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Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Color Temptation

Yan Fei shrugged after hearing Han Li’s words and glanced at Zhang Yi . “Seal after something bad happens . If you need to go downstairs for something, we can seal later . ”

He had sealed the entrances every night and found using his was like practicing music . Although he could not use nuclei to replenish his spirit energy there seemed to be a faint increase after resting . The increase was very small and slow, but it indeed increased .

Yan Fei was unsure if the increase in power was solely due to the crystal nuclei but he could feel his current slow growth . When there was enough mental strength accumulated, it would result in an ‘upgrade’ . Therefore he spent some time each day before bed using up his reserves . Thankfully there were a lot of metal items at home that he could move around .

Zhang Yi threw back his head in laughter . “I can eat and drink, recuperate without needing to go out . ”

If life outside the base was not good, and he did not go out to find supplies would be subject to the exclusion of peers? In fact, he was relatively lazy, no going out often, especially with internet shopping developed before the end of the world . Who liked to go shopping while groups of men and women acted like nosy onlookers?

Yan Fei slightly nodded, turned to face three others . “I rebuilt the door just in case other people come and we would not have heard them . ”

Once spoken, a few pieces of steel flew and blocked the lower half of the door . The other half turned fence like so one could see the other side .

Luo Xun pointed at the bars . “So why is it like a prison?” Except the people in ‘prison’ were on their own side . Or was it the opposite? It was confusing .

Wang Duo covered his mouth and laughed . He and Wu Xin almost fell the the ground laughing while holding onto each others shoulders .

Yan Fei gave and him a glance then helplessly waved the fence into a grid so that it did not look like a prison cell . This way, if someone came upstairs to say something, they would hear them coming . They could let people in or close the door and bring the dog .

“I’ll turn them into real doors after two days of outings . ” Yan Fei looked at the other people . “Continue to renovate?”

“Oh, ah!” Li Tie and company cheered in unison .

Although there were a lot of renovation materials left over that could be divided into portions for Zhang Yi, he was currently wounded . His arm was injured so he would rest for a few days first before anything else .

Since his ability was significantly stronger than other wind ability users and he was a top internship student at A-city hospital, he had knowledge and some clinical experience . If he had not been injured he would have been immediately put to work despite his mercurious temper . The supplies given by the military were very good .

Quilts, waterproof cloth, sleep bag, coal, small stove, a lot of rice, vegetable, mineral water, as well as simple water filtration equipment . A complete set of all kinds of things .

Li Tie and group kindly helped him tidy up, once his things were organized and Zhang Yi was told him tips such as cooking more efficiently and so on, they returned to their own places to continue working .

Not too long after Luo Xun and Yan Fei had went back home to decorate a kitchen wall when they suddenly heard a scream . “AH! The recently made clay! It’s all dried up!”

… .

Luo Xun poked at the bottom of a barrel of stiff material and breathed a sigh of relief . “Fortunately we had just finished a wall, did not need to make any more . ”

Yan Fei smiled with a grimace – a great beauty moved in next door, fortunately he did not touch his treasure . If the guy had looked with interested eyes, Yan Fei would have chased the guy out even in front of the base soldiers .

As a skilled renovator, Luo Xun started on the work quickly . When Li Tie and them had finally set up their own kitchen and came to help, the kitchen and bathroom tiles had been pasted for the most part!

“Luo Xun, Yan Fei, you move so fast!” Wu Xin was blown away .

“It’s okay, it’s quick to get used to this sort of thing . ” Luo Xun shrugged and stood up stiffly . “Are you all done?”

“Ah, done . Just waiting for these things to dry . ” Wu Xin replaced Luo Xun’s position, one side working the other talking . “They went back to see Zhang Yi and help him scrape the walls . ” As for the floor, needed to see how much material they had left at the end .

After stretching, Luo Xun squatted beside Yan Fei to help him stick tiles . “You aren’t going to brush a second layer of putty?”

“No, just brush a layer now . Might take a month or more to dry . ” Wu Xin continued . “We may have to go the base computer room to help make the network . If so there would be no more time . We should first make the house liveable at least . ”

Luo Xun gave Yan Fei a glance, he still thought to brush three times as insurance, lest the walls peeled when the room became too hot or something . Anyway there home was ready and they could live next door if needed . What was the rush?

Yan Fei saw Luo Xun looking, he smiled and used his hand to pinch the other’s face .

Luo Xun’s expression stiffened as he was pinched . He raised a hand to wipe but did not realize the back of his hand was not clean so his face became even more dirty . Luo Xun scrubbed his face then raised his hand to wipe dirt on Yan Fei’s nose . Yan Fei did not dodge and allowed the other to add makeup on his face .

A whole day of hard work, the two house’s tiles were all pasted . Then the kitchen and bathroom ceiling were aired for a day . 1602 was also busy, Li Tie and company helped Zhang Yi brush the wall, did not want to exert too much energy on moving .

Then looked at Li Tie with a face of worship holding a copy of WasteWoodHouse guide to the apocalypse: planting boxes, tubes, shelves and other related things . Li Tie tried to make Zhang Yi and the others see the author’s greatness . Luo Xun could not help but turn and cover his face – Li Tie’s behavior was hard to look at .

Yan Fei patted his shoulder, although he did not really think Luo Xun was the one who posted the guide online but Li Tie’s shameful behaviour was too much to ignore for Wang Duo . Thus Luo Xun pretending not to know him was very understandable .

Saying hello to each other, learned that renovating the house was very addictive with four people to help .

He Qiankun was triumphantly waving a greasy knife . “We are now doing more than before! In a while we will be finished!”

“Yes! Yes! I think that even if there is no work at the base, we could help people renovate the house to earn rations!” Han Li also expressed support .

After a whole day of renovation work and returning back home . Luo Xun’s mouth teitched as he saw his face covered with gray and dusty appearance .

“Do you want to go upstairs and take a shower?” Yan Fei took off his coat while asking .

“Bath ah…” Luo Xun felt his heart beat, but it used up too much water .

“Well, bathe together?” Yan Fei glided over and whispered in his ear .

Luo Xun jumped to the side, startled and glared . “No soak!”

His instincts told him that if he and Yan Fei washed each other’s backs, they might not get up tomorrow! Honestly, a bath with Yan Fei was very tempting but Luo Xun’s subconscious sense of alarm always reminded him – do not judge someone by their appearance, the situation may not be as one wishes .

He was a man! Pressure from beauty! He must be prepared to not be overwhelmed by the other side . He must stand firm against the opposing force .

Luo Xun of course, looked forward to eating meat . Two lifetimes of virginity was not something to be proud of but he must resist rash decisions . He needed to make a good plan, find the right time to lay with someone and sate himself .

He had been waiting for two lifetimes .

Luo Xun looked meaningfully at Yan Fei’s waist and face, decided to determine his attack side status at home .

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, Luo Xun was looking at him with a sense of aggression . Yan Fei squinted and touched his chin, he did not mind eating later but he did mind being prey . Before the apocalypse few men made a move on their own . After the end, his love for the guy absolutely would not leave his mind . Of course he wanted to top, so long as Luo Xun was the bottom he would not mind what kind of position .

The two each pretended that their minds were not occupied as they took off their dirty clothes . The puppy was lying beside the quail cage, she saw the two people come and turned to look . After she continued to watch the quail tirelessly .

It would be dark when Luo Xun came back to the quail cages and turned on the light . The black cloth was put down to keep the light inside the miniature landscape .

Luo Xun let Yan Fei into the bathroom first to wash . He washed his hands then went to the balcony to check the crop growth .

“It is strange that the bottom rows of leaves seemed to have not grown well?” Luo Xun squatted doubfuly beside the shelf . Did not know why they bottom row of vegetables was not as big? Or were there less leaves?

The little puppy lying on her side saw Luo Xun crouching nearby . Her wagging tail stopped, she positioned herself then used  her claws to climb while Luo Xun was watching the quails .

Luo Xun carefully observed and found that the bottom of the plant had broken off traces, was it torn off? “Did Yan Fei eat them?”

The bottom layer of the shelf was leafy lettuce, which could be eaten raw or dipped in sauce and wrapped with meat . But who would do such a thing? He had grabbed and rinsed a few vegetables recently, leaving the rest, so who had picked this row?

Yan Fei was bathing so there was no way to ask him . Luo Xun thought for a moment then checked to make sure there were no bugs on the plants .

It was not long before . Luo Xun threw a big towel in his face . “You?!” He came naked!

Yan Fei wiped his hair with the towel . “Forgot to take clothes . ”

Luo Xun breathed deeply, exhaled, breathed again . He recalled a few days ago when Yan Fei was only wrapped in a small towel, it had all been intentional! His face was the color of red fruit .

He was too lazy to ignore him, Luo Xun walked into the steaming bathroom, took off his clothes and bathed in resentment . This guy always playing as a rogue, his entire body exuded a pressuring atmosphere . What could he do?

Luo Xun tried to return to a calm mood while showering .

He breathed a sigh of relief when he came out and found Yan Fei already dressed . The puppy was now lying under the table using Yan Fei’s slippers as a pillow . Her tail wagged from time to time . Upon hearing the sound of the bathroom door, she hurriedly looked up .

Yan Fei watched the tender, just out of the shower Luo Xun like a wolf . He watched as Luo Xun headed for the sofa . “Boiled noodles for tonight?”

There were still instant noodles at home, even if quite a bit was taken out in exchange for metal plates last time .

Although they had vegetables and food to eat, when tired they would want to be lazy and save some trouble . Besides, they sometimes missed the smell of instant noodles .

“Well, boil it here . ” He referred to the stove, there was no gas to be used since the base did not know where to get coal to be redeemed . Solar panels and the like had not been promoted until later, people used less electricity . Many people used wooden furniture as fuel for fires .

The eggs in the house were used up, but they could add some sausage with the noodles and there were quite a few – Luo Xun had bought them before the end of the world . This box of sausages was not light, fortunately it only cost ten dollars with light postage .

Yan Fei went to the balcony and picked some vegetables, washed in the kitchen then placed on a plate then peeled two sausages . They two men’s appetite was not small but Luo Xun did not want to eat too much at night and only boiled three packs of noodles .

“The tiles won’t dry until tomorrow afternoon?” Yan Fei’s noodles were almost boiled, there was a familiar taste once the vegetables were thrown in .

Luo Xun stirred with chopsticks then turned off the fire . “The instructions said to let air for 24 hours, we can take a day break . ”

“We need to wait for almost a month for the wall next door…” Yan Fei thought for a moment then suggested . “Should I take time tomorrow to transform the door?”

“What? What gate? How to transform?” Luo Xun asked in confusion as he divided the noodles into two bowls .

“That door, next door and our door . ” Yan Fei referred in the direction of the entrances while the sausage bubbled in the soup .

“That door?” Luo Xun was still puzzled, was it not their own door?

“You changed the cat’s eye in this room right?” Yan Fei seeing him puzzled explained . “But the cat’s eye can only see the situation in the corridor, cannot see the elevator door opening until afterwards . ”

“Right, the door of this room is 1601 . ” Luo Xun nodded, sat down and picked up his food .

“What if the two houses doors are changed into one . Unseen to the outside but able to see the elevator door clearly but also as protection for the two doors . ” Yan Fei drew up the situation on the table . “1603 and 1604 have a right angle formed in the middle . If you put a diagonal iron plate then install the cat eye and doorbell, it would be tantamount to merging the two rooms into one . ”

Luo Xun thought for a moment then conceded with a nod . “That could work . It would not matter what room we were in to see room activities!”

They had a total of two houses, even if the other was thoroughly renovated the main base of activities would be 1604 . The room had too many miscellaneous things that could not be shown to outsiders . Luo Xun was going to use the next room as a nursery, plants would be planted with out too much furniture . Now Yan Fei did so, two doors combined into one even if someone wanted to come they could arrive directly at the next door .

Anyway there was nothing to do tomorrow . They could use the time the next day to change the gate!

The two people quickly swallowed and frank the instant noodles . They washed the chopsticks, body and brushed their teeth . Checked the first floor before climbing to the second floor .

There was no entertainment in the apocalypse which left people feeling boredom . Luo Xun had downloaded a lot of things from the internet but it was mostly all kinds of literature, data, images . He had not thought of taking film and television recordings . However all kinds of novels had been packaged up to pass time during peace .

Before they would have been able to read a novel on the laptop or mobile phone before bedtime but now…

“Get out!”

“No . ”

“Honestly, you!” Luo Xun persevered for half a day to not take advantage of someone . He gave a supercilious look at Yan Fei’s pious appearance . How did he instantly become a pervert after being in a relationship? He should have known!


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