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Chapter 57

“… . He was just crazy . ” Yan Fei had no idea how to explain since he had never encountered this bizarre situation . A man pretending to be ambiguous for another man to see…his brain cells were dying .

Luo Xun did not utter a word but suddenly leaned into his arms, hugged his waist . After a while he said something stifled against Yan Fei’s chest . “You are mine, right?”

“Definitely!” Yan Fei answered firmly, relieved that he was not questioned and pulled him directly to the second floor bedroom .

Luo Xun followed along and even ignored Puppy who had leapt up . After entering the bedroom Yan Fei tightly hugged the other on the bed . Luo Xun looked up with a complex expression . “When the door opened, the two of you together…”

Yan Fei raised a hand to swear . “He was the one who approached…you know that guy is a bit crazy . ”

He could not understand how Zhang Yi worked sometimes, could not simulate his brain thus could not predict he would suddenly go mad…and scatter his hormones .

Luo Xun shook his head . “I know, you two feel like a good match together . ” He felt inferior . “Both of you are so good looking…I…” Going out with Yan Fei, he would definitely be cut with eye knives . It was the biggest reason he had been having Yan Fei wear masks while outside .

Yan Fei choked, suddenly felt their brain circuits were not aligned, seemed like straight and crooked men’s brains were that different? He was born a straight man, how would he know  what these gay guys were going to think? How could it be even more confusing than a woman’s mind?

Yan Fei put his hands on both sides of Luo Xun’s head and said seriously . “You think I am a person who pays attention to other people’s appearances?” If he really thought so, how would that explain being with Luo Xun who had an ordinary appearance?

Luo Xun blinked and smiled while looking straight at Yan Fei . He raised his neck and whispered in Yan Fei’s ear . “Let’s do it . ”

Yan Fei froze and thought he had heard wrong? Luo Xun ignored the problem and jumped to shake him . But whatever this was…he had been looking forward for to this first time for a while and now the time had finally come! Although it was not clear how his brain worked to suddenly skip a bunch of steps, but Yan Fei was master opportunist .

His hand slid to Luo Xun’s waist as he lightly whispered into his ear . “Really?”

Luo Xun felt his face was thoroughly burning, became limp as he was held . He did not make a sound, just slightly nodded while still holding Yan Fei’s neck . Luo Xun needed to confirm that Yan Fei was in love with him and that he was suitable .

Zhang Yi’s current personality might be hard to comprehend for others, but to Luo Xun who had come back from the apocalypse, it was clear . Right now, Zhang Yi’s body was safe was his heart was extremely empty . He had been betrayed by people he had trusted, although there were some peaceful neighbors, in the end they were only neighbors .

They did not understand his past nor know his true character . The natural practices of scramble, plunder and bloodshed outside the base were completely banned inside . Forced to the edge of a cliff from an originally quiet life, had to use bloody means to rob others to survive, but became limited again once on base .

With different rules of life, an unfamiliar environment, the outside people were at a loss .

Zhang Yi could only use this seemingly crazy attitude to tease out those similar to Luo Xun and Yan Fei . Because Li Tie and his friends were too pure, untainted by darkness so Zhang Yi could only vent to Yan Fei . Otherwise Zhang Yi could develop mental problems before long .

This situation, Luo Xun had also experienced in his past life . After the end of the world he took refuge in panic but then was forced to come out in order to live . The people who survived, reluctantly united to kill a way out .

Had just fled to a safe place, but after a short period of calm the place once again capsized .

If he had not come to A-city base, with people already adapted to apocalyptic life, all holding the same life rules and attitude…he might have also been driven mad .

Even so, Luo Xun did not want to live alone in the basement forever but also did not want to seek out warmth from those with similar inclinations . Only when he could no longer endure the loneliness did he think of using his money to find a companion – a resilient child, who could eventually rely on  themselves to live .

Luo Xun slowly closed his eyes and felt Yan Fei’s warm breath on his neck and face . The feeling of big hands wandering on his body lit a blazing inferno .

Luo Xun could understand Zhang Yi’s actions but Yan Fei was his . Since the two people decided to be together, it was necessary to stick with each other from then on . With his knowledge of the apocalypse and Yan Fei’s practical abilities, they could find a way that worked best for them .

The scene today unearthed Luo Xun’s hidden inferiority complex . The two bewitching men looked so pleasant together, Luo Xun wanted to confirm that he and Yan Fei were appropriate? Could he and a recently broken down straight man fit…together?

The two people’s life situations could slowly reach mutual understanding but some aspects of actual experience also needed to fit . Before Luo Xun had been evasive, unwilling to face this issue too quickly, but now, he urgently needed proof that he and Yan Fei were suitable . Let Yan Fei’s actions show his desires . So even with their current positions and actions it did not mean that Luo Xun was destined to be the bottom tonight, he was not dissatisfied or resistant .

Yan Fei smoothly removed the last layer of clothing from Luo Xun’s body . He quietly looked at the other with his hands on both sides of Luo Xun’s head .

Feeling Yan Fei’s gaze, Luo Xun slowly opened his eyes . Suddenly Yan Fei laughed with eyes melting with gentleness, he slowly leaned down and devoutly kissed Luo Xun’s lip . “Relax, I’m going in . ”

Luo Xun’s body was tense at first before he slowly relaxed his taut muscles . Although he had not done the act, he had secretly studied after settling down, knew how to prepare for the upcoming events .

In order to facilitate Yan Fei’s movements, Luo Xun even took the initiative to lift his legs and hook them around his waist . He leaned close to Yan Fei’s face and whispered in his ear with some gasps . “Come then . ”

With deep sea-like waves in his eyes, Yan Fei sunk down with determination .

It seemed that even the tips of his fingers were sore . Luo Xun struggled to open his eyes to stop the beeping alarm clock . He opened his eyes to see Yan Fei’s outstretched arm holding the noisy alarm clock .

“Have a good rest at home today . I’ll bring you lunch at noon . ” Yan Fei pressed the alarm button and kissed Luo Xun’s forehead .

“What?” Luo Xun moved his eyes in confusion but with his headache could not completely understand Yan Fei’s meaning .

Yan Fei kissed him on the cheek and touched foreheads . “Still a little hot . Go to sleep, I’ll bring breakfast . ” He lifted the quilt and headed to the door .

Luo Xun was confused when he saw that Yan Fei had changed out of his pajamas, when did he get up?

His head cleared up as he waited for Yan Fei to come up again . His waist, hip and *cough* other place were aching and sore but not painful . He felt…*cough* uncomfortable .

“DId you just say you would go by yourself?” Luo Xun sprang up but felt like his waist was broken .

Yan Fei hurriedly put the things down to help him . “Yeah, today I’ll go by myself and you’ll have a good rest at home . ”

Luo Xun’s face turned black then red as he awkwardly protested . “There’s nothing wrong, just wait a while . ” Because of wearing nothing but bed sheets…it was not right .

Yan Fei poked Luo Xun’s forehead a bit . “Nothing’s wrong? Right now you have a slight fever . ”

“Fever?” Luo Xun gave Yan Fei a glance . “How did I get a fever?”

Yan Fei stared at him for half a day and blushed when he moved his line of sight . “Seemed to be because of last night…” He cleaned Luo Xun after finishing last night but it was his first time and he was a straight man…*Cough* in short caused injury due to anxiousness? Some small inflammation after sleeping with a stallion was normal .

Luo Xun also froze for a long time, well he had not heard of sex causing a fever . Perhaps last night was too intense, what with a lot of sweating and kicking the quilt? Anyway he had never heard of anyone on base getting a fever after bursting their chrysanthemum . Of course this could also be related to the degree of adaptability .

Luo Xun repeatedly again while pondering the command . Yan Fei helped bring a box of anti-inflammatory medicine over .

“If it’s not a big problem I should be able to go with you tomorrow . Grab my bag with the big crossbow inside and all the house’s crystal nuclei . Only use them in a dangerous situation and don’t wait for your energy to be all consumed before using…” Luo Xun said all he could think of, his somewhat hoarse voice became quieter . The enamored Yan Fei almost did not want to leave and instead take care of him .

Fortunately, Luo Xun’s spirit was much better after eating breakfast, his body temperature was also very normal . Yan Fei checked his cheek and reluctantly took three steps to leave – he had never felt this feeling of worry towards anyone else before .

Yan Fei took a deep breath after locking their door . Although an unexpected situation happened last night, he was satisfied with their first time . Of course, he would be more careful next time . When he got home at noon he would check if the laptop had downloaded that little yellow book .

Li Tie and company with Zhang Yi were all out of the house, went downstairs together . Which left Yan Fei responsible for locking the door .

Seeing Yan Fei come out, Zhang Yi raised his eyebrows and joked with an ambiguous smile . “Ah, that face bright like spring…you got some?”

Yan Fei did not deign a look and went straight towards the big iron gates .

Not fully catching what Zhang Yi had asked, the pure and silly He Qiankun asked . “Yan Fei, where’s Luo Xun?”

“He’s a little feverish so he’s not going out today . ” Yan Fei more patiently explained to the others .

Li Tie and company quickly asked if the fever was severe? Was there any medicine in the house? If he was not comfortable they could leave someone at home to look after him and so on .

Zhang Yi held back a laugh but waved his hands when Yan Fei shot eye daggers . “There are anti-inflammatories at home? Has he eaten?”

Yan Fei ground his molars and decided to ignore the amused guy .

Li Tie touched the back of his head in confusion . “Why take anti-inflammatory for a cold?” But Zhang Yi was a doctor . No, wait he’s a surgeon .

Wang Duo suddenly had an epiphany while looking at Zhang Yi and Yan Fei locking the door . After a while he swallowed any questions – could not ask otherwise he would enter a new world and could never return to past innocent days!

He met Zhang Yi’s peach blossom eyes, who raised his eyebrows, Wang Duo pinched his nose and with a bitter face turned away . Was his guess right? Or…*cough* was it just his imagination?

Wang Duo’s question was destined to go unanswered . They climbed downstairs and into the car, since Luo Xun was not coming today, Yan Fei was driving . Now cars are too used on base so they pooled all the gasoline together . Luo Xun and Yan Fei used some to drive daily .

Drove all the way to the barracks and separated at the door . The captain and soldiers who had worked together for a long time inquired about Luo Xun . After the captain promised to help them find some fever medicine to take back to Luo Xun .

No other way, compared to the less talkative, cold Yan Fei with a power ability…everyone’s relationship with Luo Xun who looked ordinary, like to talk with people with a smile was better .

Knowing that Luo Xun would not be here today, the captain formed a team responsible for Yan Fei’s protection . The group sat in the car and drive towards the base gate .

While in the car, the captain took out a bag . “There are 45 crystal nuclei inside, each person has five more than yesterday . Any others will divided amongst everyone . ”

“Captain, how could there be so many today?” A metal ability user asked curiously .

The captain’s smile had some bitterness . “A large number of zombies came outside the base yesterday afternoon . Heard that this morning cleared a lot, some zombies ran inside the outer wall . ”

There was a seemingly serious situation, a few very fast zombies took the lead . The soldiers defending that gate sacrificed themselves…

The people’s mood darkened, having more crystal nuclei was good, but these crystal nuclei were dyed a bloody red . No, these crystals were born from humans turned into zombies…It could be said that each nucleus represented an extinguished life .

Luo Xun laid in bed, his eyes stared blankly at the ceiling .

The neat white ceiling had a large, minimalist round ceiling lamp . This kind of light was nice and clean, not too fancy and did not have any strange color, just pure white, very suitable for the apocalypse…

Since Luo Xun’s resurrection, even before the end of the world preparing all of his things had never been so leisurely as today .

Luo Xun was currently in a state of inconvenient mobility because there was still a faint ache in his lower back and his body was tired from the fever . For a reborn person who never lazed, to be forced in bed for a day, this feeling…why did it feel so empty? Did he develop some inclinations? Feeling weird if one was not busy from morning to night?

Thinking about it, he had to plant crops in order pass his past life, he did need to go out, what did he do to pass the time? Seems…he would often sharpen small tools, clean his tools and fiddling around with materials .

Luo Xun raised his head and scratched his hair . “Ah! So annoying!” It was so hard to sit up in bed but he had been ravaged last night .

He had a normal constitution so slightly stretching caused his waist to protest in pain . He almost fell back onto the bed .

Luo Xun slowly approached the door with a hand on his waist, the other against the wall . “Ah…hookers do not have it easy . This was my first time, I do not know how they live every day…”

His mind was wondering, to compare what was between him and Yan Fei and those who deal in pleasure of the flesh . What would Yan Fei think if he knew?

First he went to the terrace to ensure everything was normal . Luo Xun descended the stairs step by step, Puppy had already run to the stairs with her tongue lolling . Seeing her master had not gone out today she ran around Luo Xun’s legs . After some time Luo Xun had arrived at the first floor and headed towards the sofa .

In fact, Luo Xun was a person who got bored lying in bed, plus his fever was gone and the pain was not bad so long as he did not touch it . After checking that the balcony crops were growing fine, Luo Xun laid on the sofa to play Bubble Dragon on his mobile phone . He had electricity after the end of the world so he could use his phone for a while . Thus Luo Xun had a few game applications and stand alone games on his laptop .

Today, the mobile could be used not just for a game machine, could also check maps, data and so on .

The little puppy wagged her tail, seeing that her master would be home with, she excitedly jumped on the sofa and climbed Luo Xun’s thigh all the way to his belly .

“Gently, gently! My waist…” With a bitter face Luo Xun put the little puppy back down on the ground . Only about half a year the little one had grown larger and stronger, Luo Xun almost did not have enough strength to push her off!

The unlucky Luo Xun who had been ravaged last time had this dog lying on him resolutely refusing to leave . Push off she would move back, should he temporarily ignore it?

The puppy’s head laid on her paws, which was pressed on Luo Xun’s chest . She occasionally let out puffing sounds, Puppy’s ears flicked around from time to time .

Luo Xun played the game to pass time . Not long after he faintly heard a broadcast voice from outside – the base was yelling propaganda to participate in some construction work .

Carrying a megaphone directly into the area, wandered through the main roads before driving out again . Luo Xun also heard that base also needed cleaning staff in addition to the construction workers . He touched his chin and estimated that the base had collected a variety of cloth . However they also worried about the contaminants and there were not many washing machines on base . Even if there were enough washing machines, the base electricity might not be sufficient .

His heart was not into it, so he died in the game . When Luo Xun finally gave up playing, he was ready to open a novel to kill time . Puppy suddenly straightened with two erect ears .

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Luo Xun looked puzzled .

The puppy heard Luo Xun’s voice and glanced at him then cocked her head as if carefully discerning something .

Luo Xun also focused on the sound, the puppy was lying around suddenly stood up and jumped to the ground . “Ah…ribs…tread well…” When the puppy jumped down her paw was on his rib and she had exerted a lot of force!


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