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Chapter 94

Not only were there a number of basic zombies, people thought the metal zombies that appeared were more troublesome .

Of course, although those were level two zombies, because their ability had just manifested, the manipulation of metal was very inferior to Yan Fei . People thought it was funny that the zombies would use their abilities to stick metal to themselves as makeshift armor .

While it added some defensive power against a wide range of attacks, it also reduced their speed . For Yan Fei, the added weight of the metal made it more easy to kill the zombies . With an upper tier metal user, the metal zombies died almost too quickly, after all, they were covered in metal .

Zhang Yi drove around twice over the course of two days . They gathered all the corpses and the afternoon of the last day and burned them together . After the battles, there had been more than 8,300 zombie deaths . Excluding the amount needed for the nuclei mission and team costs, everyone’s harvest was very substantial .

Luo Xun consulted with the team and decided that the level two nuclei that no one could use were to be set aside . Once they went back to base they could trade for needed first level nuclei or points .

After cleaning up the nearby zombies, Luo Xun and the others began to collect supplies . This time they had to bring back a lot of metal but also needed a refrigerator and wood to renovate the farming facilities in their homes .

“It’s finished . ” Luo Xun looked in the rear view car mirror and felt satisfaction at the large pieces of metal behind him .

Yan Fei maneuvered the giant metal ball near the car . The others found a car that only had the frame remaining, the metal poured into the frame and gave the appearance that three vehicles were going back into base . Although their speed would be affected, they were not willing to leave these things behind .

“Well, now we can do a lot of things that we could not do before . The next time we come out, we can focus on hunting zombies . ” Yan Fei smiled at the rear view mirror .

Luo Xun nodded and calculated what to do after returning, what things needed to be moved first, which were not a priority . Plus anything the couple required at the moment…

“What is that?” Yan Fei’s brow wrinkled as he pointed east .

“It  seems like…car, convoy? Why is there so much dust behind them?” Luo Xun froze and his heart tightened as he sneaked a glance . “Tell the cars behind us to speed up! Hurry back!”

They were not too far away from the base, could already see the tall walls in the distance . The dust cloud was further away from base, but their cars were slowed because of the weight .

Yan Fei used his abilities to spell out “Get ready to accelerate” using the metal on top the car . They could use their phones normally on base, out of base it could be used to send distress signals through satellite but no calls . Though Yan Fei had methods to get around that inconvenience .

After seeing those words, Xu Mei opened the window and flared three times – this was the signal . Even if they did not see Yan Fei’s metal words, they would realize through Xu Mei’s fire signal .

The four cars immediately sped back towards base . They finally entered the base gate, the convoy was already drawing near . They took the opportunity to look outside, faintly saw the bodies had less damage and scars .

After entering the base, everyone was relieved . During the half hour waiting time for crystal nuclei payment, the team members gathered together .

“Luo Xun, what’s going on?”

Luo Xun shook his head . “I am not sure, just saw a large dust cloud in the east . Since I was worried I made everyone speed back . ”

A few people were relieved, it was not a problem with their car .

Someone was about to ask what happened to the cars on the eastside when a loud bang came from the iron gate . It was as if there was an earthquake as the ground shook .

“What’s going on?!” Did a car hit the gate?

In the eerie silence, there was a booming noise . The crowd began to riot .

Luo Xun was startled and looked nervously at Yan Fei before instantly issuing instructions . “Hurry back to the car!”

“Yes!” The group was panicked, immediately followed Luo Xun to the parked cars but did not immediately enter, just standing nearby .

Some people who saw Luo Xun also hurried towards the parked vehicles and climbed inside . Tried to get back into base but the staff would not let people through .

Some of the water users washing cars also stopped their work while helping keep order . They looked at the front door in fear .

The waiting area became noisy, people did not want to stay in the same area as those with visible injuries and asked to return in advance . Although no one knew what had happened outside, there must have been an accident! They did not want to die here!

At the same time, a group of trucks filled with soldiers was also heading towards the city gate . They were temporarily for emergencies and could support those on the wall for the safety of the base .

Luo Xun and company could hear the sound of trucks pass the waiting area walls, the sound of footsteps and the emergence of gunmen above . Gunfire rang out not long after, the previous alarm had also temporarily stopped .

“Just let us in! Or don’t blame us for being rude!” Suddenly someone called out from not far away .

The team saw a fire user form a fireball . Three fireballs flew towards the car staff . The waiting area became very disorderly as mob mentality set in . Most of the people who went out were part of teams, would be be polite at a time like this? Each attacked the managers, grabbed their own car and tried to break through the waiting area into base .

The door had been broken, the rest of the people would not stupidly wait here . All wanted a car to rush back into the base .

Luo Xun and his team looked at each other . They were surrounded by chaos, all the people in the waiting area had gathered, but some people were stealing other’s goods from cars and so on .

The nearby soldiers on duty heard the sounds and rushed over . A gunshot alarmed everyone but calmed the situation . But before shouting started, an ice pick flew straight towards the captain’s head!

*Whoosh* A wall seemingly appeared out of thin air in from the soldiers . A few grabbed their guns to stop the rioting crowd .

The squad was visibly startled by the sudden appearance of a metal wall but it came and then quickly receded . The violent crowd thought that there was an ability user amongst the soldiers, they calmed down after seeing the weapons in their hands . The fever madness gradually calmed down .

Although he did not know who saved him, the captain was still calm as he spoke to the crows with a megaphone . “The base is not in danger, the army is maintaining order on the wall . Everyone return to the waiting area! In accordance with the rules on base, once the specified time has passed, everyone can go home!”

“What about the others who had already gone in?”

The captain had not spoken yet when a group of soldiers came through the door with explosion-proof shields . The people who rushed though were coming back without protest .

Seeing that the situation had been stabilized, Luo Xun and the others followed the crowd back to the previous waiting area . There were lucky soldiers looking after their cars . This time the team did not bring back anything else other than a lot of metal .

Since Yan Fei had conveniently blocked the ice pick for the captain, it would not be expected for them to smuggle some metal inside the base .

This time Luo Xun still chose the blood test method, they would be able to return smoothly half an hour after the test . The crowd whispered about what was occurring outside, the gunfire on the wall had not stopped at all .

At this time, Luo Xun and Yan Fei felt their phones ring, they were slightly surprised before telling Li Tie, “Our captain wants us to participate in wall defense . For now, go home with the car, the other car will be ready when we get back . ”

The team paused then nodded . “Luo Xun, you be careful . If there is anything, call or send us message!” Now that everyone had returned to base, they could use the mobile phones normally .

The two raised their hands and the waiting area staff verified the message . After some soldiers took them directly to the wall’s edge .

Captain Guo was surprised at the location of the pair – right at the front door! Hurrying up the gate, it was their first time here at dusk, they usually never worked this late .

“You arrived so fast!” Captain Guo froze upon seeing the couple .

“We just came back from a mission today and were waiting in the area below . ” Luo Xun explained .

He looked under the wall and jumped . “Zombie mouse?! A zombie rat?”

Captain Guo had no time to explain to the two and only bitterly said, “Isn’t it?! I don’t know where these things came from but they can bite through car brakes and deform doors . If you are not here…Yan Fei, come look, can you repair this?”

Someone who is good at repairing metal items? The team building the wall went to find Yan Fei . He was very skilled and specialized in producing and repairing all kinds of metal equipment . A one of kind genius…Well the last was exaggeration but there was no one more experienced in the team of four metal users .

Everytime their superiors encountered a strange problem it would be thrown at them . Yan Fei would the first to find a method and then teach his experience to the others .

Captain Guo was a little worried, if Yan Fei could not find a solution, then there would be trouble .

The crowd was a distance away from the damaged gate . There were several busy soldiers on top the wall, they confirmed that the people inside the car were no longer alive . For some reason, the zombie rats managed to get inside but did not attack right away . Waited until the cars were driving towards the gate before attacking, causing the collision .

The sad news was two cars directly hit the gate because they did not turn, the remaining car had an issue part way through and was overturned .

The zombie rats covered in flesh and rags were frantically digging burrows right in front of the gate!

“Captain Guo! How deep is the foundation?” A person loudly asked the captain and team .

“Three meters! Higher up’s orders!” Captain Guo immediately shouted back .

“Okay then, quick! Transport the gas!” The man was relieved but was still worried that the metal was too shallow and the zombie mice would find an opportunity .

Zombie rats were too small, guns were single target thus they could only attack with wide ranged methods .

Do not say that people could not aim in such a chaotic situation, even Luo Xun had a headache against these agile creatures, he could only attack in close range . They could only let Zhang Yi, Xu Mei and Yu Xinran, the three people’s attacks to eliminate the zombies .

“Captain, if you have a fire ability user, you can do it!” Luo Xun said to Captain Guo seeing they were moving gasoline over for defense .

Captain Guo was directing Yan Fei to first try and deal with the deformed door . The metal walls were all connected, even if there was a bit of distance, he could use conduct door repair through the metal .

Captain Guo wrinkled his brow . “Now is a bad time…”

Although there were fire users in the army and there should be arrangements during danger, but there was no support, who knew where those people were . It should be known, although most of the zombies had gathered at this gate, there was no guarantee that there would be none elsewhere!

Yan Fei pressed his hands against the metal wall . The two pieces of metal that were knocked out of the car were restored to their original state in front of their eyes! The two cars beside the first were also changed .

He split his attention to listen to the dialogue behind him . He spoke to Captain Guo, “Could we separate a part of the wall to attack under the zombie mice?”

“Ah?” Captain Guo had a question mark above his head as he looked puzzled .

“The wall is a meter thick, a third of the thickness should be enough to kill a lot of the undead . ” He turned to the few metal users near him . “I have limited mental energy, need the four of us to come together . ”

The others listened and then turned to Captain Guo – they had almost forgotten they were ability users, they could use their metal powers to fight! Almost thought themselves only professional wall builders!

Luo Xun smiled and said persuasively, “Since the gasoline has not come, there is no harm in letting them at least try . ”

Looking at the group of red eyed zombie rats that were starting to chew on the metal wall . Captain Guo became serious and climbed up the gate .

After two minutes, the command director came over with Captain Guo and asked solemnly, “You have an idea?”

Yan Fei pointed at the two smashed cars in front of the gate . “As long as the two cars are moved away, there should be six or seven . But you need to burn the ground with petrol . After the battle, earth users will need to repair the land at the gate . ”

“You can try it . ” He had asked about gasoline, it was coming but there were traffic accidents on the main road because of people who fled the waiting area . The road was blocked! Those people were real pieces of work!

Yan Fei immediately explained the plan to the other three metal users – it was simply splitting a layer of the wall to form an iron plate to fall straight down . As for the after, he could carry out subtle manipulation to not let as many zombies not escape . On the other side, cars were pushed away by several earth users on the wall .

Everything was the same, it may take a lot of energy and time to build but only a moment to destroy .

*Rumble* A loud bang from the wall, a huge vibration was felt through the waiting area . People working closer to the gate stopped work and looked over – the gate was breached? Were they going to die?

The soldiers had to abandon the cars because of the traffic jam and desperately headed towards the gate . How could it be broken? The supplies had not yet arrived?!

The dust settled to reveal a large number of twisted metal doors . There was silence beneath the walls, people exchanged horrified glances – this was a success?

All eyes converged to the small group of four, expressions filled with questions but dared not ask .

Suddenly Yan Fei had a fierce expression on his face dotted with sweat . He pressed on the metal wall, the onlookers suddenly say the metal plate twisted up! Like a pair of large invisible hands were wringing a towel, the large metal board was all rolled together!

Shum Ping gasped for air and sat on the side to restore energy since he did not have enough range or reserves .

“How was it? You all right?” The soldiers who took care of him came forward and handed him a towel .

Shum Ping shook his head and wryly smiled at Captain Guo, “I have no mental strength . ”

Captain Guo smiled stiffly, his heart was still worried about the situation under the wall . “You rest first, wait for supplies to arrive and give you a crystal nucleus . ”

The remaining two men, with Yan Fei sent their spiritual energy into the metal sheet . They could obviously feel a mental power guiding them through the steps . Although at a distance it was more difficult to control, but sharing their spirit made it more powerful .

Together the metal users pinched and trampled the zombies . Crushed them to death…


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