Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 797

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Lin Mu and Kong Hutao talked about the Troll beast for a bit and discussed the techniques and attacks that the demon beast used. Finally at the end, they came to the conclusion that it really was as they had assumed.

The chances of a new beast like this being formed were less and if it had taken so many years for just one of them to awaken, it was probably not going to happen for a long time from now.

And even if a beast did manage to do that, Lin Mu would be able to handle it now.

"It's good that you spoke to me about this. If the invaders try to summon similar beasts in the future, you will know how to kill them." Kong Hutao said.

"Yes senior." Lin Mu said.

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds before Lin Mu spoke again.

"It is time for me to leave now. It has been a long time and a lot of people are waiting for my return." Lin Mu spoke.

"Go, go back. Take the exit in the front hall, the formation there should be active and allow you to teleport out." Kong Hutao stated.

"Thank you senior. I'll see you soon," Lin Mu said while cupping his hands.

After that, he went to the front hall with Little Shrubby. This was the same place where the former adviser Chu had made the formation for his escape. Lin Mu and Little Shrubby stepped into the circle and Lin Mu activated it with his spirit sense.

"Time for us to return… we are certainly going back with a lot of rewards." Lin Mu chuckled.

Runes appeared in the air and the runes on the ground started to glow. Spirit Qi fluctuations arrived out of the formation on the ground and Lin Mu felt a little giddy and light.

Then in the next second, he disappeared in a flash of light.


Lin Mu's vision had turned dark for a second, but then something else replaced it.

"Spatial perception is truly useful…" Lin Mu muttered.

In front of him, he could see the edges of the Lesser void. He tried to look far but couldn't, as his travel ended rather quickly.


In a location inside the Hong Lin forest, a strong wave of spirit Qi appeared out of thin air before they turned into runes, which then formed into a formation. This was the receiving end of the teleportation formations and Lin Mu's body materialized within it.

Lin Mu opened his eyes and looked around.

"Little Shrubby?" He called out.

"Where did he go?" Lin Mu questioned and spread his spirit sense around.


About five hundred meters from where Lin Mu had appeared, another teleportation formation appeared, and Little Shrubby materialized.

"Ah, there he is. Must have delayed a bit on the teleportation." Lin Mu said.

"Once you get a bit more proficient with them, you should have better control over it," Xukong said.

Lin Mu nodded his head and went to meet Little Shrubby. Originally he was going to use the ring to make a portal to leave the minor plane, but now there was no use for it and he himself was the anchor of the minor plane.

"Should we go?" Little Shrubby asked.

"Mmhmm… it just four days before the deadline, we should hurry." Lin Mu said after checking the date.

Little Shrubby withdrew the harness, and Lin Mu strapped in before the two of them ran away at blinding speed. Taking this free time to think, Lin Mu tried to see if he could find a solution to the problem of the minor plane.

He wanted the plane to have other entrances than just him, so that his allies might be able to use it as well.

"If you and Jing Luo work on it, you might be able to expand its ability to have more entrances. It will take time though, unless… you use something else as a stopgap for the time being." Xukong spoke.

"Indeed. Though what do you suggest senior? I know that we might not have the necessary time to set it all up." Lin Mu replied.

"Basically, what you need is a second junction between this world and the Minor plane. Since you are the anchor, you can directly enter and exit it while also carrying others.

But due to the limitations of the formation right now, it cannot allow other entrances. This problem in reality, is due to the distance between the minor plane and the Xiaofan world. Even if they are linked, there is still some part of the lesser void between them." Xukong stated.

"Hmm… something else as a junction. What can that be… it would have to be operating in the lesser void and also be reasonable enough for us to use. Can't have it being too expensive or complex to make either…" Lin Mu muttered to himself.

It was now that another thought appeared in Lin Mu's mind.

"Wait… now that I think of it, the minor plane needs a name too. Wandering Sinkhole does not suit it anymore." Lin Mu said.

"Why don't you name it Lin Mu world." Little Shrubby suggested.

"Eh? That… might be a bit too much. It doesn't suit it either." Lin Mu replied, finding it to be a bit strange.

"Then what else can you name it?" Little Shrubby asked.

"Hmm… instead of my own name… perhaps I can use the Kong Hutao's name. The Kong plane! Yes! That sounds better." Lin Mu said with a nod.

"Your name sense is improving~" Xukong said with a chuckle.

"Hey!~ what's wrong with my naming sense?" Lin Mu said.

"Nothing… you're just a little lacking. Though you're improving… don't mind me." Xukong said, suppressing his laughter again.

Lin Mu pursed his lips and went back to thinking about the solutions.

He didn't even realize as time continued to pass by and he had finally arrived at his destination.

"The Hong Lin Kingdom… I'm back."

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