The Strongest Trainer - Chapter 101

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"Ding ~!"

"After the analysis is completed, one of the infinite gemstones, floating gem, the holder can have the ability to float!"

"Ding ~!"

"There are tasks in the system. Look for infinite gemstones. There is no limit to time. The reward is unknown!"

After analyzing the system for more than a minute, Xiaozhi finally learned what the octagonal gem with blue energy in front of him was. In fact, this is one of the meteorite fragments that hit the earth at the beginning!

"System existence task, that is, the purpose of system existence is to help the host find these gemstones?" Hearing the task issued by the system this time, Xiaozhi was in a mess. The existence of the system asked him to find a gem?

"System, you just said that this gem is one of the infinite gemstones, so there should be its infinite gemstones. Do these gemstones have anything to do with the slate on the creator God?"

Because of the existence purpose of the system, although Xiao Zhi already knows, the reason is still unclear. Therefore, he plans to find out what these gemstones exist, so he asks the system. After knowing the existence of this infinite gem, he immediately thinks of the stone slab on the creator God. The functions of the two seem to be a little similar!

"There is no relationship between the infinite gem and the creation slate. The power possessed by the magic babies in this world is actually the evolutionary genetic recombination caused by the scattered power of the infinite gem!" Hearing Xiaozhi's inquiry, the system quickly gave the answer!

"I see. It's equivalent to the biological evolution mode after the gene lock is opened. The evolution of this gene makes some creatures evolve into humans and other powerful creatures evolve into Warcraft with great power!"

"How many infinite gemstones are there and how to get them!" Knowing that there is no relationship between infinite gem and creation slate, Xiao Zhi asked again. After all, this is also a thing that can increase strength. Naturally, he will not let go!

"Ding ~!"

"There are only twelve infinite gemstones, each of which has special power. The only way to obtain them is to find them by the host or exchange them in the system store. Because these gemstones have a great impact on the world rules, a large part of them will be excluded from the outer space by the rules!"

"Yes, you reminded me, system, open the system store!" After hearing the answer from the system, Xiao Zhi remembered that infinite gem is a thing in the pet elf world. Now the system is level 2 and you can buy anything in your world from the store. Therefore, there should be infinite gem for sale in the current system store!

In front of Xiaozhi's eyes, there appeared a virtual screen that only he could see. After some searching, Xiaozhi finally saw the existence of infinite gemstones!

(in advance, the following gems are powerful, but they are not so easy to find. Xiao Zhi needs to find them when crossing the copy. In the final ending of this novel, the protagonist will rely on infinite gems to achieve his divine throne!)

"Floating gem, the holder can have the ability to float, control their own floating, or control items floating in the air!" The price is 10 million points!

"Power gem, the holder can have infinite strength, and no one is invincible in power!" Selling price 15 million attribute points!

"Speed gem, the holder can have fast speed. With the floating gem, you can fly freely in the air!" Selling price 15 million attribute points!

"Invisible gem, the holder can hide all his breath, so that the enemy can't understand the whereabouts of the host!" The price is 30 million points!

"Yin Yang gem, the holder can hold the power of yin and Yang and regulate himself. Any conflicting power will maintain balance in the host!" The price is 50 million attribute points!

"Energy gem, the holder can have super energy recovery speed, which can almost reach infinity!" The selling price is 70 million attribute points!

"Changeable gemstones, the holder can have the ability to change thousands of times, and anything seen by the host can be transformed perfectly!" The price is 80 million points!

"As long as the holder has a strong and invincible constitution, he can be cured instantly, not a deadly one!" The selling price is 90 million attribute points!

"Soul gem, the holder can have the ability of soul out of the body, and can attack other people's souls!" The selling price is 130 million attribute points!

"Life gem, the holder can have the power to give life to any object!" The selling price is 150 million attribute points!

"Immortal gemstones can keep their youth forever. They will not die if they suffer any fatal injury. With the help of healing gemstones, they can be called eternal life!" The selling price is 200 million attribute points!

"Divine gems, the holder can collect the remaining 11 gems, integrate them together, sit on the divine throne and get the recognition of heaven and earth!" The selling price is 500 million attribute points!

"TMD is really expensive. I'm worth more than 30000 attribute points now. I haven't even reached 40000. It seems that becoming a God is not so easy!" Looking at the price of infinite gemstones, Xiaozhi's eyes will protrude. The price of floating gemstones is the cheapest!

"The world where infinite gems first appeared is here, so there are infinite gems in stores, but the system also said that most gems will be excluded from the outer space by the rules of the world. It seems that they have been transmitted to other secondary worlds. I think the existence of replica cards is due to this!"

"It seems that the existence of this system is to help me become the existence of God. It seems that I still underestimate this stupid thing. Although this existence task looks simple, the demand for attribute points is too large!"

Looking at the price of infinite gem, Xiao Zhi frowned. Needless to say, he had a deep understanding of the difficulty of obtaining attribute points. In addition, he also knew the purpose of the system. He could not resist the temptation of infinite gem and wanted to get it very much!
But if you can't get a large number of attribute points in your lifetime, just relying on the passage of copy card is a waste of time. You know, he is a human now. Although he has a little ability, he is not immortal!

"If you want to complete this seemingly impossible task, you must first find the healing gem and the immortal gem. At worst, you must get the immortal gem!" After carefully sorting out the information he obtained, Xiao Zhi can only think of this way!

Undead gemstone, although it won't die from injury and fatal injury, its resilience is of its own level. With Xiaozhi's current resilience, if the head is broken, it won't die, but the body can't move. You can only connect the head and body by surgery!

If you have a healing gem, your recovery ability will increase greatly. It doesn't matter whether your head is broken or your hand is broken. It will recover properly in an instant. Therefore, if you want to have a lot of time to find infinite gemstones, you must have eternal life first!

"System, how can I absorb the floating gem in front of me!" After determining his goal, Xiaozhi asked the system!

"Just need the host to touch the gem!" Hearing Xiaozhi's inquiry, the system quickly gave the answer!

When Xiaozhi touched the floating gem, the gem directly integrated into Xiaozhi's body, and he also found the difference of his spiritual power. If Xiaozhi could only rely on writing wheel eyes to play the role of spiritual power in the past, now he can have real mental power like Na Zi!

"System, the integration of gemstones only needs to be so simple, so why didn't those ancient humans touch gemstones in the past?" After feeling his spiritual power, Xiao Zhi asked the system again!

"Ding ~!"

"The existence of the system is to assist the host to obtain all the infinite gems. Without the system, even if the infinite gems are obtained by others, they are just an ornament!"

"I see. No wonder the floating gem can still be retained until now. In my opinion, there is only one infinite gem in this world. After all, ability is only mental power, and the power is not too great, so it has not been excluded from the outer space by the rules!"

After figuring out the reason, Xiao Zhi nodded. In fact, he didn't know. At the moment when he learned about the infinite gem, Xiao Zhi's heart changed, or his ambition became bigger and bigger!

Cheng God, no matter who meets such a good thing, he will not refuse such temptation. What's more, Xiao Zhi has died once. Naturally, he hopes to live forever and let himself live forever!

At that time, his wife and family will accompany him all his life. What an enviable dream!

"It seems that the reason for the emergence of gophers is not the existence of infinite gemstones. The problem has not been solved!" Although the harvest was great, the problem of hamster disaster had not been solved, so Xiaozhi immediately released the big steel snake and went towards the ground!

"Beep, beep, beep!" After arriving at the ground, Xiao Zhi took back the big steel snake and was preparing to go back to the tent when he suddenly heard the sound of three hamsters. Behind the three hamsters, there were a pile of hamsters and some small saplings on his head!

After seeing this situation, Xiaozhi immediately followed. Not long after, Xiaozhi saw a large area of gophers not far away. Three gophers were farming, but gophers were planting small saplings!

"It turns out that this place is the field of gophers, so they will stop people from building reservoirs on this mountain!" Seeing this scene, Xiao Zhi immediately understood the reason for the accident and then told the former contractor!

"That's the thing. If you want to build a reservoir here, the gophers will definitely resist to the end. You can't solve it at all. And the reason why the magic babies of trainers you find can't deal with gophers is because they know why gophers do so!"

"I'm also wrong here. Gophers are a kind of magic baby with very weak strength, but their role can't be replaced by any creature. Gophers are social elves. As long as they encounter a desert island, they will farm until they turn the desert island into a dense forest!"

Now think about it, Xiao Zhi is really blushing. In fact, he should have thought of these things. Unfortunately, there are too many things happening recently, and he didn't notice many details!

"I see. It seems that our reservoir is doomed to fail. The residents of those small towns must be very disappointed after hearing the news. Without the reservoir, the small town can't exist for long!" After hearing Xiaozhi's explanation, the contractor also knew that the project of himself and others was doomed to be unable to continue!

Hearing what the contractor said, Xiao Zhi suddenly remembered the ancient ruins. He was worried that he couldn't hide it. Now he has a chance!

In fact, the best way is to buy this mountain, but although there are many islands in the world, you can't buy them if you want. Not to mention who Xiaozhi is, the young master of the big wood family and the young master of the Yulong family. Their identities make other forces feel that Xiaozhi can't just buy an island!

Therefore, if Xiaozhi wants to buy this mountain, he will be secretly obstructed by other families. It is estimated that he will never win the title deed of this mountain until he knows what Xiaozhi's purpose is!

"Uncle, I have a way. This mountain should have been bought by people in your town, or you won't build a reservoir here!" After thinking of the way, Xiao Zhi couldn't wait to say to the uncle of the contractor!

Although it is difficult for Xiaozhi to buy a mountain as an identity, ordinary people will not. Who in the top families and alliances cares what big mountain ordinary people buy? Not to mention the reason why those small town people buy this mountain is clear at a glance. Naturally, the alliance is a green light all the way, and it is an idiot not to make money!

"Yes, this mountain is owned by the residents of that town. At the beginning, those people spent a lot of money to build the reservoir. Fortunately, the alliance gave the green light all the way. Otherwise, they didn't know that the reservoir can be built only after a long time. Unfortunately, they can't continue now!" After hearing Xiaozhi's words, the contractor uncle nodded and said!

"Uncle, do you think this is OK? I asked my grandfather to buy this forest from those small town residents. Of course, the price will never be unfair to you, and I will help you solve the reservoir. Although it is impossible to build a reservoir here, other mountains are still OK. The only thing you worry about now is money!"

"If those people promise to sell me this mountain, I'll cover all the money needed to build a reservoir on other mountains. What do you think?" Although Xiaozhi's land purchase will attract the attention of some people in the alliance, if you buy from others, you only need a resale procedure!

"Really, young master Xiaozhi, I think those people will promise. I'll contact them right away!" After hearing Xiaozhi's words, the contractor was excited. In this way, the reservoir problem can not only be solved, but also their engineering team can make a profit. Why not!

"This matter is not urgent. Please contact me first. Give me an answer tomorrow. It's too late now. I want to rest!" Looking at the excited look of the contractor, Xiao Zhi nodded and said!

In this way, not only the problems of those people can be solved, but also the ancient relics fall into the hands of Xiao Zhi, which is a win-win situation. Even if those small town residents get the ancient relics, it is useless. For those people, it is not as good as the benefits of money!

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