Thriller Paradise - Chapter 240

Chapter 240
"Magnet…" Feng Bujue read out the six letters that were carved on the back of the fake teeth . "Hmm… Are these Magneto's fake teeth?" he asked half-jokingly . He placed the teeth in his pocket and took out the earlier soap and small wooden comb to confirm their properties .


Name: Dirty Soap

Type: Plot Item

Quality: Normal

Function: Unknown

Can be taken out of the scenario: Yes

Remark: The workmanship behind it is very rough .


"The soap is like the set of fake teeth . They can be taken out of the scenario," Feng Bujue said to himself .


Name: Wooden Comb

Type: Plot Item

Quality: Normal

Function: Unknown

Can be taken out of the scenario: No

Remark: A normal wooden comb . It looks aged .


"But this comb and the candle stuck in the rod are unable to be taken out of the scenario," Feng Bujue said . For now, he had no idea what was the difference between the two . Perhaps it was nothing important, but he still made a note to remember it .

As previously mentioned, Feng Bujue's mind was like a well-kept library . He knew where to find the things he needed . Different information had different storage priorities, and useless trash would be swept out . When playing this kind of highly-difficult puzzle scenario, he would place everything in the middle of the library, a place where he could reach them whenever he needed to . It was like a clue web made from information, and the analysis would be done on this web . As he gained more information, many hypotheses would appear, expanding the web . When he solved those problems, the web would dwindle before returning to a point .

By then, the web in Feng Bujue's mind had already opened . Like many great detectives, he had sharp instincts . He had a feeling that the few objects that could be taken out of the scenario would be the string at the middle of the web .

"Magnet… magnet…" Feng Bujue murmured to himself as he placed all the plot items into his pocket . He took out the wrench to start testing again . This was a simple test . He was using the wrench to find things that were magnetic . Feng Bujue held the wrench and moved it about an inch above the pile of trash . If there was a magnet mixed in it, it would be sucked up to the wrench, or it would pull the wrench done, but there was no such reaction .

"Fine, the answer and the hint are not in the same place . That's not surprising . " He shrugged and stood up to walk to Cell One . The next step, he tried to work on the cell doors . He predicted that one of the doors or part of the door was magnetic . If all six doors failed him, he planned to return to Cell 0 . If that still did not work, he would have to start a carpet search and use the wrench like a magnetic radar, scanning every inch of the walls and floor . After completing all of those steps, if he still had not found anything magnetic, there was one solution left, and that was to reconsider the meaning of the term magnet .

Five minutes passed, and the first three cell doors were not magnetic . Feng Bujue even reached his hand through the feeding hole and tested the wrench in the small square space that he could reach, but he found nothing . When he reached Cell Four, Feng Bujue repeated the same steps and started his slow search . This time, when the wrench moved to the small window above the door, it reacted . Feng Bujue followed the feeling and soon found the source of magnetism . "Is this it?"

Like other cells, Cell Four had iron bars on the windows, and there were five of them . The difference was, for Cell Four, the bar in the middle was magnetic . However, the magnetic power was not strong, not enough to suck Feng Bujue's wrench to it, yet it was enough to react to the metal object near it . The iron bar was about twenty centimeters long and roughly the thickness of a person's forefinger . Upon closer inspection, one could notice the upper and lower edge of the bar had parts where it was seriously rusted . Feng Bujue clamped the wrench around the rusted areas and applied force . Several seconds later, with a crack, the upper half of the bar snapped . He repeated the same process to snap the lower part . He pulled the bar out and held it in his hand .

"So… I now have a cylindrical magnetic bar that is about ten cm long," Feng Bujue said . "So what?"

Actually, what to do next was right before his eyes—use the magnet to find the key . Feng Bujue used the magnet and returned to the pile of trash . Perhaps he would find things like iron barbs or needles, though he was not sure whether he could use those to open the door . With no result, he returned to Cell 0 . The door could not be locked anymore; one could open it freely from the inside and outside . Feng Bujue picked up the torn cloth on the ground and started to bind them into a rope . If this was Xiao Tan who did this, he would have done a great job . After all, he worked with surgical knife, so rope binding should be nothing to him .

But for Feng Bujue… he was good with everything but this .

It was strange . He had a bright mind, good patience, and a pair of sturdy hands, but when it came to jobs like weaving and knotting, he was useless . When he was young, it had taken him two months to learn how to tie his shoelaces . After that, he had worn running shoes that did not have laces for a year . One year later, he forgot how to tie shoe laces again .

After ten minutes, Feng Bujue had only managed to bind a rope that was relatively sturdy of two meters long . Even though he tried his best to only use the pieces of cloth made of similar material, the rope was rough and weird looking .

He confirmed the usability of the rope and used it to skip rope several times in the corridor… before tying the magnet to one end of the rope . Then, like going on a fishing trip, Feng Bujue tossed the rope with the magnetic through the feeding hole and pulled them back . This continued for twenty minutes, and he confirmed that the key was not hidden in the blind spots of the six cells .

"Er… could it be that…" After multiple failed attempts, his mind returned to that spot . "There is one thing in Cell 0 that is untested… Now that the door is open, I can return to Cell 0 freely, which probably means that…"


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