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Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Between Neighbors

After hearing Luo Xun’s protest, Yan Fei chuckled against his neck . “How can I be honest?” He said while something touched Luo Xun’s belly .

From there was a sensation like hot water on his side, Luo Xun no longer dared to move – he had a slight reaction…If this guy found out, he was going to do something embarrassing! It was better to avoid it for the time being . He would be overwhelmed if he was not prepared and determined .

But his body temperature rose and rose; his subconscious mind expected something to happen .

Yan Fei suddenly voiced a serious proposal . “Why don’t we help each other . ” He could not eat the other right now, but benefits were going to be cashed in as soon as possible .

Mutual help, mutual benefit and reciprocity…No one loses, everyone could be comfortable…

Four eyes looked at each other, Yan Fei slowly started to kiss . Luo Xun was completely confused before a thought faintly appeared in his brain – did he not think it was too fast last night? To be reserved? Where did that part go? But he was not a woman, what did he have to lose? He would take advantage of it .

Luo Xun who had sorted himself out took the lead in launching an attack . A hand moved smoothly all the way down the spine, pulled off uncomfortable looking pants…

A refreshing early morning, even Luo Xun’s brushing frequency was faster than usual . Mentally walking back and forth, Luo Xun suddenly felt that not explaining this earlier seemed like a loss? But if he had spoken too early, and Yan Fei did not have those types of feelings, perhaps it would have been a larger loss?

One’s heart could be incredibly outstanding, be happy he was boyfriends with a strong ability user . He suddenly thought of the face…

That’s right!

Luo Xun put down the toothbrush, hurriedly cleaned his mouth of toothpaste and ran out of the bathroom straight to the second floor .

The puppy who was playing with Yan Fei’s slipper looked up in confusion . She did not have the chance to greet Luo Xun before he heard the second floor bedroom door . What was going on?

Back in the bedroom, Luo Xun rummaged through the closet and drawers and pulled out a white mask . He snatched it and hurried downstairs . “For you . ”

“Ah?” Yan Fei hesitantly took the mask, and looked in confusion . ”

Luo Xun was slight uncomfortable but he coughed and said with righteousness . “When you go out, you usually wear a mask right? These are spares since you’ve been using that one for a long time . ” Yan Fei was not wearing his first mask because it had been dyed with blood, so it no cleaned and put aside .

But it seemed that Yan Fei was very accustomed to wearing a spare mask while he was out . Therefore he had a spare on hand, when he went out several times he wore the other . But that was the last mask he had, once it was used up, he would have none .

Thinking of potential troubles, what if Yan Fei wandered out and collected a bunch of rotten peaches (admirers)? Even if Yan Fei did not have any interest he would end up in the middle . Better to prevent it, eliminate the possibility at the source!

There were some voices in the hallway as Luo Xun quickly shoved the mask into Yan Fei’s arms while smiling and giving a meaningful look . Li Tie and the others had arrived .

The five person group were abnormally excited and enthusiastically ran to Zhang Yi in order to help out . The still sleepy handsome Zhang Yi involuntarily froze in the doorway before letting the group inside . To be honest he would not have accepted this kind of help if the five students were not upright or clean in his eyes .

Similar to Yan Fei’s experience, Zhang Yi had attracted a lot of men and women, all sorts of people before the end of the world because of his outstanding appearance . But he was unlucky since he did not Yan Fei’s identity or strength, having an air ability, so he encountered more unsavoury situations .

After the apocalypse, people assassinated and plundered each other like normal . He believed he had a ghost .

Before they went to bed last night, Li Tie and company had already fixed the bedroom wall, today two people would work in the second room with the remaining three in the big living room .

Luo Xun and Yan Fei also came over after eating breakfast to see the activity – to see if there were enough renovation materials for Zhang Yi and maybe to help out?

*Cough* these two were not selfless and helpful people . They could also tell that Zhang Yi’s vigilance was very high, if not for the overly enthusiastic group, he would not have accepted the help .

At this time Zhang Yi was in the living room with a bucket of putty, he nodded at the two when they entered .

Luo Xun circled around, saw neatly folded bedding amongst other things in a corner, there were a few half empty mineral water bottles – Zhang Yi tracked his water very carefully . He had come from the outside so he knew how rare water was . He also worried about contaminated water and did not dare use tap water directly .

Seeing the set of simple water purifier in the kitchen, Luo Xun gave a reminder . “Using the water purifier is not total insurance, best to let the water rest for more than half a day, remove the upper layer then distill before use . ”

“Distillation?” Zhang Yi went back into the kitchen, looked at the room with an empty hose . “How do you distill?”

Li Tie waving his tool said loudly . “I’ll teach you later, I showed you yesterday some stuff that was written, easy to do!”

Luo Xun did not want to rob Li Tie the opportunity to be a teacher and only added . “Even distilled water is not completely safe, best to boil when using, just in case of danger . ”

Zhang Yi nodded . “Outside survivors only dared to drink unopened mineral water . We heard people say that those who drank tap water turned into zombies . ”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow . “Water was really polluted?”

The base had advised drinking water safety in order to prevent accidents, but did not hear any news about people turning into zombies from directly drinking tap water, the careful precautions were warranted .

“I don’t know if it’s true but there were people who said that . ” Zhang Yi shrugged while sneering . “Right now the outside survivors all steal, whether it is mineral water or food . Now more people steal water compared to food, after all people can live without food for two days but not without water . ”

Zhang Yi came to base without anything, if he did not have doctor’s capability even with his strong wind ability, the base would not have taken care of in the hospital after injuring others and arranging a room to live alone .

Luo Xun circled again to see what the base had given Zhang Yi for food . It was enough for him to eat for a week, if he saved it might be enough for two weeks, a set of water purification equipment, a small pot, stainless steel rice bowl, in addition to bedding and other things .

From this point of view, the base took special care of the talented without giving them too much luxury goods . He would likely report back to base for work, otherwise he would have only been given food .

“I remember the wound on you arm? What made it?”

The wound was neat and deep so it had clearly been a sharp thing . Yan Fei swept a glance at Zhang Yi’s arm . His wife was not ensnared by the beauty so Yan Fei would not have any strong hostility .

Zhang Yi’s mouth quirked up, peach blossom eyes flashing with cold . “Scalpel . ” He added . “Mine . ”

Taking his scalpel and hurting him too? Yan Fei’s eyebrows rose, it seemed that outside life had a lot of ‘stimulation’ .

“I said those people were definitely not good things!” He Qiankun rubbed his nose as he heard the conversation .

“Yes, Zhang Yi, if those guys come back to base, if you see them tell us, we’ll go help you punch them!” Wu Xin also exclaimed .

Zhang Yi smiled, his peach blossom eyes curved into crescents . “No need, if I see them I will deal with them myself . ”

Luo Xun just wandering out saw his smile and involuntarily shuddered .

He spoke to Li Tie and told them they were going to change their doors – putting two doors in one . Thus, they departed for the time being .

A lot of metal materials were piled up in the corridor, the water performance was better than steel . Yan Fei selected a bunch of what he had fused together before to condense into a strong door .

The door frame and the concrete were connected together to penetrate the wall inside . Unless someone had the ability to break steel and cement together, it would take a while to get into the little foyer .

The so called hall was originally two doors and a small bevel . Luo Xun dismantled their own door’s electronic peephole and took a spare one to load back into the door . Yan Fei made a hole according to the size of the peephole in the door then intersected the two so others would not be able to take it down .

In addition, the doorbell was also attached to the outside door .

After finishing the gate the two people thoughts turned to something else – the glass in 1604 was toughened but 1603 still had the original glass . It could be broken if someone gave a hard smash or hit .

“Add an iron fence so that no one can take the solar panels away . ” Luo XUn’s eyes brightened as he suggested a solution .

“Can also add iron fences outside 1604 . ” Yan Fei nodded . “Tempered glass can also be broken so more than one layer of protection is safer . ”

They had brought back quite a bit of metal, in addition to geothermal purposes, they were also useful for protection . The two houses were turned into the ultimate hamster nest .

The wall outside was still reinforced cement with the iron fence attached to the perimeter as a while . The guardrail was strong to the extreme .

Yan Fei simply used the metal in the house to help reinforce the cement in the wall . There own things were too much, too heavy for the wall to support . If he had enough metal and mental power he would have lined the building with metal enough to stand a magnitude 10 earthquake .

The transformation was tiring, it was not until lunch that he restored his spirit while lying on the couch . There was only one slipper left beside the couch – the other was secretly hiding somewhere .

Luo Xun finished dealing with the balcony crops, several pieces of solar panel hung from the open window along with the iron fence . The bottom layer made by Yan Fei would not leak . His home’s fence was wider than normal, which meant more space to grow crops .

“I’ll go next door, you rest first . ” After packing up, Luo Xun prepared to go out holding two heads of lettuce .

“Wait a minute, come here . ” Yan Fei beckoned him over . When Luo Xun approachedt he sofa he was pulled by the neckline and kissed . “Accelerated recovery . ”

Luo Xun froze before grinding his teeth, head bowed and gnawing on his lip . He got up and went out .

“Yo, pretty fast, are you almost done?” Luo Xun was startled, they had only started working this morning and they were already more than half done?

“No way! I just said, if we cannot find a living we could help people renovate their homes!” Han Li said excitedly .

“Luo Xun, what are you holding?” Seeing the green Li Tie’s eyes burned with envy, Zhang Yi was also surprised to see what was in Luo Xun’s arms . How long since he had seen green vegetables outside?

“Lettuce . ” Luo Xun smiled and handed the lettuce to the nearest Wang Duo . “Before the apocalypse I had wanted to grow something on the house balcony . Bought some seeds from the supermarket and only after the end did I try and grow it . ”

The university students howled, Li Tie rushed to Luo Xun’s side with tears in his eyes . “Luo Xun, could we have some lettuce seeds?” The situation outside was too dangerous, they were planning on looking for seeds but that hope had been dashed .

Luo Xun took out a plastic bag from his pocket, the things inside were wrapped . “Not much, there’s lettuce, cabbage, coriander, chili and onion . You’ll have to wait for warmer weather . ”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

“We just finished the door and added a guardrail to the window . If you want to install, you’ll need to wait two days for Yan Fei to recover first . ”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh-!!”

Li Tie immediately ran towards the living room window, pulled open to reveal, sure enough the next door balcony had a solid iron guardrail that could also hold things!

“Luo Xun, do you have enough metal?”

“The fence is not going to take much, should be enough . ”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei were not being kind while giving neighborhood assistance, more intended to stabilize the people as a team . Only three groups lived on this floor, they had strengthened their home and the corridor in case those next door tried to pry would be dealt with . What about people who had a temper or stared at their supplies?

For the sake of their own well-being but also because Li Tie and company were not bad, Luo Xun and Yan Fei decided to help out to smooth future life . As for Zhang Yi? If they had not seen Li Tie and the others enthusiastically helping out? It was not right to just stay at home .

“Thank you so much!: Han Li shakingly grasped Luo Xun‘s hands . “When we earn points we’ll buy some metal and give it to Yan Fei!” There was a metal ability user next door . The iron was strong!

“Luo Xun, do not let Yan Fei renovate the house, we’ll come over to help you instead . Yan Fei should focus on getting the iron fence done!”

They lived on the top floor, which was the most dangerous one . The highest theft rates before the apocalypse were all on the upper floors . If thief shows on top of the building, they could climb down and their group would the first to suffer .

They had solar panels in the home, now was the start of the apocalypse where people were all panicking so no one noticed . However a thief would certainly not pass up on these good things! They would be going out to work every day, God knew what would happen when they were not at home?

Zhang Yi smiled with his peach blossom eyes . “If you end up in the hospital needing surgery, I will give you more stitches, free of charge . ”

…Who was going to the hospital? Who would want more stitches ah!

Luo Xun’s mouth twitched, but he dared not mouth off against the demon with wind power . His boyfriend was not with him right now, it was safer to hide away from this dangerous character .

Therefore, Yan Fei needed not worry about his lover getting stolen because Luo Xun was currently avoiding the new demon man out of fear .

“The target has been cleared and can continue to act . ”

“All vehicles attention, continue to advance, pay attention to your surroundings at all times . ”

A vehicle drove slowly south through the streets that had become nothing but ruins .

“Report! This was found in the heads of zombies that had just been killed . ” A soldier hurriedly boarded the command car holding a plastic bag with a few crystals as clear as diamond .

The man in charge just glanced at these things . “Put it together . Leave a car to check if there are more of these things, the rest of the people continue to move . ”


The car safe opened and inside there were six or seven similar bags, each containing these crystal clear ‘gems’ .


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