The Villains Need to Save the World? - Volume 7 - Chapter 405

Volume 7 Chapter 405: The Final Ending To The Strange Occurrences Within The Antoinette Academy’s Central Campus

Translator: The Light

Edits by Lord Immortal

The underground cellar in Princess Aslan’s private villa in the Antoinette Academy’s residential area. With one stroke of the “Fatal Whirlwind”, Bella wiped out all the Evil Spirit Curse Masters who had been occupying the area. The spiraling air currents dismembered those unfortunate Curse Masters’ bodies within moments. It was almost too easy for a Demon God to kill Humans within seconds. Although it had happened far too quickly, Bella did not feel guilty at all.

Bella found the magical array that the Evil Spirit Curse Masters had set up for their evil ceremony. The array was specifically used to summon mutated holy beasts, and it had already been activated. Bella bent down and used her finger to trace the array’s outline, forcibly rewriting it into her personal magical array to summon abyss demonic beings. As a Demon God, she could simply override and steal any magical arrays set up by entities that were neither Demon Gods nor Evil Gods, making it her own.

As those Evil Spirit Curse Masters had been taken out too quickly, they did not even have time to destroy the evidence. Bella found the maps to the secret underground tunnels scattered near their bodies. According to the markings on them, many of the villas nearby had already fallen. The Gates of Darkness had placed all their spoils inside the six-storeyed villa directly opposite Princess Aslan. Their plan was to ambush Princess Aslan and get rid of her. Once she was out of the picture, the central campus would lose the only decent leader.

“What a bunch of crazy fellows. However, they seemed to be quite sincere.”

As Bella looked around, she discovered a few wooden chests full of glittering gold coins, each containing at least ten thousand gold coins. The only problem was that those spoils seemed a little strange. There was a seal on the boxes, which the Curse Masters did not have time to remove, belonging to the Aldridge Empire’s finance department. The sealed locks on those wooden chests meant that they had not been stolen. In fact, the Evil Spirit Curse Masters had the key.

Princess Aslan would never carry those wooden chests nor use them directly, as she had a magical debit card. This batch of gold coins seemed more like rewards that had been given to those Evil Spirit Curse Masters. Even though Bella was suspicious, she did not have any proof yet, which meant that she could not do anything at the moment.

The imprisoned maids were trembling in fear. Although the Evil Spirit Curse Masters and the mutated holy beast, the Blackback Ape, had been wiped out, they did not know if this new entity was friend or foe. Since their eyes were covered with black cloth strips, they could not see Bella’s appearance, only hearing her voice. However, in her Demon God state, her voice was impassive and emotionless, which added to the fear in the maids’ hearts.

It was not Bella’s fault, though. This was how Demon Gods and Evil Gods typically spoke, unless they were meeting with an entity that was on the same level or higher. Only then would their tone be significantly more emotional. The entity that could cause a Demon God or an Evil God to speak in a gentle manner would be one they truly cared about.

Bella did not bother to say anything. After all, those maids belonged to Princess Aslan. Now that she was one of her people, the maids, like their mistress, belonged to her as well. She used her powers to cut off the black metal collars around the maids’ necks. Then, one by one, she pulled each maid towards her and used her hands to check their bodies.

Those maids did not dare to move a muscle and allowed Bella to caress their entire bodies. Once she was sure that none of them had been “tarnished”, Bella let out a small sigh of relief. Then, she sent out a telepathic message to Princess Aslan, who had been waiting outside the cellar, informing her that she could come in and take over. When Princess Aslan entered the cellar, she was momentarily shocked as she tried to take in the situation.

“Bella, this… what happened to my maids?”

“Nothing, except for the fact that they were almost sacrificed by the Evil Spirit Curse Masters as offerings. Aslan, you shall take over this place. In the meantime, educate them for me, will you? Teach them how they should service their new mistress. I’m sure you know how to deal with the disobedient ones?”

“Yes, your humble servant understands. I will make sure every single one of them is submissive.”

“Good. I need to take care of the opposite camp. You just need to wait for any further instructions. My demonic beings will be sent here via a teleportation array. By then, you will be the new agent for this region.”

Princess Aslan was fully compliant with Bella’s decisions. After all, Bella was a Demon God, and her powers far exceeded her own. Even if she were to tag along, she might not be of any help. In fact, she might even end up becoming a liability to her mistress. When Bella walked past Aslan, she did not forget to give the two full mounds on her chest a good squeeze. Other than standing there with her face flushed red with embarrassment, Aslan did not say a word at all.

Bella took the map and began to make her way towards the villa across the street through the secret tunnels. Even in complete darkness, with her Eye of the Demon God, the area looked as bright as day. The Gates of Darkness had been too complacent and did not station any guards inside the secret tunnels. They never thought that someone in Antoinette Academy, an art school, could put up a fight against them.

The lights on both sides of the tunnels were all made of skulls. They had been cut open, and candles were placed inside them. This was not something that sat right with Bella, though. Soon enough, she arrived at the underground cellar belonging to the villa right across the road. This one had been magically modified, but there was no alcohol to be found here at all. Rather, it was filled with black cages. The owner of this particular villa must have been a connoisseur and collector of fine wines. Compared to the cellar in Princess Aslan’s villa, this place was at least five times larger.

The cages were all filled with naked beauties. Their arms were tied behind their backs with black restraints, and they were forced to sit with their legs in the humiliating w-position on the ground. Their eyes were covered with black blindfolds, and their mouths were stuffed with a small black metal ball. A similarly colored metal collar was wrapped around their necks, tethered to the cages with metal chains.

These beauties were just like the ones Bella had seen over at Princess Aslan’s side: maids that belonged to the young mistresses of wealthy families. In comparison to their mistresses, they were significantly less valuable and were simply tossed into the underground prison, waiting to be used for some evil experiment at any time.

Once, Bella had suspected whether the Gates of Darkness was a new organization created by the two evil organizations, the Skeleton Tower and the Horrorshow Group. After all, the Gates of Darkness had a combination of the key traits of those two organizations—one of them enjoyed doing all sorts of forbidden experiments, while the other liked capturing female slaves. However, there was still one discrepancy with the idea. Despite being evil organizations, they were humans in the end. They were not so immoral that they would resort to working with the Evil Spirit Curse Masters.

There were no guards in this underground prison, either. On the other end of the secret tunnel behind Bella, large numbers of dark demonic beings were gathering in the underground cellar beneath Princess Aslan’s villa through the Dark Summoning Array. Once they all assembled, the dark demonic beings would immediately rush over to support the Demon God. Upon a closer look, Bella noticed that none of those maids were injured, so she decided to let them be for now. She needed to take full advantage of the window before the other side noticed anything and destroy this branch of the Gates of Darkness in one fell swoop.

Walking out of the underground cellar, Bella arrived at this six-story building. The moment she stepped out of the door, the overwhelming stench of blood assaulted her nose. It was obvious that this villa had gone through a bloodbath. The floors and walls were covered in fresh blood, and dismembered limbs could be seen scattered around the path. Once in a while, there would be a headless corpse as well. Most of the time, the Evil Spirit Curse Masters would summon malicious spirits to cause harm. Since those malicious spirits did not have physical forms, they would attack the enemy by scaring them or possession, just like the ghosts on Earth.

However, this was the Other World. There was nothing the malicious spirits could do if they were to encounter any other demonic being with a corporeal form. According to the hierarchy of dark demonic beings, spirit-type demonic beings were all the way at the bottom, ranking only slightly higher than the mindless ghouls and zombie warriors. Even the Skeletons, commonly used as cannon fodder, ranked much higher than those spirit-type demonic beings.

Once those malicious spirits were to come into contact with light-type magic, they would be instantly killed. It did not matter if that malicious spirit had extremely high combat powers. As long as they were on the receiving end of a light-type magical attack, they would be killed in a single blow. When the malicious spirits caught sight of Bella, they subconsciously tried to avoid her. If they could not even put up a fight against Skeleton Troops, there was no way they stood a chance against a Demon God, who could wipe them all out in less than a second.

This saved Bella a lot of unnecessary trouble, and she managed to make her way into the grand hall on the sixth floor with ease. At the moment, some religious ceremony was being held inside the hall. Bella hid behind a pillar, observing the situation. She was currently using her Eye of the Demon God to see through the pillar and into the hall while remaining securely hidden. Unless someone were to walk behind the pillar, no one would ever notice this terrifying intruder.

There was an enormous five-pointed star magical array in the middle of the hall. A few dozen Evil Spirit Curse Masters in black cloaks surrounded the array while conducting the summoning prayers. As they chanted strange incantations, the array began to glow with a dark purple light, almost in response to the creepy sounds coming from the Evil Spirit Curse Masters.

The offerings for the summoning ceremony had already been chosen. Six beautiful young ladies had been placed strategically on the five points and the center of the star array. Those girls had been stripped bare with their hands restrained behind their backs with black metal chains as they knelt on both knees. It looked almost as though they were death row prisoners from ancient times, who were awaiting their execution.

The beauties’ pretty little faces had already turned white as a sheet in fright. Although their eyes were covered with black blindfolds and Bella could not see the look in their eyes, their ghastly pallor indicated that they were almost frightened to death. An apple-like Demon’s fruit was stuffed into their mouths, preventing them from speaking. With the addition of a tightly laced black leather collar, those beauties were on the verge of hyperventilating.

Based on the general aura of the beauties being used as offerings, Bella deduced that they were not maids. Instead, they were the wealthy girls who were the owners of the other villas nearby. Unlike Princess Aslan, they did not have any combat abilities. When the Gates of Darkness launched their sneak attacks from the underground cellars, the girls did not even get the chance to escape before they were captured alive to be used as offerings in their evil ceremony.

Each of those beauties was damp, and their bodies glistened with moisture. To satisfy the summoned demonic beings, all sorts of fine wines had been poured over their bodies who would devour them. Bella guessed from the type of ceremonial magical array that the demonic beings being summoned by the Curse Masters would be similar to the mutated holy beasts. The ground on both sides of the evil ceremony’s magical array was littered with dried up bones. They were probably remnants of the offerings used to summon the Golden Manticore and the Blackback Ape.

Those bones were male. It seemed like the Evil Spirit Curse Masters from the Gates of Darkness had used up all their male offerings and now had no choice but to use females to make up the difference. As the dark purple light continued to glow, it looked like three mutated holy beasts were about to be summoned. The ceremony progressed, and the beauties began to shake vigorously. They could feel a strange suction that was slowly pulling their bodies into the ground.

“The ceremony is almost complete. Now, our plans…”

“Who is that? Oh no, enemy attack!”

Screams echoed around the grand hall as Bella’s “Fatal Whirlwind” instantly wiped out most of the Evil Spirit Curse Masters by the summoning array. There was no getting around a Demon God’s ambush. No matter what, those Evil Spirit Curse Masters only had Human bodies. As the “Fatal Whirlwind” swept across the hall, they were blasted to smithereens.

Bella emerged from behind the pillar and walked over to the magical array, where the head of a mutated holy beast had already materialized. She pulled her arm back and smashed her powerful fist into the array. With a single blow, she had sent the mutated holy beast back to where it came from.

Bella’s fists while she was in her Demon God state were significantly more powerful than her Demon King state. With a light tap, she had blown a hole in that mutated holy beast’s head. Even if it could make its way back to the Sky Jungle Veblen, which was where it had come from, its death would be inevitable since its brain was already dead upon impact.

In her Demon God state, Bella managed to kill three mutated holy beasts in quick succession. Fortunately, no one was there to witness the horrifying scene and cause any panic. She found many spoils after sweeping the area. Most of them were chests full of gold coins from the Aldridge Empire, with the empire’s seal on them. After a little digging, Bella found an unmarked secret letter.

The letter’s contents seemed to be a request for the Gates of Darkness to get rid of Princess Aslan. The instigator did not provide any reasons for the request. However, the information attached to the letter was extremely detailed. It basically included everything that one needed to know about Princess Aslan, such as all her magical abilities, as well as descriptions of her preferred attacks. It was clearly a job of an insider. While Bella was deep in thought, sounds of intense fighting came from outside.

By the time the doors of the grand hall opened again, Princess Aslan was leading a large group of Skeleton Troops into the area. Each of the first dozen or so troops were holding a bloodied head in their hands. They must have been the members of the Gates of Darkness who were elsewhere within the villa. The moment they noticed something amiss, they tried to make a run for it. However, they were captured and killed by the army of dark demonic beings that soon arrived.

“Are you alright? These soldiers insisted on seeing you in person, and I had no choice but to lead them here.”

“I’m alright. Can you tell who wrote this letter?”

“This… this handwriting looks like it belongs to one of my brother’s officials.”

“I see. Okay then, you need not bother yourself with this matter any further. I will take care of it. All you have to do now is to brainwash these girls and make sure they know what to say in the future.”

After dropping an order for Princess Aslan, Bella decided to make her way to the Alessandra Academy. When she was going through the stuff of Evil Spirit Curse Masters from the Gates of Darkness, Bella had found an extremely high-level knick-knack. It was a dark purple Telekinetic Teleportation Scroll, one of the legendary ultimate escape divine artifacts.

With this scroll, as long as they knew the name of their destination, one could use their mind to transport themselves to the closest location with the same name, the condition being that it was within the same dimension. Although this tool could only be used once, it was more than enough. Bella merely needed to send herself into the Alessandra Academy next door to investigate. When it was time to leave, she could just ask Princess Aslan to pay a “visit” to the academy and cover her escape.

As this Telekinetic Teleportation Array was unnaturally powerful, its use was also controversial, and the methods of creating it had been lost for more than a thousand years. This meant that the scroll in her hands was a thousand-year-old antique and was a priceless legendary-grade item. There was a possibility that this scroll was the Gates of Darkness’s entire fortune. Bella could not figure out how this legendary grade item had ended up in the hands of these Evil Spirit Curse Masters. Did they obtain it by robbing graves?

At the moment, Bella only knew the name of one place within the Alessandra Academy: the unit number of Silver Dragon Princess Isabel’s dorm that she had swindled out of her before. However, it would be sufficient. After informing Princess Aslan of her upcoming schedule, Bella walked to a concealed location and prepared to teleport. Before she left, she looked back at those girls at the magical array with regret. All of them had decent looks and figures. If she was not tight on time, Bella would have spent some time having fun with them!

“Mistress, don’t worry. They are not going anywhere. I will manage them well for you.”

“That’s good. When I send you the signal to return, come and fetch me.”

Princess Aslan, who had already entered into a contract with Bella, was fully aware of her strange preferences. Judging by the look in Bella’s eyes, it was clear that she would not let these girls go that easily. In the end, Aslan decided to go with the flow and agreed to help Bella take care of things. When Bella found a secluded corner, she transformed back into Princess Felia’s appearance. Since none of the Dragon Princesses had seen her original form, it was better to change her appearance to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

As for her attendance at the Olsylvia Academy, the Student Union and the Disciplinary Committee had already taken care of everything for her. Bella was now missing classes for “official reasons” and need not bother about it. After she crushed the Telekinetic Teleportation Array, a ring of purple light appeared and enveloped her. Bella immediately closed her eyes. It was not a good idea to keep one’s eyes open during teleportation, as they would see strange images.

The only ones not affected were entities with time-space abilities. However, Bella did not know that this Telekinetic Teleportation Scroll would send the user to the location that the user most desired. Incidentally, Bella was sent right into the dorm’s bathroom.

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