Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 801

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"I did breakthrough. Little Shrubby did too," Lin Mu replied.

"Then that means…" King Hong asked, but hesitated to say the two words.

"Mmmhmm… I'm at the Dao Shell realm now." Lin Mu acknowledge.



Everyone gasped upon hearing this. It was more than just shocking to them; it was sky-flipping level of crazy to them.

Other than Jing Luo, while the others knew Lin Mu was young, they did not know how young. In case of cultivators, even a hundred year old grandpa might just be a small junior and wouldn't be worthy of mentioning much.

But Jing Luo knew what Lin Mu's true age was.

'Isn't he barely twenty one now? A twenty one year old Dao Shell realm expert… if the top sects learned of this they would go insane.' Jing Luo thought to himself.

He knew just how much talent was desired in the world. While juniors were mostly looked down in cultivation sects, their cultivation talent could easily reverse this. As long as they reached a sufficient cultivation base before a certain age, they would be considered talented.

Lin Mu reaching Nascent soul realm in his teens was already enough to stun the sects, but Dao Shell realm was an entirely different manner.

One must know that Dao Shell realm cultivators were worthy of being the patriarchs, if not ancestors of sects. Even in top sects, Dao Shell realm cultivators were high elders, if not supreme elders.

Even the supreme elder of the Noon Grass sect that Hua San and Hua Wu were trying to save was at the Dao Shell realm, albeit at an unknown stage.

But having thought of all this, everyone in the room smiled.



The ministers couldn't help but clap in amazement as well, and their expressions changed. If before they looked at Lin Mu with respect in their eyes, they were now looking at him with veneration instead.

Anywhere in this world, a Dao Shell realm cultivation was enough to stand proud. Lesser clans would directly ask them to become their elders or even send their women to be their concubines.

There was no lack of benefit that one would receive if they openly showed their cultivation base. This was especially so for wandering and rogue cultivators without any affiliation.

In fact, there was literally no wandering cultivator that stayed faction less for more than a year after reaching the Dao Shell realm. They would get hundreds of invitations from different powers and organizations asking them to join them while providing a lot of resources.

"Grandfather will be very impressed once he sees you now." Jing Luo said with a chuckle.

"Perhaps…" Lin Mu said humbly.

"Although… how did this happen? Even Little Shrubby is at the Adult Soul stage of the nascent soul realm… and from what I can sense, he isn't that far from the peak either." Jing Luo questioned.

The ministers were once again shocked upon hearing this. They could not sense Little Shrubby's cultivation on the account of being rude and this had kept to themselves. But hearing that the beast in the hall was the second strongest being in the hall made them shiver.

Little Shrubby's size was big, and his head came at the same level as Lin Mu. A beast of this size was already considered to be extremely dangerous, and yet here he was calmly standing beside Lin Mu.

'The beast takes after the master indeed…' The ministers thought to themselves.

"It's a long story, but you all need to know about it. I'll tell you the truth about the Wandering sinkhole and how I broke though." Lin Mu stated.

Jing Luo and King Hong nodded their head and gestured for Lin Mu to continue.

Little Shrubby on the other hand, took over in the stead of King Hong and started to cook the meat. He wasn't going to let go of an opportunity to cook or eat. Lin Mu didn't mind it either and let the beast do whatever he wanted to.

Corpse after corpse came out flying from Little Shrubby's spatial storage belt and stunned the ministers again.

The size and the faint spirit Qi remnants on the corpses were enough for the ministers to identify that the beast corpses were all at the nascent soul realm.

"Heavens… Nascent soul realm beasts can be eaten so easily like this?" The minister of agriculture said as he stared at the bowl in front of him.

Little Shrubby had given some to everyone, while Lin Mu gave his explanation. He had learned to share and didn't mind giving this much. After all… they had a literal mountain of beast corpses in their store right now.

It took Lin Mu an entire day to get through his explanation. He wanted to keep it a little short but everyone wanted to know more and more about the Wandering sinkhole, thus Lin Mu had no option but to tell it in detail.

After all, the Wandering sinkhole was one of the native myths of the Hong Lin kingdom, and every citizen had heard the tale about it at least once. While commoners just thought of it as a story to scare people into not going deep into the forest, the cultivators knew that it was true.

It was just that not many had seen it, as for those that did, they were either considered as joking about it or never returned to tell the tale.

Lin Mu told them about the strong beasts living there and the habitats as well. He then told them about the truth of the wandering sinkhole and how it belonged to a great clan once upon a time.

He told them about the sacrifice of the Kong clan and Kong Hutao, as well as his hope for the future.

"So the wandering sinkhole had such a story behind it… I would have never expected." Adviser Liu muttered.

"No… it's no longer the Wandering sinkhole. It is the Kong plane from now on, as a respect to the Kong clan.." Lin Mu added.

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