Versatile Mage - Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886: Senior, Look Out!

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“This is bad!”

Senior Brother Zhang was currently on the roof. He immediately saw the Scarlet Rending Demon heading toward the three buildings with the Intermediate Mages.

Even Wang Zhongyi, who was an Advanced Mage, had died easily to the creature, let alone those Intermediate Mages! They would not survive a powerful blow from the savage Commander-level creature, regardless of their magic equipment or any defensive spells they had!

“Mo Fan is going after it!” Shen Qing quickly noticed Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was moving at such an incredible speed even his outline would become blurred at times. The Scarlet Rending Demon had started toward the buildings first, but somehow it felt like Mo Fan would reach them first, even though he took off later.

“He’s only going to get himself killed. Why does the rescue team have someone who can’t even assess the situation properly…” A bright flame suddenly erupted to the north of the reservoir while Zhang Shi was throwing a tantrum. He was startled to see that the fire lighting up the whole reservoir through the curtain of rain was none other than the young man!

The rain was pouring down heavily, while the waves were rolling fiercely. The Scarlet Rending Demon was riding a strange wave toward the group of Intermediate Mages. Some of them did not have any spells to speed themselves up, and were simply running on their feet.

Mo Fan, his right hand engulfed in flames, intercepted the Scarlet Rending Demon. The Scarlet Rending Demon had just arrived at the shore when Mo Fan showed up from the side and threw a Fiery Fist at the Scarlet Rending Demon!

Dazzling flames resembling a serpent sprang forward. The rain nearby evaporated instantly. The unstoppable Scarlet Rending Demon took the punch in the face. It went flying, engulfed in scorching flames!

There were a lot of shorter residential buildings close to the shore. The water was more than ten meters higher than those buildings. Mo Fan’s punch simply split the water in half. The Scarlet Rending Demon crashed into the buildings and finally came to a stop after flying across the whole street!

The white steam produced by the heat did not last for too long, and the heavy rain soon reclaimed its dominance over the area. The Intermediate Mages who were fleeing for their lives halted in their tracks. They were staring at the mess left by the powerful punch in disbelief.

Senior Brother Zhang, who was still standing on the roof, dropped his jaw. The waves in his heart were higher than the waves in the reservoir!

If he had not been risking his life to fight the Scarlet Rending Demon just a moment ago, he would have assumed the guy had just knocked an ordinary Servant-class creature flying instead!

“Shen Qing… who exactly is that guy?” Senior Brother Zhang finally realized he had yet to ask about Mo Fan’s identity.

“I’m not sure either. I only know he came with the Hongling Division, Qinling Division, and South Wing Platoon to lend us a hand,” Shen Qing replied softly.

The submerged residential area was full of trash being carried along by the currents.

A pile of debris along the trail left by the Fiery Fist was shuddering, and suddenly exploded as a creature covered in scorching lava jumped out from it. It landed miserably on a factory now half-destroyed by the strong current.

The Scarlet Rending Demon was severely burned. The bones on its ankles and forehead had been destroyed by the Fiery Fist.

It stood on the factory’s roof and glared at Mo Fan. It was emitting a strong aura with a fishy stench!

“It’s still alive?” Mo Fan gave the Scarlet Rending Demon a slightly surprised look.

Mo Fan had subconsciously cast the Fiery Fiery Fist when he drew close enough to his target. At a close distance, the strengthened Fiery Fist was on par with the strength of his Advanced Spells.

However, he forgot he was in the reservoir, where rain was pouring down heavily. The strong presence of the Water and Wind Elements had significantly weakened the Fire Element, so his Fire Spell was not as effective too!

Normally, Mo Fan would have no trouble killing a Commander-level creatures with a direct punch to their face… It seemed he seriously needed to change his habit of starting a fight with a Fiery Fist, since it was not going to work all the time!

Mo Fan had, however, successfully provoked the Scarlet Rending Demon. The creature was focusing all its attention on him. The rest of the Mages no longer had any place in its eyes.

Mo Fan grinned when he saw the Scarlet Rending Demon fixing its gaze on him.

The Fist actually worked in his favor; at least the Scarlet Rending Demon now assumed he was not that much stronger than it was. If he had used a Lightning Spell and inflicted serious injuries on the creature, it might have fled right away. The creature was planning to get its revenge, which was exactly what Mo Fan was hoping for!

“Senior, beware of its Crimson Strike, it might go for your heart!” one of the three Donghai Mages who had been fighting the Scarlet Rending Demon yelled.

Mo Fan was extremely pleased when the Mages called him Senior! Very well, I shall get rid of the demon on your behalf!

“It’s fine, just tell me whether they are any survivors close to the factory!” Mo Fan shouted back.

“The areas and buildings marked with the green paint have been fully evacuated. Senior, feel free to use your spells!” the Donghai Mage answered.

Mo Fan noticed the buildings around the Scarlet Rending Demon and him were marked with the same green paint. It marked that the buildings were fully evacuated, meaning that the Mages were free to cast their spells at will.

It was definitely in Mo Fan’s favor. He had not dared to use his Lightning Spells before, as he was afraid that the twelvefold damage amplification of the Lightning Tyrant would spread rapidly via the rain and water. Even the slightest lightning arc would kill any young child who had not yet been evacuated from the area.

There were quite a lot of buildings nearby. Mo Fan was unsure if there were any survivors in the buildings. He had purposely aimed the Fiery Fist at the buildings that were submerged.

An eerie red flicker flashed through the rain. The Scarlet Rending Demon was suddenly moving at a terrifying speed, aiming its bone daggers at Mo Fan’s heart!

The three Donghai Mages held their breaths subconsciously. It was the same move that had killed the Advanced Mage previously. The attack had left a huge hole in the man’s chest!

The creature was just too quick, and the bone daggers were extremely sharp, able to stab through the hearts of its targets in the blink of an eye. Even those protected by defensive spells might die to the strange ability!


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