Versatile Mage - Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130: 1130

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Mo Fan…”

“Is that guy really out of his mind?”

Countless eyes watched the Sky Lightning Claw descended rapidly and land on him, his torso already stripped clean

Mo Fan’s unyielding spirit was impressive indeed, since everyone knew that being struck by lightning was like having their bones being broken . The man was a serious masochist the way he kept casting the Lightning Spells, just to be reflected right back at him continuously!

As the Sky Lightning Claw kept landing on Mo Fan, his body had now absorbed a huge amount of electric current . It had formed a lightning cage around him!

“Even though I have no idea how you are still standing after taking so many hits, I believe it’s time to end this battle! I was actually looking forward to dueling you, yet your idiotic approach has been very disappointing!” Zorro glanced at Mo Fan coldly .

Mo Fan had not fallen, but it was no different than him falling to the ground . His organs were almost blasted into pieces after being struck by the enhanced Sky Lightning Claws a few times in a row . It was unlikely that he could still fight with such serious injuries…

Only a few participants were left in the match . Once he took out Mo Fan, and disqualified Mu Ningxue and Asha’ruiya, who were going to be at their limit after dueling one another, the English team would still advance to the grand final, allowing them to take back their glory from the Egyptian team . The English team would claim first place in the World College Tournament, winning the utmost glory for their country, and earning the most valuable resources, too!

“It’s very impressive that you were able to bring the Chinese team so far . You should be satisfied,” Zorro waved his hands, preparing a deadly tornado .

He had no intention of playing the boring game with Mo Fan any further . He could easily knock the man out, since he was already at his limit, with a Wind Spell .

“You’re pretty impressive too, to be able to force me into this situation!” Mo Fan raised his head . Black smoke was coming out of his mouth as he spoke…

“Who do you think you are?” Zorro was infuriated . He had never seen such an ignorant man . If Mo Fan admitted his defeat, Zorro would still show respect for him . However, the man had to annoy him even after the outcome had been decided!

“I will become the disgraceful shame in your heart that you can never get rid of!” Mo Fan promised, his eyes glittering!

Another explosion of lightning erupted . However, Mo Fan did not cast a Sky Lightning Claw this time . He had unleashed all the lightning that his body had absorbed instead!

The dense lightning arcs formed an enormous electric field, filling up Mo Fan’s Domain!

The Lightning Tyrant Domain already had arcs of lightning surging through it, but now their number had multiplied ten fold . The Lightning Magic in the area was at least ten times stronger, too…

Zorro initially planned to finish Mo Fan off with a Wind Spell, until he realized that there was no other magic here apart from the Lightning Magic . He was unable to use his Wind Element!

The whole battlefield was shaking . Even the spectators in the distance could sense a strong energy rising!

“Let’s see if your Chaos Element can endure this! Sky Lightning Giant Claw!”

The energy reached its limit, and countless dark dragons appeared in the sky, their long and enormous bodies were rolling in the stormy clouds above Zorro .

Zorro raised his head and beheld an utterly terrifying scene . He could not imagine that Mo Fan was responsible for the formidable energy that had gathered above him!

Zorro was struggling to use his magic under the incredible pressure . The lightning was many times stronger than the Sky Lightning Claws previously…

“Chaos Vortex!” Zorro managed to cast the Chaos Spell in the nick of time, using the twisted surface to protect himself .

Normally, Zorro would have a confident look whenever the Chaos Vortex was around, anticipating the pleasure of reflecting spells back at his enemies . However, watching the dark lightning dragons dancing in the sky, Zorro could not feel the slightest sense of security!

The Sky Lightning Giant Claw finally came down . The thick pillar of lightning had split into several lightning bolts, like the giant claw of a heavenly beast aiming to raze the whole battlefield to the ground!

Zorro’s Chaos Vortex immediately absorbed the energy of the Sky Lightning Giant Claw, but anyone that was familiar with the Chaos element knew that the Chaos Vortex was not a bottomless hole . It also had a limit, but it was impossible for Mages of the same level to reach the limit, since the limit would increase together with the Mage’s cultivation!

Zorro’s cultivation was outstanding . As such, even when he was being attacked by seven people at once, he still managed to reflect their spells…

However, Mo Fan’s Sky Lightning Giant Claw was not just the same spell with double the strength . Its power had surpassed that of a third-tier Advanced Spell, and was incredibly close to the power of a Super Spell . It had clearly surpassed the upper limit of Zorro’s Chaos Element!

After the Chaos Vortex was shattered, the magic armor that Zorro was wearing was completely useless too . The destructive energy easily broke the armor into pieces!

The Wind Wings protecting Zorro were like mere decoration too, as they too broke within an instant…

Zorro still had a ring on his finger that would trigger automatically to protect the bearer . It was similar to the Ring of Venice . However, the light barrier that the ring Summoned also collapsed instantly after it was hit by the Sky Lightning Giant Claw!

In the end, the Water Barrier of the Ring of Venice appeared, too . It was Zorro’s final hope . He believed that the victory would still be his once he overcame the situation…

However, the defense of the Ring of Venice crumbled very easily too! He even felt that the Sky Lightning Giant Claw was not weakened by the layers of defense he had at all . His mind went blank at the strong premonition of death . He could not figure out what he had done wrong!


Zorro fell from the sky and slammed heavily into the ground .

He disregarded the pain from his back, staring at the Sky Lightning Giant Claw that could take his life at any second .

After falling to the ground, Zorro finally realized how enormous and terrifying the Sky Lightning Giant Claw was . It felt like the whole sky was covered by it . He could not believe that a student the same age as him was the one responsible for it!

Lying in the deep pit, it took Zorro a while to collect his thoughts . He rose to his feet…

The fall did not inflict much damage on him . As a matter of fact, he did not suffer any serious injuries, as the Sky Lightning Giant Claw had been withdrawn after it broke through the barrier of the Ring of Venice .

Zorro glanced at the man covered in wounds and bruises not far away, before looking at his clean, unstained shirt . He could not find any word to describe the bitterness in his heart .

He lost, he actually lost!

He was undefeated against nine people, yet he had lost when facing a single opponent!

He did not lose because of his cultivation, but he had lost to the other man’s courage…

A moment passed before Zorro asked, “Does that mean you would have lost if I didn’t reflect the lightning back at you?” .

“There aren’t many ‘ifs’ in this world…” Mo Fan’s face was covered in filth, yet he was still wearing a grin .

Zorro was startled . Before he could say anything else, the assistant judge flew over and brought Zorro, who was still thinking deeply, away from the battlefield .

Mo Fan was right . There weren’t many ‘ifs’ in a battle . If he was not in a tournament, if the man did not go easy on him, the person that came to bring him away would not be the assistant judge, but the Grim Reaper holding a long scythe!

An assistant judge brought Zorro away, but another one paused beside Mo Fan .

It was quite obvious that Mo Fan was already at his limit . He did win the duel, yet could he even stay in the match? He was struck by his own lightning so many times!

The assistant judge could not intervene in the match, but he could not help but say . ”You’re very bold . ”

Mo Fan lifted his gaze . He happened to hear the cheering of the crowd seated on the walls . It went without saying that they were totally impressed by his spectacular Sky Lightning Giant Claw .

The truth was, even Mo Fan was shocked by it . The fact that he was bold enough to keep attacking Zorro, just so he could absorb the lightning reflected back at him in order to overwhelm Zorro’s unbeatable Chaos Element…

Tsk tsk, he was even more impressed at himself!

Mo Fan fell to his back and lay on the dusty ground, panting heavily .

The assistant judge came over and knelt down to pick him up .

“Hey, what are you doing?” Mo Fan yelled .

“You’re finished,” the assistant judge said .

“Nonsense, I can still fight! Don’t touch me, I’m still in good condition!” Mo Fan yelled, but he immediately clenched his teeth from the enormous pain .

“Are you sure you can still fight?” The assistant judge was a woman, and a mature and alluring one . She was amused by Mo Fan’s reaction .

“I sure can, just don’t touch me . The rules state that if a participant hasn’t fainted, or their lives are not in danger since the Ring of Venice wasn’t triggered, they aren’t disqualified from the match! But if you touch me, I will be disqualified for sure!” Mo Fan exclaimed .

“Alright, you can lie on the ground as you wish, but…” The assistant judge was helpless before the rascally Mo Fan, even though anyone could easily tell that Mo Fan could not lift a finger . “You have already earned yourself the utmost glory by taking out Zorro . Why do you still have to force yourself? Once your injuries worsen, it might take ages for you to recover . ”

“We should always pursue more!” It took Mo Fan a great effort to place his scorched hands behind his head .

“You want to win the tournament?”

“You’re damn right!”

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