Chapter 1419: 1419

Chapter 1419 A New Beginning

Diwu Qingrou’s serious tone pressed the emotions of the group to the extreme .

“Very important? What is important?” Ye Xiaoyao thought carefully .

“What is important? Is it enough to turn the tide of the war?” Xiao Zhengyan gasped .

“I didn’t realize it… The matter so far has always been under the control of the Nine Tribulations, though they didn’t exactly succeed…” Chen Jianlong closed his eyes and raised his head in contemplation .

Others were also racking their brains .

They could not figure it out even after thinking about it carefully .

Finally, they gave up and asked, “Commander-in-chief Diwu, what is worthy of such attention?”

“That the Nine Tribulations are already severely injured from attacking the Lan Clan! This is of utmost importance!”

Diwu Qingrou’s words made everyone wonder — The Nine Tribulations are severely injured? Which part of the intelligence mentioned the Nine Tribulations being severely injured?

Without waiting for everyone’s dumbfounded looks to come over, he quickly moved on to say, “The Zhuge Clan has about the same strength as the Lan Clan . If they could attack the Lan Clan forcefully, they would certainly be able to defeat the Zhuge Clan as well!”

“If you were the Nine Tribulations, would the impact of taking down one clan be stronger or two? Would you let this opportunity pass?”

Everyone nodded . This was not wrong!

“But… The reality was… Though the Zhuge Clan lost a lot of property, their essentials were firmly protected… Why? They, a bunch of butchers, can’t kill all of the Lan Clan but be so merciful to the Zhuge Clan, right?”

“The only explanation is… after they attacked the Lan Clan, the price they paid was very heavy! It was so heavy that they could hardly bear them!”

Coldness shot out of Diwu Qingrou’s eyes . He slammed on the table heavily .


Everyone was shocked by this slap! They actually couldn’t help but tremble at once!

All the Supreme Martial Artists were convinced at the same time — “Diwu Qingrou’s analysis was as reasonable as anything visible and concrete! It explained every bit of change…”

“This is really a godlike analysis . ”

“Nothing any of us can do at the very least…”

“It is concluded from this point that the strength of the Nine Tribulation can destroy a clan if they go crazy, but… it is far less powerful than we thought! This is the conclusion number one! Everyone should remember this conclusion . ” Diwu Qingrou said slowly, “Let’s take a moment to digest this conclusion first, and then I will talk about the second conclusion . ”

Everyone sighed softly, and for a while, they looked relaxed .

Yes, we really overestimated the strength of the enemy and the severity of the situation .

Yes, they are not terrifying!

“Besides, there’s also a possibility that… the destruction of the Lan Clan this time might have involved external help for the Nine Tribulations… As for what the external help was, there’s no way for us to know . As of now, it’s just a possibility for speculation… You all just need to know so . ”

Everyone was well convinced and nodded .

‘Who said wisdom is useless? This is the use of wisdom!’

‘You may not be able to make such an analysis even if your martial power is invincible!’

Diwu Qingrou was silent for a while and said, “Next, it’s about the situation of the northwest . The Li Clan is already on the verge of destruction, but the Nine Tribulations are so eager, which tells us about the importance of the Li Clan . They would rather pay such a heavy price to do this… We have already said this before . I will add a conclusion here, that is — Li Xiongtu is a relatively important part of the Nine Tribulations!”

Everyone’s spirit was lifted and their eyes brightened up .

“And the Li Clan… If our estimate is correct, then the Li Clan must be the real base of the Nine Tribulations in the Upper Three Heavens! Which means that our siege this time hit them at the worst spot!”

Diwu Qingrou’s fingers tapped on the table softly, and then he started pondering and his speech slowed down .

“So… what’s next… in this war… well…” Diwu Qingrou chuckled softly and said, “If I were to say… that is related to the life and death of your clans… Would you think I am an alarmist?”

Everyone shook their heads vigorously together!

You’re kidding, who dares to deny that?

The Nine Tribulations are crazy…

The Nine Tribulations brothers with one member missing already got rid of the Lan Clan, if they made a mistake here… and let Li Xiongtu away too… That’d really be the end of the world for the Nine Super Clans…

Everyone felt in their heart — “I can’t be careless any more in the future, I must follow the orders of Commander-in-chief Diwu strictly…”

“At present, the northwest has a strong defensive barrier, but the Nine Tribulations are still coming and they don’t have their own army…” Diwu Qingrou’s tone was heavy . “At present, with our strength, even if the Nine Tribulations arrive, they absolutely cannot fight against us head-on!”

Everyone nodded .

“So, what they have to do after they come is…” Diwu Qingrou’s eyes shot a sharp light . “…Beheading!”


Everyone was shocked!

Yes, under such circumstances, the Nine Tribulations could only adopt such a tactic .

If the leader of the eight Super Clans were besieged and beheaded, and one or two or even more died… then it would inevitably cause chaos!

As long as there was chaos, the Nine Tribulation Sword Master and others would have an opportunity to take advantage .

“I’ll say something that is not very pleasant, please don’t be offended . ” Diwu Qingrou smiled mildly . “If the relationship between us is still as complicated as it was in the past month, with everyone working at their own discretion and not listening to orders… They don’t even need to do any beheading before they can let Li Xiongtu escape!”

Ye Xiaoyao, Xiao Zhengyan and the others turned red in their faces, and their old faces looked as red as monkey butts .

At this moment, with such a critical sentence, Diwu Qingrou finally established his absolute leadership among the joint army!

After this sentence, Diwu Qingrou believed that every sentence he spoke would be given due attention!

This was the result of his one month’s worth of planning!

“If you are talking about beheading… The Nine Tribulation will come and go without a trace, it’s hard to defend against them, and… the person they should kill the most is…”

Shi Qishu thought for a moment, his face turned pale and he looked up at Diwu Qingrou suddenly . “…Commander-in-chief Diwu!”

Ye Xiaoyao’s face changed . “Yes, as long as they killed Commander-in-chief Diwu, without any provocation, we’ll go back to fighting individually once more…”

With such a reminder, everyone thought of this .

Xiao Zhengyan said, “If that’s the case, the guard team of Commander-in-chief Diwu must be reinforced!”



After some discussions, the Super Clans handed over a team of elite staff to take charge of Diwu Qingrou’s security .

The thing that Diwu Qingrou wanted to achieve the most, the power he desired was actually obtained under such a circumstance without him speaking one word for the matter!

Diwu Qingrou didn’t become pretentious but thanked everyone properly and then turned to speak to Lan Mofeng . “Elder Lan, you need to pay special attention… If the opponent acts, they’ll definitely make you the first target! And on your side, there is also the greatest possibility of crisis…”

He stopped halfway through the sentence .

But everyone understood what he meant .

Lan Mofeng said gratefully, “Commander-in-chief, rest assured, my old bones can still bear bothering them a few rounds!”

Diwu Qingrou frowned a little and replied gently, “The Lan Clan may exchange the stationing place with the Shi Clan, come to my side and protect my safety . How about that?”

Lan Mofeng showed gratitude in his eyes . Diwu Qingrou was perfectly safe now and didn’t have anything to worry about, but such a change was to put the remaining strength of the Lan Clan in the safest position .

Yet he said “protect my safety”, which also greatly cared for Lan Mofeng’s dignity .

With such a decision, other clans, including the Shi Clan who was exchanged with, couldn’t say anything but agree — The present Lan Clan was indeed a very dangerous timebomb if left outside!

Who knows how much trouble would be caused after it was detonated?

The most secure method was to place it next to Diwu Qingrou, the most resourceful person!

After the analysis of the situation was completed, Diwu Qingrou had truly become the most powerful person in the joint army!

“Next, we’ll make arrangements…” Diwu Qingrou’s expression did not change at all, it was still as modest, calm and polite as before .

But once everyone heard this sentence, they became restless and sat up straight, looking earnestly and listening intently .

“The battle of the Li Clan has to be quick! Capture and kill Li Xiongtu as soon as possible to prevent future troubles!” said Diwu Qingrou slowly . “If we can achieve this before the Nine Tribulations come, it is the best!”

“If we can’t, then everyone will have to be more careful when the time comes!”

Diwu Qingrou finished speaking .

Inside the main tent, everyone stayed without dispersing for a long time .

It wasn’t until a long while later when they walked out with their faces sullen and sad .

Inside Diwu Qingrou’s personal tent .

“Qingrou, you really want to…” That expert from the Diwu Clan said via telepathy .

Diwu Clan’s face revealed a mysterious smile . He replied via telepathy, “The longer the battle of the Li Clan is dragged, the better… The longer it takes, the more stable my position will be… The power of our Diwu Clan will take shape after this besiege!”

“The power of the Diwu Clan will take shape?!” The Supreme Martial Artist Diwu Chonghun’s whole body shuddered abruptly .

Since the decline of the Diwu Clan 10,000 years ago, the shaping of their power had become a permanent pain .

They were attached to the Zhuge Clan, and whenever they had a little bit of power, it would immediately be divided, absorbed, or sacrificed by the Zhuge Clan .

And Diwu Clan could only bear with it .

And Diwu Qingrou actually had such confidence today?

Diwu Qingrou raised his head and sighed softly . “It is no longer possible to become one of the Nine Tribulations… But we have to use the pressure the Nine Tribulations put on the Nine Super Clans little by little, to formulate our own power little by little, and then release ourselves from the control of the Zhuge Clan! To become a new force…”

“The northwest besiege this time is the time for the Nine Tribulations to show their powers, but… how is it not also a new beginning for our Diwu Clan!”

Diwu Qingrou smiled slightly . “The fate energy of the Nine Super Clans is already corrupted and depleted, but we have the scarlet fate energy from the dynastic change in the Lower Three Heavens last time… This is our opportunity!”

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