Tranxending Vision - Chapter 978

Chapter 978 - A Lively Family

Long Bing was home later that night. The moment her eyes met Xia Lei’s, she lunged into his embrace and buried her head in the crook of his neck. There were no tears, only silence. When engaged in battle, Long Bing wouldn’t show a moment of hesitation when it came to killing. This tender moment was highly contrasting, in which the cold-blooded agent was now huddled up in the warmth of her lover. Xia Lei was the only man in the world who could support a woman like her. He was the only man who could be her shoulder and allow her the vulnerability of becoming the smaller woman.

Her mission in Japan was a failure, meaning that the very last note of her career as Bureau 101’s special agent was laced with regret.

Xia Lei allowed her to enjoy the grounded peace for a while. At some point, he soothed into her ear gently, “It’s alright. We make mistakes. Failure is inevitable but what’s most important is that you’re safe and sound.”

Long Bing lifted her head from the side. “I’m fine with my last mission being a failure but my colleagues are my biggest regrets. They all fell prey to the Japanese and they did not make it back. How am I supposed to face their parents? Their wives? And their kids?”

Xia Lei’s heart sank. Those agents that had joined the mission had family anticipating their safe return. So many people would be hurt by the news and that little anticipation would meet no resolution. This expectation would become eternal grief.

“Have you caught the spy?” Long Bing’s glance was sharp and cold.

Xia Lei knew what it spelt. “I did.”

“Bring me to him.”

“Ah Bing, wait. Listen to me.” Xia Lei looked at her in the eye. “I know what you’re trying to do but I’ve interrogated the spy. He’s not the one who leaked information about your mission.”

That took Long Bing back. “How is that possible?”

Xia Lei explained further, “I had the same thought but I believe him. His sole target was Thunder Horse Organization’s new material and drone. He wouldn’t spend extra effort to leak details about your mission.”

“Who is the spy?”

“Li Youdun.” Xia Lei continued, “His identity was a material scientist working for the Thunder Horse Organization. I even gave the new project to him thinking he could manage it.”

Long Bing jogged her memory. “If you’re talking about that person, I would believe his words. My mission to Japan was top secret. There’s no way he’d find out about it.”

“Ah Bing, I suspect that…”

“Who do you suspect?”

“That it might be the Tang family who did this,” said Xia Lei.

Long Bing froze. She wanted to say something but her gaping lips could produce no sound. She and Tang Yuyan shared a close relationship. They were essentially sisters. She and Tang Yuyan had experienced deadly battles together and they would both be each other’s shield. However, if Xia Lei’s suspicion were to be true, there was no way Tang Yuyan had nothing to do with it. Because even if she hadn’t leaked the information directly, she was no doubt an accomplice.

Xia Lei offered, “Long Bing, would you like me to look into this?”

“No, please don’t.” Long Bing was quick to reject.

“Why? Don’t you yearn for an answer?”

Long Bing shook her head. “If the Tang family is behind this, I… I don’t wish to find out more.”

Xia Lei only sighed. “I’ll respect your decision. If you wish to investigate this, I will do it for you. But if you don’t wish to learn the truth, I’ll stay out of it.”

Sometimes, ignorance was bliss.

“It’s time for dinner.” Fan Fan called from a direction behind Xia Lei. “How about you save those affectionate displays for later?”

Xia Lei urged, “Come on, let’s go eat something. Fan Fan and Siyao are almost done with dinner preparations.”

Long Bing teased, “Didn’t you mention that you’ll cook a meal for me? Why is it Sister Fan Fan and Siyao in the kitchen tonight?”

“Well…” Xia Lei answered, “That’s because I'm out here to welcome you.”

Long Bing smiled endearingly, choosing to say nothing else. Men were always more willing to go the extra mile when trying to woo someone. They would try to make their qualities stand out and might even do their best to prepare an entire feast for the sake of impressing their interest. However, once they had successfully gotten the girl, they became more complacent. This was a common thing among men and Xia Lei was no different. Despite that, Long Bing was certain that her love for him had only deepened.

When the three women were gathered together, the level of their affection was higher than that seen between a pair of besties.

“I’m so glad you’re home. You have no idea how worried Siyao and I were.” Fan Fan hugged Long Bing tightly.

“Try not to dwell on it for too long. To be able to return home safe and sound is all that matters.” Liang Siyao gave Long Bing another warm hug.

The three pregnant women started to chat excitedly among themselves, completely casting Xia Lei aside.

“Ruyi will be moving here two days later. She already wrote her resignation letter and she’ll be joining our family very soon. This house is going to be so lively.” Xia Lei attempted to use a topic to shove himself inside their circle. Both Fan Fan and Liang Siyao were aware of the arrangement but Long Bing had yet to hear about it.

Liang Siyao rolled her eyes at Xia Lei. “You must be on cloud nine. Four wives for you to kiss here and there. Your house is about to be converted into your perverted utopia.”

Tossing the word ‘perverted’ into the conversation had Xia Lei cringe inwardly.

Fan Fan laughed. “Hubby, is your mind already supplying you with tons of perverted ideas?”

Xia Lei shrugged. “No, not at all. I’m just thinking if I should go custom make a bed big enough for the four of you.”

Liang Siyao and Fan Fan choked at the same time, cheeks flushing red at the indication.

Even Long Bing, the quietest of them all, was flustered. She tossed a glare at Xia Lei. “You damned bastard, you’re not just thinking about custom making a bed for four. You’re going to include a space for yourself too, right?”

Of course, there would be some space saved for himself. Or else, why the need for a custom made piece?

“I also want to buy a mahjong table for the four of you. That way you won’t get bored as your pregnancy progresses. Mahjong is the perfect activity for four,” said Xia Lei with a smile.

“Fuck you. Do you wish for your children to be gamblers?” Liang Siyao guffawed. But her refusal was shallow as she had pictured how the four of them would spend time beating each other in mahjong while Xia Lei would serve them tea from aside.

After dinner, the women set to clearing the table. They remained in the kitchen to chatter.

Xia Lei opted to stand by the door of the kitchen to spy on their conversation.

“He should sleep alone tonight. We need to all refuse to sleep with him,” said Liang Siyao.

“You said the same thing last time but we wound up in bed together at last.” Fan Fan chuckled. “Just surrender to your fate, our family is bound to be lively even in bed.”

“He’s listening to us at the door. Do you two really need to discuss that?” Long Bing turned her head around to look at the door. Though she couldn’t spot Xia Lei, she noticed his presence. Plus, his shadows against the kitchen flooring was a dead giveaway.

“Hubby, you’re insanely shameless. We’re gossiping here, can’t we have some privacy?” complained Fan Fan jokingly.

“Yeah, why are you so shameless?” Liang Siyao chimed.

It was only then that Xia Lei appeared in their sight. He smiled at them. “If I had shame, there’s no way your bellies would be so big.”

They spluttered.

“Also, I better say this seriously.” Xia Lei shifted the atmosphere. “The spy is in the Peace Mansion.”

“Huh?” The sudden revelation elicited confusion.

“Li Youdun.” Xia Lei continued, “I chained him up in the underground chamber. He’s my torture chambers’ first customer.”

“Hubby, why did you not surrender him to the authority?” Liang Siyao was positively perplexed.

Long Bing joined in. “Yeah, you can’t just keep him chained like that. Once word gets out, you’ll be in trouble. How about we just kill this man and keep the problem at bay?”

“Such a huge issue needs to be reported. The trouble would be gigantic if you continue to keep mum about it,” warned Fan Fan.

His lovers all had different opinions.

Xia Lei answered, “I’m bringing this up to in hopes for a discussion. I’ve got a plan but as soon as the news gets out, my plan can no longer be executed.”

“What is the plan?” Liang Siyao and Long Bing asked in unison.

Xia Lei entered the kitchen and hugged the three women. Then, he whispered into their ears.

“If that’s the case, you imprisoning Li Youdun won’t be a problem. But how exactly are you going to continue hiding this?” Liang Siyao couldn’t help but be concerned.

Long Bing commented, “If Tang Yuyan finds out about this, she will certainly bring Li Youdun away. She’s the head of Bureau 101 and she has all the right to do so. You won’t be able to stop her.”

All of these concerns, Xia Lei had already considered. Sadly, a good solution felt so out of reach. It was true that he had no right to continue what he was doing. Blatantly put, his current act of imprisonment was illegal. If Tang Yuyan were to press on the issue, he would be in deep legal trouble.

Xia Lei turned to look at Fan Fan. “Darling, do you have any ideas?”

Fan Fan pondered. “How about this? I’ll go talk to the authorities and tell them about your plan. It is a plausible plan. If it works, we’ll be able to trick the other party onto the wrong path. I’m sure the authority would be interested and attracted to agree. With permission from above, you’ll be able to do everything with a peace of mind.”

Her words made Xia Lei smile. “Alright, that’s settled then. Do you wish to go take a look at him?”

The three women looked at each other, seeking confirmation.

Liang Siyao was the first to speak. “I’ve seen that Li Youdun around but I’ve got no interest. I’m not going to see him.”

“I don’t wish to see him too,” said Fan Fan.

“Me neither.” Truthfully, Long Bing was tempted to go but changed her mind when Liang Siyao and Fan Fan had refused to do so.

Xia Lei nodded. “Sure, let’s just go to the room then.”

“Ah, I’ll pass from that.” Liang Siyao rejected with a grin.

“Me too,” added Long Bing.

“Me three,” responded Fan Fan.

Slow and steady, Xia Lei convinced, “I just learnt a new massage method and I would love for you three to try it out. Since you’re not keen on it, I’ll just forget about it. Oh right, that massage is great for babies. It’ll help them grow taller in the later years.”

“Huh? Is it really that good?” Fan Fan was half suspicious.

Xia Lei pointed to his skull. “Don’t forget, their father is not any regular man. I can create advanced machinery out of thin air. A massage technique is just a piece of cake to create. Nevermind, I’m going to go back to my room to sleep. I gotta enter the market later to earn some money for milk powder.”

Fan Fan and Liang Siyao reached out to grab his elbow and Long Bing took the move to grip his collar.

“Since you’re so adamant, let’s go. We got three people here, you’re not threatening at all,” challenged Long Bing. She began to pull Xia Lei along like a cow.

Liang Siyao and Fan Fan both tugged on his arm to push him forward. The three women were like heart-shaped locks, locking Xia Lei solid and diminishing any chance of escape.

As soon as they got into the room, the three women got onto the bed.

“Come on, begin the massage. I’ll like to try this new massage technique you mentioned,” said Fan Fan.

“If it doesn’t feel nice, we’ll beat you up,” huffed Liang Siyao.

“Try to press harder on my waist, I’ve been suffering aches there these past few days,” instructed Long Bing.

Unexpectedly, Xia Lei began to strip.

“Wait, why are you stripping?”

“You’re a filthy liar.”

“Don’t come near us… Kya!”

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