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Chapter 9

Luo Xun crept through the corridor, checking outside to ensure no one was around . He snuck over to his second hand car, stored his equipment and started the engine . Hearing the sound, a few families work up and noticed the changed world outside .

Luo Xun ignored the other survivors, with the current low occupancy rate if they got killed by zombies he could only state, "You are not fit to survive the apocalypse . "

Today is only the first day of mutation and the change occured in the middle of the night so many zombies were locked in their homes unable to hunt .

The southwest road was deserted with two zombies in janitor clothing staggering after the car but Luo Xun had long driven away . He had no time to cleanup low power primary zombies that had no nuclei or intelligence .

The car drove along the road for half an hour to arrive at the hardware store Luo Xun had visited before in order to collect supplies . Up ahead, the door was half open so Luo Xun slowly drove forward . The iron gate had blood splatters and scratches .

The doorman had likely been attacked upon opening the door . With supreme vigilance, Luo Xun clutched his crossbow and drove inside the store .

The entranceway had no corpses but there were bloody stains showing the direction someone had been dragged . Luo Xun slowed the car and lowered the window, crossbow at the ready . Suddenly three figures roared and sprang forward .

"Ah! Zombie dogs!" Luo Xun paled, if it was just primary zombies he could deal with a group of six or seven .

Had he offended a higher power? Why was he given such huge trouble!? Animals were unlike humans . Human zombies started off slow and unresponsive, easily dealt with despite increased strength and the ability to infect . Animal zombies retained their original instincts and responses .

Luo Xun grunted and aimed the crossbow between a zombie dog's eyes in response to the ambush . Too bad the shot was not powerful enough and did not penetrate the brain . The targeted dog yelped and shuddered before leaping at Luo Xun . The other two also stormed over .

*Bang* A dog rammed at the door .

*Crash* The other smashed the side glass doors .

Luo Xun held the crossbow in his left and the mace in his right . He rushed the dog and pierced the head . The crossbow bolt hit the brain stem, the dog's body swayed then fell .

*Wang* Luo Xun blocked the dog's bite with his mace, though he could smell the stench of decay . The dog's limbs screeched against the car door, leaving deep scratches .

Luo Xun shuddered and aimed for the back of the brain, near the throat . The dog rushed again but is was too late . He smashed the dog which hit the ground rolling then roared in defiance .

*Swoosh* The bolt hit the brainstem again, permanently ending the zombie .

Panting, Luo Xun stayed vigilant, he did not know if the commotion would attract other zombies . He had been too careless .

In fact for a long while in his past life, he had not fought any zombies face-to-face . Life in the safe zone was comfortable and stable . Most regular people would not be willing to venture outside once their livelihood was secured .

They were ordinary people, only those with powerful abilities could reap high rewards from exploring and hunting in the dangerous world of zombies with mutant plants and animals .

Therefore regular people would rather struggle at the base fringes then risk their lives outside . Luo Xun had done the same, the last time he faced a zombie was during his sixth year in a safe zone . He had been drafted to patrol the walls during a zombie wave .

Fortunately since his rebirth he practiced everyday with his homemade crossbow and arrow, otherwise Luo Xun would have been screwed today . However the crossbow could only be shot once before reloading and one shot did not kill the zombie!

Luo Xun wiped the sweat from his forehead and went to recover his ammo . The heeded a few tries in order to open the door . The zombie dog had mauled the door leaving claw marks and dripping foul liquid . He did not start the car, instead he retrieved his four arrows . Since he could not buy online he bought the needed materials and handcrafted them .

The crossbow was an effective weapon despite the noise and little ammo . Luo Xun could not waste any since he was reluctant to make more at home . He packed his weapon and returned to the car . Luo Xun carefully advanced without meeting other zombies after the dogs .

In the store Luo Xun found his target and started opening the lock with a self-made lockpicking tool . Do not ask when he learned lockpicking, almost everyone acquired decent lockpicking skills to find supplies and shelter while escaping on the road in the past . Except Luo Xun used tools and others used brute force .

A few cars sometimes drove by though Luo Xun was not completely certain . He debated entering the supermarket next-door to collect more when – *Crash*

A car smashed through the supermarket glass doors . Luo Xun looked through his telescope at the store, the corners of his mouth twitched . SHould he praise their ignorant courage? A group of vehicles led by a modified Land Rover rushed forward and triggered the alarm system .

More than ten people dove into the supermarket with trolleys . These people woke up to a strange atmosphere and realized a bio-disaster had occured when someone turned into a zombie . After, they immediately drove to the nearest store to grab supplies . However due to their inexperience went directly through the front door .

Zombies tracked prey through sound and smell . With so many loud people gathered, the scent had undoubtedly strengthened with the noise level . Are they going to become zombie food?

Luo Xun silently shook his head, he had originally intended to go sweep the supermarkets and other places but did not want to cross paths with these brave fools . Plus, his home food stores had a lot of instant noodles with a half year shelf life, he could barter with other people . More importantly he wanted to get home faster, who knew if someone caused trouble at home . His apartment only had Puppy, what would happen if someone broke in?

Luo Xun drove away when noticed a few zombies slowly tottered towards the supermarket . There were a lot of people inside with weapons, they should be able to easily deal with the zombies .

Along the way Luo Xun saw some bold people driving around . Some hurried to find family members while others looted shops and supermarkets . Luo Xun continued until he reached a drugstore . The door was ajar, the shutter half covered with a long trail of blood .

He thought for a bit, parked the car in front of the shop, wore his helmet and grabbed his weapons before entering the door . There was no sign of anyone outside or inside the shop . Luo Xun bent down to see if the glass cabinet had been unlocked .

When he was young he had subconsciously practiced unlocking his bicycle in case he made a mistake and got sent to the station . He was afraid that practicing early would delay preparatory work .


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