Versatile Mage - Chapter 2811

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Only the staff of the Magic Department could take care of the changes in magic. Mo Fan knew nothing about it.

Even though Mo Fan had almost cultivated his skills to the peak, he still felt helpless sometimes.

He was strong, but he could not help other people become stronger. At the end of the day, he was only a good enough Mage. In the future, he could only fight with demons when he was needed. Although he enjoyed it, he was still not as good as a scientific researcher at the spiritual level.

The Little Loach guided them in a direction. There were huge mountains and valleys along the way. Little Loach guided them to turn right to reach their destination. However, there was a surging river on their right, so they could cross it.

Little Loach should have directed them to a bridge.

The wind was strong, and the gravel that hit their bodies caused pain. Mo Fan did not want to waste his magic energy on such trivial things, so he could only lower his body and bury his head in the broad neck of the Combat Blue Sheep and wish for it to be over soon. Although the smell of wool was strong, it was better than letting the gravel hit his face.

“The visibility is too low. Mo Fan, are you sure we’re heading in the right direction?” Mu Bai began to doubt.

They had known each other for many years, and Mu Bai knew for a fact that Mo Fan had a very bad sense of direction.

How could someone with no sense of direction lead the way?

“Trust me,” said Mo Fan.

“Look below. There are rock paintings,” Song Feiyao pointed to a cliff.

The two walked over and looked in the direction Song Feiyao pointed at. At first glance, it looked like the rocks were eroded by the strong winds so much so that it left deep cracks on them. It didn’t look like a ‘rock painting’.However, when Mo Fan and Mu Bai rode the Combat Blue Sheep to the other end and looked at the cliff, the messy patterns merged into a distinct shape.

“You can recognize it even if it is upside down?” Mo Fan admired Song Feiyao’s eyesight.

“We were taught about these ancient paintings since we were young, and we can recognize them even if there is only a part of them,” said Song Feiyao.

“What does it mean?” Mo Fan asked.

“A door. There is a door, and we need to find another rock painting to know the specific location of the door,” Song Feiyao said with certainty.

Since they had found the right place and knew the secrets, they could find the target easily. The most troublesome thing was finding something without any clues and directions.

The rock paintings spanned a very large area. Mo Fan and Mu Bai searched south and east for several kilometers before they found another rock painting.

Mu Bai was smart. He reminded Mo Fan that if the people of the Underground Holy Spring Clan wanted to leave a mark on Helan Mountain, they would choose a rock that would not be easily eroded by strong winds, acid rain, ice, and even snow. Otherwise, nature would destroy the rock paintings in no time.

After screening out several special rock structures, it became much easier to find details on the rock through the dragon sense even if dust and thick sand were covering them.

Even so, they spent two whole days here, and the Combat Blue Sheep grew impatient and wanted to go home.

“We’ve found everything. Do we need to interpret it in a certain order?” Mo Fan asked impatiently.

‘Underground Holy Spring…’

In these few days, Mo Fan had felt that his Fire Element was about to break through.

His cultivation skyrocketed even though he did nothing. It fueled Mo Fan’s infinite desire to find the new Underground Holy Spring quickly.

“We have to put them together to be able to decode them,” Song Feiyao said with a frown.

“It’s impossible. The rock paintings in the south are seven kilometers apart from the rock paintings in the north, and they are all imprinted on the rocks with special methods. Forcibly moving them will only destroy the rock paintings,” Mu Bai shook his head.

“What about copying it?” Mo Fan asked.

“It’s also difficult. These rock paintings point to a certain mountain pass. If we copy it, we might not find the mountain pass accurately,” said Mu Bai.

Song Feiyao pondered. She raised her head and stared at the brown and cloudy sky. The murky sky made it hard to tell what time it was.

“I remembered an ancient method of staring. We can look at these ancient paintings from a certain angle in the sky. Unfortunately, the weather is bad. We can’t see all the rock paintings if we fly too low, but we also can’t see the mountains if we fly too high,” said Song Feiyao.

“When I borrowed the sheep, the herdsmen told me that the weather would be sunny in two days. If we are going to go through with it, we need to find a cave to take shelter. Let’s find the way when it is sunny,” said Mu Bai.

“Okay, let’s wait for two more days. We need to find a cave to take shelter. I can also check if my Fire Element can break through,” said Mo Fan.

“Didn’t your Lightning Element just break through?” Mu Bai asked in surprise.

“Well, the things our ancestors left us are mysterious,” Mo Fan said vaguely.

If they could not find a cave, they might as well dig one themselves. Which was exactly what they did. It was not a difficult thing. Besides, the cave they dug was clean and comfortable. They set up a tent at the entrance of the cave. When the tent flap was open, they could see the magnificent scenery of the steep and dangerous mountains. With a view like that, it wasn’t such a bad idea to stay here.

“I want to drink mutton soup.” Mo Fan was about to sit down and cultivate when a light flashed suddenly.

“Second-level protected war beasts,” Mu Bai said without looking up.

“We didn’t get to taste the mutton steamed buns in the Ancient Capital before we left.” Mo Fan sighed. He had a strange obsession with food even in times like these.

“How did you meet her?” Mu Bai asked in a low voice gesturing towards Song Feiyao’s tent.

Song Feiyao had a tent of her own. She had proposed digging her own cave and setting up a tent. The tent flap was closed. She must have been sleeping. She didn’t want the two men to watch her while she slept. She needed her privacy.

“It’s a long story, so I’ll keep it short. She admires me for being young, handsome, and strong. I told her I have a partner, but she said she didn’t mind…”

“I am not asleep yet and I can hear you, you know,” said Song Feiyao from inside her tent.

“Oh, we met at Licheng Afterglow Island. We both shared the common interest of freeing the totem beast,” said Mo Fan indifferently.

“Mu Bai, tell me about the time when you left the Ancient Capital and traveled to Helan Mountain,” Mo Fan said.

“There’s nothing special. I was just a little confused.”

“Do you want to listen to what I did in the National Institute with Zhao Manyan?” Mo Fan asked with raised eyebrows.

“Haha.” Mu Bai sneered. He was too lazy to listen to that.

“So, Zhao Manyan almost did it with a female thief.”

Mu Bai was speechless.

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