Versatile Mage - Chapter 2206

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Chapter 2206: Lightning Pentagons

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Lecturer, I did gain a Soul-grade Seed which is perfect for my Innate Talent, but I keep failing to merge it for some reason,” Ritchie said sadly.

“Failing to merge a Soul-grade Seed is most likely a problem of your body’s constitution. Are you using a Lightning Cultivation Tool?” Mo Fan asked him.

“Yes, how did you know?” Ritchie blurted out in astonishment.

A Cultivation Tool was every Mage’s secret. Ritchie had never shown it to anyone. He was surprised that Mo Fan could see through him so easily.

Mo Fan only had a thoughtful grin.

How do I know? You have no idea how many times I’ve stopped Little Loach from swallowing your Cultivation Tool!

Little Loach had the urge to swallow every Magic Tool it came across, let alone a Cultivation Tool imbued with the Lightning Element. It would be a great supplement to Mo Fan and Little Loach!

Mo Fan thought Little Loach would remain in a satisfied state for some time after absorbing Zhan Kong’s Soul Essence. To his surprise, Little Loach had shown a great appetite lately. It was showing a temptation to swallow all the things it used to ignore, let alone the highest-quality ‘food’!

Ritchie owned a very expensive Cultivation Tool, which was the most likely reason he had achieved the Super Level at such a young age. Little Loach had long had its eyes on Ritchie’s Cultivation Tool. Ritchie would most likely lose his mind if Little Loach took away His Precious!

“The Lightning Element is an overbearing Element, and has a dominating presence over other Elements. Your body constitution and soul are influenced by it, since you have been cultivating with it for a long time. Didn’t I already explain this in my classes? Different Elements are incompatible with one another. The reason why Soul Seeds are called Soul Seeds is because they have their own conscience! They will protect themselves subconsciously, so it’s likely that the Soul-grade Seed you have isn’t willing to merge with you because of the strong presence of the Lightning Element,” Mo Fan informed him.

Ritchie fell into deep thought and eventually realized something.

“Lecturer, you are so knowledgeable. Why have I never thought of it before? My Cultivation Tool is made from a Lightning Pentagon from the Sun-Gathering Peak. It utilizes the imperious nature of the Lightning Element to refine a demon creature’s Soul Essence, which helps me cultivate a lot quicker than others. However, whenever I cultivate, my body is in great pain, like I’m being struck by lightning… I’ve never told anyone about it. Lecturer, you are so impressive!” Ritchie was amazed by Mo Fan’s explanation.

“The Sun-Gathering Peak? Where is that?” Mo Fan had to ask.

“It’s located at the highest region of the Andes Mountains. A few seniors of my clan brought me there once. The strange thing is, I can still remember the way to it roughly, but I can’t recall the things that happened on it. Anyway, we managed to find a rare Lightning Pentagon and forge it into the Cultivation Tool I’m using. I was able to overtake a lot of students with it!” Ritchie was very simple-minded. He believed there was no reason to hide his secret from such a knowledgeable lecturer.

“Lightning Pentagons…” Mo Fan murmured.

Little Loach was most likely interested in these Lightning Pentagons!

Forging a Cultivation Tool was a challenging task, let alone forging a high-level Cultivation Tool. Most clans would treat a high-level Cultivation Tool as an heirloom treasure!

A Mage’s cultivation level was extremely important, making Cultivation Tools extremely valuable.

Mo Fan initially thought he could buy Cultivation Tools on the market so Little Loach would keep growing by devouring them, but he quickly realized the market did not have any high-quality Cultivation Tools.

Even a normal Cultivation Tool was treated as being quite precious by the smaller clans!

Mo Fan recalled how the students had to take turns to rent the Magic Tools from the school when he was younger. He should have known Magic Tools were not something he could easily buy on the market, regardless of their quality!

“Lecturer, do you have any idea how to solve my problem? My Secondary Element is Wind, Tertiary Element is Plant, and Quaternary is Ice. I can’t just stop merging Soul-grade Seeds for my other Elements because of my Cultivation Tool,” Ritchie said gloomily.

It was impossible to win duels with a single Element. The Lightning Element was completely useless against the Psychic Element and the Sound Element, and Earth Mages could easily defend themselves against it, too!

“Mo Fan, do you have a way to solve his problem?” Zhao Manyan asked.

“I can give it a try,” Mo Fan said.


“I have a Cultivation Tool that likes to absorb the impurities of different Elements. If I can absorb the impurities of Ritchie’s Cultivation Tool, he shouldn’t have the problem again,” Mo Fan said.

“Ah? Does something so magical really exist in this world?” Ritchie blurted out.

“Give me your Cultivation Tool.”

“Ugh… alright,” Ritchie nodded, choosing to believe Mo Fan.

It was the benefit of being a teacher. Most students would choose to believe their teachers. If it was anyone else, Ritchie would most likely fight to the death rather than give his Cultivation Tool away!

“You two should stay further away. I’m scared of hurting you by accident,” Mo Fan directed them.

Once Zhao Manyan and Ritchie left the training ground, Mo Fan placed his hand on the Cultivation Tool. Little Loach immediately pounced at it like a starving dog before Mo Fan could even do anything.

“Little Loach, why are you hungry when you devoured a Ruler-level Soul Essence not long ago? You better behave yourself. It’s my student’s lifeblood. Don’t you swallow it!” Mo Fan smacked the greedy Pendant.

Little Loach shuddered and quickly behaved itself.

“It has a lot of impurities of the Lightning Element. You can only eat them, instead of anything else. Do you understand?” Mo Fan chided it.

Little Loach cautiously stretched out to the Lightning Elements in the Cultivation Tool.

The impurities of the Lightning Element floated out of the Cultivation Tool in the form of purple gas. Mo Fan eyed Little Loach carefully, in case it tried to cross the line.

“Little Loach, do you like this? Ritchie told me it’s made from a Lightning Pentagon on the Sun-Gathering Peak. I wonder if there are more like it on the Sun-Gathering Peak. If you like it, I’ll find a chance to visit it and treat you to a feast!” Mo Fan promised.


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