Way of the Devil - Chapter 770

Chapter 770: 770

Chapter 770: Pursuit (1)

“Go to hell!” Pang Yuanjun felt his hair stand on ends . An unexplainable shiver travelled from his heart to his head .

“Disciples of the Green Dew Altar, heed my command! Kill him!” At this moment, he was convinced that the man before him was a madman, a raving lunatic .

His grand plans were not accomplished yet . If his mission succeeded this time, he would be able to obtain the treasured pill he wanted . His cultivation base would be improved, and his Junyuan Skills would reach unprecedented levels .

No matter what, he would not fall into the hands of this man .

His shout startled the people around him .

The elite disciples around him responded to the order reflexively . Bows were fired from afar, while the blades and spears stabbed with explosive ferociousness . They shot toward Lu Sheng with the sound of the sonic barrier breaking .

The tips of the sharp weapons closed in on Lu Sheng like a forest of spikes . They came at him from all directions .

Lu Sheng was not flustered in the face of danger . He reached out and grabbed at the few spears before himself . With a burst of his terrifying energy, about five Martial Arhats were lifted into the air by him . He swept them sideways like they were his club .

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!”

The ground right in front of him was cleared away in the shape of a fan .

More than 10 bodies were swept away . They rolled in all directions .

Lu Sheng lifted his hand and grabbed a spear . With lightning speed, he swept it behind himself . At the same time, he crouched slightly and shot forward . He released the spear and grabbed at Pang Yuanjun among the crowd .

He managed to dodge the series of uncoordinated attacks on him with his charge . The fired arrows only managed to hit the ground behind him .

The others merely saw a blur of movements, and Lu Sheng was already before Pang Yuanjun . Their palms met .


With a dull collision, Pang Yuanjun’s body reeled . As he flew through the air, his expression was one of terror .

The Elders Jing Han and the Sand King all looked bewildered as well .

This agility! This strength! It had surpassed the limits of their expectations .

They were all Martial Emperor experts . Even peak Martial Emperors did not possess such a terrifying power .

After all, there was a limit to how much the human body could take . A peak Martial Emperor would only be able to gain more precise control over their body and obtain more stamina by exploring more Stars . Their overall strength was not much improved compared to ordinary Martial Emperors .

However, Lu Sheng managed to send Pang Yuanjun reeling with a single palm strike . Whether it was his agility or power, they were slightly unreasonable .

With no time to think, Lu Sheng had stepped forward and grabbed toward Pang Yuanjun, who had just landed on the ground . The others would definitely not let Lu Sheng capture his target this easily .

The Sand King tossed a silver flying knife . As it sailed through the air, it unleashed a shrill and deafening whistle .

The tip of the knife was clearly covered in poison . It had a light blue glow and the blade was carved with exquisite patterns . It had clearly been modified .

However, Lu Sheng did not understand why a dedicated concealed poisoned weapon was equipped with the patterns which made so much noise .

Elders Jing Han made their moves from the sides at the same time .

“Eighteen Strikes of Teng Xuan!”

“Nekkhamma Sword!”

The two of them launched their coordinated attacks from the side . A huge power erupted from them both, and two swords closed in on their targets like two silver dragons . Lu Sheng could feel the wind pressing against his cheeks . The terrifying impact force of the two attacks seemingly gave him the faintest threatening feeling at the first moment .

“Not bad . ”

Lu Sheng nodded slightly . He knew that if he continued onward to grab Pang Yuanjun, he would certainly be hit by the two elders at the waist .

He did not want to gamble his own waist to grab hold of Pang Yuanjun . He would have his chances . There was no need for him to rush .

He retracted his hand with lightning speed . Then, he aimed his palms at the Elders Jing Han at the same time .

His palms glistened with a light bronze sheen as if molded from metal . He parried the two attacks with utmost precision .

“Clang! Clang!”

The moment the two elders’ attacks met his palms, they felt a copious amount of earth-shattering power surging at them . Their faces flushed with color, but the color was drained in an instant . They staggered backward . There were cracks on their swords .

“Spirit Breaker Punch!”

Pang Yuanjun was going all out . He tapped his own forehead . He seemed to have prodded his own meridian point .

At that moment, his skin went pink, blood circulated more rapidly, and his muscles bulged . He seemed to be several sizes larger right now .

“Yuanjun Tenth Skill! Air Blast!”

He howled and charged toward Lu Sheng . Before anyone noticed, he was wielding steel blades in his hands . He spun his body at high speed, and he seemed to have turned into a tornado which charged toward Lu Sheng along the ground .


Sand, rocks, dust, and soil were drawn by the tornado . The other elites who had intended to move in for the kill were forced to keep their distance . They did not want to be caught in the wake of this tornado .

Lu Sheng was taken aback . The muscles on his right arm flexed slightly and his belly swelled .

This was a lost skill of the Straggling Star Path Toad Method . This was also his first time unleashing this lost skill in actual combat after he reached the unprecedented stage-10 .

Lu Sheng’s belly swelled to the size of a soccer ball in no time . It was as if an actual ball was moving around in his body . At the same time, the density of blood vessels on the surface of his belly increased . His veins arranged themselves in a pattern of a flame flower . It looked peculiar .

“Odd Path Annihilation!”

Lu Sheng bent his back slightly . His belly erupted . He seemed to have received an instant amplification of agility and strength . Using his palms like sharp blades, he hacked toward the incoming tornado that was Pang Yuanjun .


This was the first time where the two of them fought with their full might .

The tornado merely held out for an instant before it crumbled . Pang Yuanjun’s shoulders were hit by Lu Sheng’s crossing palms . He wailed and reeled like a cannonball . In the blink of an eye, he crashed into the perimeter wall behind him and disappeared among the ruins in dust and soil .

Lu Sheng wanted to follow up with another blow when the Sand King’s poisoned knives flew at him again . Volleys of poisoned arrows had sealed off his path of pursuit as well .

“Hmm?” He found this arrow-firing technique interesting .

Lu Sheng paused . He looked up and gazed into the distance . Atop a stone pillar among the rock forest, a big and tall woman with white hair was sitting upright cross-legged .

“Go!” Pang Yuanjun spat blood . He peculiarly had a boost in agility as he plunged into the depths of the rock forest . He vanished in the blink of an eye .

Lu Sheng snorted . He gave chase with lightning speed . However, he was not familiar with the terrain, and had to move at a slower speed .

The others reacted in time as well . They scattered and gave chase .

“It’s useless . Stop running . If you come back with me obediently, you won’t have to endure this much pain . ” Lu Sheng’s voice was calm and cold . He did not sound like he was talking while giving high-speed pursuit .

Pang Yuanjun ran with all his might . He felt some blood forming a block at the back of his throat, but he dared not spit it out .

He knew that if he spat it out, his internal injuries would surely run their course, and he would no longer have any strength to run .

The Sand King and the elders were chasing after him .

Lu Sheng had injured Pang Yuanjun before their very eyes while evading directly clashing with them . This had made the three of them feel humiliated .

It should be known that any single one of them was a famous hero of the generation known by all . They were definitely overlord-ranked individuals .

They had not thought that they would meet with unexpected failure here .

Pang Yuanjun ran, while Lu Sheng gave chase . The two of them flitted through the forest at high speed . More than an hour had passed in the blink of an eye .

Pang Yuanjun seemed to have activated some meridian point of his which unleashed his formidable potential . He was moving at a speed on par with Lu Sheng’s . On top of that, he knew this land . There were times when Lu Sheng almost lost him .

As he continued on his run, his surroundings grew more alien to him .

The forest thickened, while the land dropped . Huge ancient trees with drooping roots emerged . There was faint white mist lingering in the forest as well .

Pang Yuanjun’s agility was slightly affected as well . However, he did not veer off his course .

Behind him, Lu Sheng clearly saw him drinking some kind of medicinal wine twice . It clearly rejuvenated him .

After an unknown period, Pang Yuanjun made a sudden right turn and vanished before his eyes .

Lu Sheng frowned . He skidded to a stop .

There was a mountain to his right . There was a dark cave opening slightly taller than a man .

Air roots like willow branches concealed the opening . The roots were intertwined with vines and several other creepers . The cave opening would have been impossible to spot with a casual glance .

“Here…” Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes . Pang Yuanjun dashed into this cave with such determination that it was clear that he had planned this beforehand . Perhaps he knew about the existence of this cave .

However, Lu Sheng did not mind that too much . The stage-10 Straggling Star Path Toad Method did not give him his immense physical strength and agility alone; it gave him terrifying stamina . After spending that much time speeding through the forest, he’d merely used up one-third of his physical ability .

At this moment, Lu Sheng could faintly feel that the three Martial Emperors who had been on his heels had also vanished somewhere .

The forest around him was silent . A huge python as thick as his neck was cowering in the book of a tree branch in the distance . It was frightened by the killing intent on Lu Sheng .

“You’re intending to stop me with this place?” Lu Sheng snickered . He leapt into the cave without hesitation .

He had just entered the cave when a black shadow charged at him .


A beast’s howl erupted at Lu Sheng’s ears . A putrid blast of wind with the smell of blood bore down on his head .

“Die!” Lu Sheng unleashed his stage-10 peak Martial Emperor power . His terrifying explosive strength was complemented by his furious emotions as he struck with his palm .


The huge black shadow retaliated with a similar amount of terrifying force and met Lu Sheng’s palm .

A faint ring of dust spread outward with the two of them as the center .

Lu Sheng’s blood vessels bulged . He seemed to have grown one size larger . The Qi and blood of his body circulated at high speed, and he exchanged more than 10 palm strikes with the black shadow .

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The violent palm strikes sent vibrations through the cave walls, loosening sand and pebbles which rained down on them .

With the meager amount of light streaking in from outside, Lu Sheng finally saw what he was facing .

It was a huge black bear as tall as three meters . Unlike ordinary bears, this black bear was actually employing martial skills . The force erupted in a frenzy with the flow of its blood and the bulging of its muscles . It was like a natural peak Martial Emperor expert with super strength .

“Since when did Martial Emperors become this cheap?” Lu Sheng’s expression turned icy .

“Looks like it’s time to show you just how powerful a health maintenance method can be!”

He mustered his blood and Qi .

Although his current constitution was only that of a peak Martial Emperor, his cultivation method’s tier had long surpassed a Martial Emperor . It was now in an unknown realm .

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