xun would have broken that part but it would useless at night without infrared .


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