Chapter 1: His Knack

Inside the walls, if I was to use 1 word to describe the city called Altana, then that will be…… ancient.

For it to feel ancient, does that mean I was in a place that is more modern? After all I can’t remember, so there is no difference. But although this city is ancient, but it is not too dirty.

No matter if the building is made out of rocks or wood, they are all completely intact. The stone-paved roads have a narrow drainage, and in the water that flows through the drainage is not murky but very clear.

Although it is still dawn, but there are already some people walking on the streets. Though Hiyomu’s clothes are similar to ours, but the get-up of the people in this city…… how should I say this, they are old-fashioned and dull-looking.

Not only so, they kept looking at us.

They are probably curious. But I also felt that they are rare, so I kept looking at them. I guess this is considered as a trade.

「I said.」

Ichika looked at me with slanted eyes.

「Although your temper is quite big, but your size seems surprisingly small.」

I shrugged my shoulders slightly.

「Rather than say that I am small-sized, wouldn’t it be more like this lady here, has grown to tall and muscular.」

「Can you don’t use the terms tall and muscular? I am just 16..5 cm only.」

「You are quite easily understood.」

「Wh..what did you say?」

「Just now you lied right? Actually your height is not only 165cm right?」

「I am ju..just 166…...7… only! You are shorter than me right? I am unable to accept a guy’s existence who is shorter than me, but yet his attitude is so much higher. 」

「If you are happy then it is fine, even if you are unable to accept me, it will not trouble me much.」

「Can you don’t use the term “you”?」(TL note: a more rude version of you in japanese)

「Who cares.」


「Why should I listen to someone who is unable to accept my existence?」

「Then I will not talk to you.」

「So be it.」

I walked while glancing at Ichika.



「Didn’t you say that you will not talk to me?」

「I am not talking to you.」

Ichika turned her head to the other side. Such a troublesome girl, but——

She still remembered her height.

My height is 164cm and my weight is 55kg?

Ichika has a height of 168cm? In the beginning I only felt that how did this girl grew to be so tall, but she is really tall. Anyway, she is not only tall—— ah forget it, anything goes, no matter what I have no interest.

Momohina’s height is probably around 157 or 158cm, not skinny nor fat, and other than the knee-socks, it shows her sleek and fleshy skin.

Just how much does the 2 of them still remember?

「Nnn, nnn, nn——」

Momohina kept humming a song in a soft voice while walking jumpingly. According to this situation, she did not even considering if she can or cannot remember her memories.

Ichika kept peeking at me, then turning her sight away. Her body is slightly bent, is she that conscious of her height?

「No matter a guy or a woman——」

Gently turning my neck, I seemed to be mumbling to myself in a soft voice.

「Being tall is not a bad thing, isn’t it good to raise your chest proudly?」


Ichika glared at me. Even so, she still straightened her back. Is this considered as straight-forward or awkward, so troublesome.

I pull up the hoodie on my head, even covering my eyes. This is not an action that I done after considering, but what I have already done when I came to, so this could be a habit. Perhaps I am actually a shady person? Just what exactly is the actual situation? Although I don’t have any special feeling towards this—— just as I was day-dreaming behind Hiyomu, we have reached the destination unknowingly.

Before me is a two-storied stone building, and outside a flag with a red crescent moon on a white field is hung on it, and the signboard is exposed outside too.

「Alt front my serve for son on.……?」

I read out the words on the signs, and Hiyomu turned around and shake her finger.

「Wrong wrong, this should be Altana Frontier Army Reserve Force Crimson Moon.」

Momohina opened her eyes and pointed to the sign.

「The words, the words there…… not all of them, but a few of them faded or had disappeared, so th..that is why…...」

「......Don’t you feel that the place and timing that you get surprised at, is very different from a normal person?」

「Is it?」

「Actually it is fine.」

「If it is fine, then forget it——」


「We are going in.」

Saying, Hiyomu opened the door.

After entering through the door, what is before them, is a spacious room like a lounge in a hotel, while the interior of the room is a bar.

Behind the bar, stood a green-haired man with strong make up and his arms crossed in front of his chest. There are no guest there, other than the man, there is only me, Ichika, Momohina and Hiyomu.

「So, Hiyomu will just guide you until here!」

Hiyomu bowed to the man behind the counter

「Bri-chan, I will leave the followup for this group to you too!」

The guy with thick makeup and green hair, called Bri-chan, replied.


Then he waved with his hand around his waist, while shaking his waist, which was quite a disgusting movement.

Hiyomu left.

Bri-chan used a puppy-like expression…… and kept staring at us who are left behind.

While using his pink tongue to slowly lick his lips which had black lipstick on. He was especially concentrated on—— me.

I can’t be wrong.

That is the pair of eyes of a meat-eating predator when it is hunting its prey.

I don’t suppose he want to eat humans? Is he going to eat me…… is it real. Then again, what kind of eating is it. Don’t joke about it, who is going to be eaten by you.

I walked up to the bar without any hesitation, and placed my hand on the side of the counter, while staring at Bri-chan without averting my eyes.

「So? Just now you two mentioned about “ leave the follow up to you”, what did she ask you for?」


Bri-chan used his middle finger to touch his lips, and stuck his middle finger and thumb together in front of me. Is that a fox-sign?

To be honest, that is really disgusting. 

「Really presumptuous, but I don’t dislike boys like you.」

「Is that so, that is really good.」

It is not good at all.

I suppressed the desire to shiver and spoke.

「Then you can keep the words short, you have something to tell us right?」

「Is there something? It should be considered as scouting.」

Bri-chan placed something on the bar counter, it is a red coin-like thing and a small leather pouch. He placed 3 sets of such things on it.

「Did you see the sign outside?」

「......Altana Frontier Army Reserve Force?」

Ichika said.

Just a mention, Ichika and Momohina are hiding behind my back, the 2 of them seemed to be very afraid of Bri-chan. That’s true, after all he looks a bit like a demon.

「That’s right.」

That demon Bri-chan who send shivers down one’s spine, closed his eyes, and pinched up a coin-like thing that has the symbol of new moon carved on it.

「This thing is what you call a Proof of Volunteer Soldier Trainee, commonly known as Trainee Proof. Just like its name, it is something used to prove the identity of a volunteer soldier trainee, and there are 10 silver coins in the leather pouch, which is 10 silver. To accept my request to become a volunteer soldier trainee or get out of here while empty-handed, you can choose it by yourself.」


I used my right thumb to caress my chin.

「The meaning is, as long as we become something like a volunteer soldier trainee, we can get an identity and money, is that right?」

「That is right.」

「I understand.」

I took the Trainee Proof and leather pouch and placed them into my hands.

「I accept your request to become a volunteer soldier trainee.」

「Wait wait…...」

Ichika placed her hand on my shoulder.

「What are you saying!? Although I don’t know what is a volunteer soldier, but if you don’t know what it requires you to do, how can you accept it so easily…...」


Momohina placed her face closer to the Trainee Proof on the bar.

「It’s a moon right.」


Bri-chan revealed a grin that seems to hint ill intentions.

「Why are you two not anxious!」

Ichika was so angry until her face turned red.

「Are you two idiots? Just use your brain to consider it for a bit!」

「I say…...」

I used my thumb to flick the Trainee Proof, and used my palm to hold it tightly.

「The one who is not using her brain to think is Ichika, it is you.」

「I didn’t use my brain to think!?」

「Other than the clothes and shoes that I have on me, I don’t have anything else with me. All that is left is me who is still standing here. You should be the same as me, am I wrong?」


Ichika touched her waist, then touched near her thighs. Although I feel that it is just a simple western clothes, she should not need to do such actions to know the information.

Momohina also inserted her hands into the pockets of her dress. Like Ichika, she did not find anything.

Silver coin, I feel that it sounds like it refers to money, and I know the meaning of money.

Money is essential for living, or rather, it is something that you need to have to obtain the necessary stuff for living.

「If we don’t have this…...」

I picked up the leather pouch.

「We will be penniless, and we don’t even have a pair of spare underwear. It is okay for me, after I am a guy and it is not as if I can’t endure it, but it will be troublesome for the 2 of you, isn’t it?」


Rather saying Ichika is just lowering her head, it is more like she is so depressed until her head lowered.

「 is troublesome.」


Momohina reached out and grab the Trainee Proof and leather pouch.

「I will also be, a volunteer hero—— trainee.」

「It should be volunteer soldier trainee.」

After I opened my mouth to correct Momohina, I turned towards Ichika.

「Ichika, what are you going to do?」

「Don’t use the term you!」

Taking away the leather pouch on the bar as though like snatching it away, Ichika reached out towards Bri-chan.

「.....Give me, my Trainee Proof.」


Bri-chan smiled….... disgustingly, and placed the Trainee Proof on Ichika’s palm.

「Such a development is still a first. Forget it, having 3 selected ones is a first for me, normally they come in over tens.」

Three people is a first, normally more than 10 people come at a time. The meaning is that, until now there are many people who appeared like us?

「Then again——」

I opened the leather pouch slightly, there are indeed silver coins inside.

「You can choose huh? You actually dare to say it, when in actuality there isn’t any choice.」

「No choice—— well, if you want money, you can just earn it.」

From Bri-chan’s tone that carries ridicule, you can imagine that earn money here is not an easy thing.

The problem is the 10 silver coins in the leather pouch, which is the so-called 10 silver, just how much does it worth? And what is a volunteer soldier? And what we should do?


I placed the Trainee Proof into my track pants pocket and kept the leather pouch into the pocket of my hoodie. Following, I supported my hands on the side of the bar counter.

「Then, time for you to tell us, regarding volunteer soldiers.」

「I don’t want.」

Bri-chan rounded his eyes, and spoke with an attitude as though saying “are you an idiot? Of course that is”.

「You have to think of those sort of things by yourself.」


「Then I will give you a hint.」

Bri-chan lipped his black lips.

「The way that volunteer soldiers do things, is to use his own intelligence, and judgement to gather intel and defeat the enemies.」

「Your own intelligence, judgement…… is it?」

「That’s right.」

In simple terms, what a volunteer soldier is, what should they do, no matter if it is the aims or the methods, all of these are supposed to be investigated by myself? A person who cannot do this, does not have the qualifications to be a volunteer soldier. Those words should mean this.

「......Let’s go.」

Ichika turned, intending on leaving this place, perhaps she has already discovered what the volunteer soldier means.


Momohina is still zoning out, this girl probably has yet to confirm the situation.


I shook my head and stared at Bri-chan.

「I will not go, I will let Bri-chan tell me.」


Bri-chan shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

「What kind of method do you intend to use?」

「A volunteer soldier depends on his intelligence to gather intel right?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「As long as you are willing to tell me what I want to know, I will let you hug me.」

The effect showed.

And it was obvious.

「You are really interesting.」

Bri-chan raised his body violently, and the breath that came out, was rough and vulgar, while there was a brilliant glint from his eyes. My legs almost went soft, but I managed to keep my balance by forcing myself.

「No problem, the things that you wish to know, let me t~e~l~l~ you.」

I regretted it a bit, but, just a bit. Just a hug, it should be nothing much, I wouldn’t lose anything. I wouldn’t lose anything…… right? I wouldn’t lose it right?

I shouldn’t lose anything…… Probably.


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