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Chapter 87

Yan Fei waited for Luo Xun to hang up before asking, “Was that Professor Xu?”

Luo Xun nodded and sighed . “He said not grow mushrooms at home…we need to remind Li Tie and the others today to not let them speak about the matter . ”

He would continue to keep this thing at home . If Li Tie wanted to grow crops at home, it was best to cultivate some mushrooms as well, just do not go outside and tell others .

“In fact, Professor Xu is right to worry . This thing is so lethal, if someone cultivated the mushrooms to use against an enemy…it would have a similar effect to the zombie virus . ”

If someone used a large amount of mushroom juice against people, police would not be able to identify the body even if it was found due to corrosion .

Yan Fei smiled at Luo Xun’s sighing . “Didn’t you already planted those in the lower layers next door?”

Luo Xun had already planted a bunch of plants in 1603 . All the crops were not directly placed on the ground, but instead placed on metal shelves created from Yan Fei’s abilities . There was still a lot of space between the shelves and the ground .

Luo Xun had originally prepared to fill the area with wood and mushrooms . Plants were likely to mutate, but the rate was not as high .

But with the recent conversation with Professor Xu, Luo Xun also worried about someone suddenly entering their home . It was unfortunate that this idea could only be put on hold .

Luo Xun unwillingly nodded . “Such a pity…”

Those poisonous mushrooms increased crop yield while also being a weapon that increased his lethality, but now…

“There is a way . ” Yan Fei whispered . “We can cover the bottom layer using a metal drawer with holes, it would be fine to put the wood inside . ”

Since his ability had upgraded, he could easily do these sorts of things . As long as it looked solid, people could come in and not find anything strange .

In a pinch, he could meld the “drawers” with the shelf . Others would not be able to see what was inside .

Luo Xun had a surprised expression . “Great! These mushrooms like heat and humidity, as long as there’s some ventilation!”

As long as humidity and a certain temperature were assured, the toxic mushrooms did not have many needs . So there was no problem keeping the mushrooms in their home . Li Tie and the others could also use this method to cultivate mushrooms, it would prevent them from accidentally touching the things!

When they got off the phone from Professor Xu, the students just came from the barracks . In the car, the group chatted on the way home . The couple would wait until night to tell Li Tie and the others . After next time when they have enough metal and wood, they would make shelves and grow various kinds of mushrooms .

“Luo Xun, could you give us the baby quails next month?” Li Tie said with some regret .

Luo Xun wondered, “Aren’t you guys back early these days?” They were excited to raise the quails, what had changed?

He Qiankun explained . “We have heating but because of the recent weather, the growth speed of our crops has slowed down . ”

“Yes, and the other thing is…” The group looked at each other with red, embarrassed faces . “We are afraid that the quails are too young to be kept alive…”

Luo Xun had confirmed a few days ago that the hatched quails were healthy . Once Li Tie and company had been informed, they were very happy but remembered – they had no way of guaranteeing the quail’s survival . Actually, they did not have any experience raising birds .

Although some had raised cats and dogs, but their parents did the bulk of the work . They were only responsible for hugging and kissing before being shoved aside .

Han Li had fish at home he had personally cared for a while…but then the entire aquarium of tropical fish had all died .

Having such a brutal experience, when it was already so difficult to cultivate vegetables, the baby quails were so fragile…They had to prepare themselves, it would be better to wait until they were more grown up .

Luo Xun listened to their explanation and had no words to say . “I could raise them…” He had felt that it would be a burden for the students to raise baby quails…

“No, no, no! We will be responsible for them! Raise them to healthy people . I mean, healthy quails!”

The students were not quails, okay?

Luo Xun and Yan Fei waved at the group of students before dragging their tired bodies back home .

“I’m going to send crops to the canteen tomorrow . ” At home, Luo Xun examined the vegetables to be harvested tomorrow, some had been raised from a seed .

“Is this the same amount as last time?” The weight of the vegetables could not be calculated by anyone who had no idea of crop weights either before or after the apocalypse .

“Almost, leave the usual for us to eat and the rest will be sent to them . ”

After Yan Fei’s ability rose to level two, it took longer for him to completely use up his energy . At the same time, he needed an increased number of nuclei to replenish . Of course, the nuclei that the team sent down each day was enough for him to use on the wall . The rest could be used at home to exercise his powers, but having more nuclei at home was a good thing!

Rising to level three required even more nuclei than before! The cores were more resistant than vegetables and would not depreciate in value .

In the apocalypse, crystal nuclei was a hard currency . Even if one did not need, it would be a waste to let an opportunity to collect them pass .

Luo Xun carefully looked at the balcony that held fruit blossoms and vegetable seeds . He nodded in satisfaction, very good! With his careful care, it would not be long before he could collect seeds!

Because the crops in Luo Xun’s home had no pollination from insects like butterflies and bees, he had to do everything by hand . He usually had more time than the average person – he got off early each day .

In addition, his heart was resistant to the boredom of repetitive tasks – he had cultivated in his house during his last life . These things were easy to deal with using the experience from his last life .

Yan Fei stood up and pulled him upstairs . “Rest and get up early tomorrow . ”

Without the previous nucleus stock, Yan Fei could only rely on the nuclei left over from the wall to level up . He was not as busy before bedtime .

Luo Xun reluctantly looked towards the balcony . The small seedlings next door only needed regular watering, the second floor with fruit and other plants with longer growth cycles only needed checks for mutation . He currently only needed to pay attention to the blossoming first floor balcony .

In the bedroom, Luo Xun stretched his arms . “Tomorrow pick vegetables…” Before he could finish, he was grabbed around the waist and pulled towards the bed .

The two had been together for enough time to slowly nurture a tacit understanding . If Luo Xun hugged Yan Fei’s waist, the latter knew the guy wanted the same . Now that Yan Fei suddenly hugged, only a fool would not know what he was up to!

Luo Xun hurriedly hugged Yan Fei’s neck in fear of falling and raged, “Didn’t you say to get up early tomorrow?!” Or was that just an excuse to come onto him?

Yan Fei gave him a glance, put him on the bed and stood near the window . “Yes, rest assured, tonight will not be too long . After all, we will be busy tomorrow . ” He stooped and kissed Luo Xun on the lips .

Looking at the smiling eyes, Luo Xun took a deep breath then wrapped himself like a dumpling in the blanket . Don’t think that beautiful people would be able to succeed! He would not let Yan Fei touch him tonight!

Yan Fei had a meaningful smile and turned off the bedside lamp before climbing into bed . Hiding in the quilt would allow him to escape? Each time he did that, he had nowhere to go?

A night of fierce fighting, the next morning Luo Xun sat on the sofa and watched Yan Fei busily packing crops with an expression akin to being exploited by a landlord .

Yan Fei’s face was relaxed, he lightly hummed a song with a smirk .

The vegetables were packed and weighed, Luo Xun got up slowly and headed to the door . They met Li Tie and the others in the corridor, the students did not feel envy or jealousy seeing Luo Xun preparing to sell vegetables .

Their home did not have many vegetables, but since they usually ate in the barracks, they did not have to as much food at home .

The biggest use of the vegetables was to supplement vitamins as well as to have seeds . They also did not lack flowers and consumed less crystal nuclei, thus naturally did not need to go out to sell vegetables .

Seeing Yan Fei carrying a few big bags, Li Tie hurried forward to help carry things . Han Li went to 1602 in order to knock on the door .

After a while Zhang Yi exited with an expressionless face while Wang Duo came out with a floating expression .

Luo Xun sympathetically looked at Zhang Yi’s back while the four students looked at Wang Duo with varying feelings . Han Li was envious, He Qiankun was blushing, Wu Xin had no expression that could be discerned .

Luo Xun seeing these people’s expressions immediately felt his waist was not sore and his legs did not ache . There was someone more pitiful than him .

Although Wang Duo was on top, he had become the lowest existence on the 16th floor: despised by the group in 1601, ordered around by his home’s queen, seen as joke by them . It was not easy for the child to live like this .

Drove the car directly to the barracks and stopped at the canteen’s back door . Captain Li was waiting there to welcome them .

The two sides greeted each other then several soldiers came to weigh the vegetables . Luo Xun, Yan Fei and Captain Li chatted in the meantime .

“These days the radio is advising people to grow vegetables at home and also taught the planting method . But no other people have come to sell food?”

Although the troops had publicized the home planting techniques, it should be possible for people to be selling vegetables in the base after the new year .

Captain Li sighed and shook his head . “How many people could grow vegetables? People do not even have enough for themselves to eat, how would they sell food? It was said that occasionally people would take out wild vegetables or homegrown but the quantity was too little . Plus we heard that they often sell out and or change places . ”

After all, the survivors in the base had few assets and vegetables could not be planted in one day . So there were no harvested results for vegetables, not to mention the vast majority of people had not begun to act .

“I think there’s been more . I heard that people can exchange for vegetable seeds at the exchange windows?” Luo Xun casually asked .

Captain Li nodded . “We have also planted in the open space next to the canteen . The barracks a few other places have reserved spaces for gardening . But the focus is on the wall, still have to wait a while before formalizing this sort of thing . ”

“Not afraid to delay the season?” Luo Xun was a little puzzled .

The discussion continued along the captain .

“Is that the way? To grow mushrooms and seeds together?”

Luo Xun smiled and nodded . Although the mushrooms could reduce the mutation rate, there were a variety of other factors that could affect the crops . There was no way to grow the mushrooms in a field . One had to careful and not touch, trample or cause any accident . These mushrooms…could not be grown in fields, capiche?

Luo Xun knew that in his past life the base trying to plant grain had dismal results due to several reasons . So Luo Xun had chosen to inform Professor Xu about the role of mushroom wood . After all, even if he was more powerful, even using his entire home could not grow that much food . It might not even be enough for the two’s rations .

At this point, his interests and the base coincided . Anyway the base seemed to be growing mushrooms to make special mushrooms, what was wrong with them both cultivating?

The two men took the calculated 12 cores and joined the truck to continue today’s work at the wall . The earth users were further away from their team, luckily Yan Fei’s ability had become more adept . Even though Yan Fei had to hold back to avoid suspicion, his speed had increased slightly .

Captain Guo had mysteriously disappeared from the wall for a while and returned after an hour in a small jeep .

At the top of the wall, the soldiers aimed their guns and practiced shooting . Although the number of level two zombies had recently increased, they had a  huge advantage, eliminating the zombies was very simple other than long distance zombies .

“All four of you, stop and come have a meeting!” Captain Guo called to Yan Fei . The group quickly put down their work and left the wall edge .

Luo Xun took advantage of the opportunity to drink some water . He was curious about what the captain had to say to Yan Fei .

Captain Guo took out a bag from his pocket and asked Yan Fei, “See, isn’t this what you said was a level two metal nucleus?”

Luo Xun almost choked on a mouthful of water . He hurried to look in Captain Guo’s hand . Yan Fei had described the level two metal nucleus to the captain, also said that once he rose to level two, his speed and overall power increased . If the team rose to level two, everyone’s efficiency would certainly increase .

He had indicated that the level two nucleus had been found while shopping and had been absorbed . So needed Captain’s Guo help to look for more .

This was because Captain Guo had said other departments had used level two nuclei to ascend to level two . Yan Fei had considered then compared the amount of nuclei needed as said by the captain .

According to the number of nuclei being absorbed by the the team, soon they would be able to use the second level crystal nuclei .

He had a variant power, which meant that he needed more first level nuclei than other people of the same level . Plus it was good for everyone to level up – could improve efficiency, speed up the wall . He would also increase power consumption, not needing to slow down to follow the rest of the group . There was a feeling of being too strong .

After hearing this, captain Guo immediately went to find someone who could look for second level nuclei . In fact, it was relatively easy to get level two nuclei, after all the army sent out people every day to collect crystal nuclei .

People could not use the higher level nuclei so the consumption was negligible . Some of the crystal nuclei had few compatible people, so again few were used .

According to what Yan Fei had described, Captain Guo told someone to look and got several pieces today .

Yan Fei carefully looked at the crystal nuclei and then nodded . “It’s these . ”

The level two crystal cores exuded a special metallic luster in the palm of the captain’s hand . After confirming the nuclei, he handed over the items – each person got three shards . “They have some but not too many . They were thrown aside until I asked them . ”

The number of metal zombies was similar to that of metal ability users, very few . But there were many times more zombies, so the chances were better .

In fact, it was also strange that the intelligence of the second level zombies was still very low . While in battle they would not normally use the right ability, which was fortunate . Otherwise if they met a metal zombie and the car was suddenly ripped apart…how would they survive?

There the metal crystal nuclei being hard to find was actually a good thing – besides there weren’t that many people that needed this particular type .

As long as one could raise their power level, the three metal users excitedly took the crystal nuclei, then all looked at Yan Fei .

Accustomed to the stares, Yan Fei calmly looked back .

“That…Yan Fei, how do you use this?”

It was a coincidence that the metal users in the team were recently enlisted soldiers, there was no professional officer, there ages were around 20 years old . So the 26 year old Yan Fei had unexpectedly become some soldier’s big brother, which made some feel strange .

“It’s just as straightforward as using a crystal nucleus while taking a break . ” Thinking about it, Yan Fei also added, “I also only used it once my energy was almost exhausted, you can wait a while to test . ”

The three of them nodded repeatedly .

Yan Fei confirmed that the others were unable to discern the properties of the nuclei, was it a special case because of his mutation?

Although he did not know the specific reason, he temporarily pushed the matter away . The soldiers on the wall killing zombies paid little attention to the area under the wall . Every once in a while they see three people desperately using power – heard that they would be able to see an ability upgrade!

This was not to be missed, after watching, they could show off to their comrades and base friends!

Luo Xun was also very curious, Yan Fei had upgraded his ability while he had been downstairs . Although he knew he had been driven away because Yan Fei was afraid of an accident . But this was a rare thing to see, he had never seen one even through two lives!

Not long after, those three people quickly used up all their energy . After being taken care of by their teammates, the three soldiers closed their eyes and absorbed the nuclei .

In the convoy responsible for cleaning up the zombies under the wall, someone looked up in amazement . “What’s going up there? Why did they stop fighting?”

“Who knows, no bullets?” The man’s teammates were not in the tunnel .

“Quick, the zombies are coming over here! Come on, fight!”


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