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Chapter 24

The two people were not far away, Luo Xun could faintly hear Wu Jie, the large woman complaining to her husband . "If we had known this part of the area was in the security zone, we should have directly rented here! What about now? You want to move back!?"

"Is wasn't the right time and it was too expensive . " The husband was impatient . "How would I know there would be zombies? Besides you didn't talk me out of it!"

Originally the three came to see the larger houses in the district to rent . Alas, nothing compared to the condition of 1604 so they chose a cheap house in an older neighborhood . It turned out that the area was not in the safe zone! They had to bring all their luggage back .

The son placed his hands in his pockets . The couple had bickered all night without stopping, who wanted to talk to them . He yawned then his eyes riveted to a pretty girl somewhere in the background . He stared non-stop at the female's back .

Luo Xun listened as the 'communication' continued, then followed Wu Gang's line of sight to swaying hips . In such cold weather, the figure only wore a windbreaker, black stockings contrasted against pale legs . The woman prowled forward like a cat .

Such a sultry person just from the back, what would the front look like?

Luo Xun wondered, he had changed after the apocalypse and now could impartially see beauty . Along the road there were curious stares towards the sultry figure . Not just him, men and women nearby gave her a few looks – men were more appreciative while the women were jealous . However the woman was nestled amongst strong burly men, no one dared accost her while surrounded by more than ten people .

Beside Luo Xun, Wang Duo huffed . "This stature, definitely a hot lady!"

Surprised, Luo Xun glanced at Wang Duo . This guy had an honest face, underneath he was unexpectedly coy .

"Just do not know if the people in the back have handguns . The people in front seem to have some kind of gun . "

"Possibly, the guy beside her doesn't look like a good one . "

The group had both men and women, there were a few other women than her . If she was not treated well, the man who looked like the leader would not have her by his side .

The people continued towards the community doorway, a few military trucks were parked nearby waiting for everyone to get in .

Luo Xun did not know if his luck was good or bad, he ended up in a car with the three Wu family members and the gang with the sexy lady .

Military trucks had a lot of space, seating for at least sixty or more . Different cars drove to different locations which had been decided in advance . At present, some soldiers and engineers had already laid the overnight foundation .

People could immediately start work as long as simple and clear instructions were given .

Luo Xun and Li Tie stood with several others, secretly looking at their peers . Nothing more needed to be said about the Wu family who complained all the way . The ten or so men were turned and they could now see the woman's face .

Sure enough as Wang Duo said, a pretty woman, though not a 100 or the appearance of Eve . The face had exquisite makeup, her advantageous feminine features enhanced .

Not too far from the two, there were two young girls in their early twenties . One was good looking with big eyes, the other had common features, indistinguishable in a crowd .

Luo Xun raised an eyebrow, he suddenly seriously suspected this intimidating group was the one who had injured Yan Fei . Luo Xun looked at the tower like man and vaguely heard a voice say 'Brother Xu', he knew he was not mistaken . He took out his cellphone and secretly took several photos of the group while pretending to make a phone call .

"The phone isn't working now either . " Luo Xun pretended to sigh while putting the device away .

"No really?" He Qiankun wilted . "I called home after the apocalypse started but no one answered…"

They were afraid of the apocalypse and hid outside of school with friends . They called a dozen times but after the incident, had almost no contact with anyone else .

"Okay, what if they hid away? You saw how fast the army reacted! How many days the security zone was established . " Wu Xin tried to comfort his friend and himself .

"Right! Which province doesn't have a garrison? The radio just said, the local garrison troops reacted promptly, the military throughout the country have established security bases . All the troops responded swiftly rescuing survivors and destroying zombies . "

"Yeah I heard there were few in the military who turned into zombies and a lot of ability users!"

The university student's words loosened the tense atmosphere inside the car . Though many people's family friends and relatives were facing zombies, it was great lick to have escaped the chaos .

The future was bright now that they had entered the safe zone and had protection . The fence was no too far from the district, after registering personal information people were assigned to work various types of jobs .

In fact, the initial wall was made mainly by military personnel, after all where would they have people to contact about work? On the other hand, those with prior construction experience or migrant workers got started faster and could do some technical work .

The others would be young people in the prime of youth, for example Li Tie and the other students . Due to professional problems, the young men’s' hands-on ability was not bad . According to their words, only skilled people repaired computers, so they practised with electronics in order to be more skilled .

Finally there was the strongest woman, the rest were weak chickens, weak flowers with negligible fighting capability .

Luo Xun had experience from his previous life and was thus naturally fast . An engineer picked him to set bricks for the fence since he found Luo Xun quick with decent strength . The rest of the people who had no skills were digging trenches outside the walls, one for each .

The higher the better for the wall, thicker was preferable, each person repaired a portion . The daily workload could not be less than a certain height . At the meal station one could get the points, after some discussion with the superiors decided to pay points at first then people could redeem them on whatever one wanted to eat .

Luo Xun received his points, his heart dark as he sighed upon seeing the a large pot of rice . It was indeed only the start of the apocalypse, the quality of food was still decent .

Although the quality of the meal was better than expected, Luo Xun decided to use up his own food rations first . He stowed his points and brought out a container of mung bean porridge with pickles and a drink . He sat aside to eat, the five others also came over together to finish eating .

"This quality, taste, size…so much better than our food!" Each meal had a full portion since the work was all physical, the students were deeply grateful .

He Qiankun stared wide eyed with stars at the big steamed bread in his hands . "This is a really big portion size!"

"Wasn't there no flour or bread?"

"It's alright, you just need to steam it a bit . " Luo Xun knew this kind of steamed bread . Since there was still stock the bread had flour and cornmeal . After crop variation, the taste could be difficult to swallow .

This kind of steamed bread had an average taste but was very filling . Ordinary people only needed to eat one, eating more would cause bloating .

The meal was eaten, each person finished at least half of the steamed bread . Lighter eaters also had some leftover dishes .

"Wait, we don't need to buy the evening meal, at most some soup . We could save some for tomorrow . "

A few people smiled and chatted, the food was not that tasty . The student group could shrug off the rice cakes with vegetables . Other people who used to eat a variety of dishes at home and restaurants frowned .

"You brought your own food?" Han Li sat next to Luo Xun and saw a container of mung bean porridge along with the rest of his food .

"Ah, fortunately I moved into the house recently . Food and everything else was newly bought and I had not finished eating . "

Wu Xin enviously looked at the egg custard . "Really good, we should have prepared some instant noodles, biscuits or something . "

"There are rice and noodles but cannot cook, what will we do?" He Qiankun asked the four others, all looked at each other .

"I can boil eggs . "

"I'll eat eggs . "

"I can cook instant noodles . "

"I'll eat instant noodles . "

"I can make egg and tomatoes . "

"I will eat…"

He Qiankun had not finished his sentence when the remaining four people jumped him .

Luo Xun smiled, stuffed a piece of bread into his mouth and said airily . "I can boil, scramble, steam and fry eggs . "

He Qiankun struggled up and praised . "Luo Xun, you are really virtuous!"

The site was in full swing, Luo Xun's location was on the west side of the base . Outwards was a seemingly barren farmland . As there were no inhabitants, there were no zombies at the time . Some zombies had been wandering around for days and the soldiers cleared them out early .

In contrast, north and east of the wall outside the city would be very lively . As people fled towards the base, there would be many zombies attracted to the noise . The highway was congested on Beijing road, dead passengers and drivers got scratched and bitten by zombies . They gradually became one of them and joined the ranks .

After a busy day, the crowd felt exhausted sitting in the truck . Some of the physically weaker people felt like they would pass out .

When they got up the next morning, the sky had not completely lit up . The weary crowd sat silently in the car, waiting for the trip home when stars filled the sky .


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