Wiro Sableng - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

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Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 12

She kept on weeding the grass growing on the grave. She didn’t care about the galloping of horses that were rumbling behind her as she thought that those were the horses that usually passed through in the area. Yet, her soft hands suddenly stopped when she heard someone’s laughter behind her.
“Ha… ha… Is this the girl that was the only child of that bastard Kalingundil?!”
That kneeling sixteen year old girl turned her head around. Four horse riders that she saw stood shoulder to shoulder behind her. The foremost rider was the one laughing and speaking to her. His posture was tall, his beard was thicker than the other three men. His look was also scarier than the rest.
“Hea… hea… She’s quite beautiful ey?!” said that man who was no other than Bergola Wungu.
“But it’s a shame, later we have to sever her head from the body. Isn’t that right, Bergola Wungu?!”
“Correct, but no rush. It seems that she’ll be able to satisfy everyone’s desire!” All four men laughing loudly.
“D*mn four bearded monkeys! Who the hell are you?!” scolded the girl in blue. She lightly stood up. Her right hand held the hilt of a sword strapped on her waist.
“Eh, this chick is pretty fierce!” said Ketut Ireng.
“But if you do want to know us, I don’t mind introducing myself. My name is Ketut Ireng. This one is Bergola Wungu. This one, the short fatty one, is Seta Inging and the slanted-eye one is Pitala Kuning. Well, well… now do you mind to tell us your name?” The four men laughed some more.
“Crazy people! Get out of my sight! Unless you want to taste my sword!”
“Ah, such a loud mouth… just like her big daddy!” said Bergola Wungu while stroking his beard. “You should know that we are coming here to deliver your old man to his grave. That is to say if there is any “grave” willing to accept him anyway!”
“You blab too much d**n beardy!” yelled the girl. “I want to know if you dare to receive my sword?!”
With a loud shout a flash of a sword flickered to Bergola Wungu’s head! The four men were shocked, especially Bergola Wungu himself in particular. If he was slightly late in throwing himself from the back of his horse, undoubtedly his head would have been split in half. Yet, while his body was still mid-air, at that moment the sword in the girl’s hand once more slashed forward. Bergola Wungu shouted loudly and made a roll to the left. The girl’s sword which was supposed to cut his waist then found its target onto the neck of the horse ridden by Bergola Wungu. The horse neighed wildly before it lost its life, jolting with its neck close to severed in two. The other horses also neighed following the dead horse and became berserk from the splattering blood. Luckily, the three riders already jumped beforehand. Otherwise, it was certain that they would be thrown off! The three horses became mad and then ran off and smashed into the tombstones of the graveyard!
“Female Demon!” threatened Bergola Wungu. “Even though you have a pretty face and a smooth body, do you think I would hesitate to cut your neck?!”
“Shut your mouth beardy bastard! Watch my sword!” the sword in the girl’s hand flashed even faster and stronger.
“Shiing!” Bergola Wungu drew his own long saber.

The two weapons clashed violently mid-air, splashing sparks that blinded the eyes. Bergola Wungu’s hand felt numbed while the girl was thrown back a few steps back. The sword nearly slipped from her hand! Despite knowing that the inner power and martial arts of the bearded man was stronger than hers, yet the stubborn girl didn’t cower. With a loud shout coming out from her throat, her body turned into flashes. Sword beams stroke from everywhere, enveloping Bergola Wungu’s body! But Bergola Wungu was not a newbie in the world of martial arts, he was not a greenhorn. It was not a waste for him to be battling for tens of years, becoming the leader of the Four Beards of the Sanggreng Cave. Once he moved his feet, his body vanished from sight.
“Riip…. riip…. riip…. rip….!!!”
The blue-clothed girl screamed and stepped out from the fight. Her face was crimson red when she realized that the tip of Bergola Wungu’s saber had made more than 10 rips on her clothes and now the girl was half-naked!
“You beast!” cursed the blue-clothed girl. “I’ll kill you even if I die today!” In a craze she lunged forward. Her sword swoop like a storm. Bergola Wungu dodged to the side. The girl’s sword smashed the tombstone and split it in half! She again hacked to his waist, but at that time Bergola Wungu’s left hand stroke her right hand’s wrist, striking her sword far away.
“Ha…. ha…. today is your end, Kalingundil’s offspring!”
The long saber in Bergola Wungu’s hand slashed all over. The ripping sounds could be heard several more times, and now the girl’s blue pants became the target of the saber’s tip. In a couple breaths, the girl was close to being naked! Her badly ripped clothing could no longer cover her jade white breast, belly, waist and thighs!
Relying on her agility, and even rolling all over on the ground, Kalingundil’s daughter tried to escape. But Bergola Wungu’s saber tip truly had her surrounded from every direction. It was impossible for her to run, even more impossible for her to save her little life!
The girl’s hair was cut out.
The girl’s waist rope now was cut, causing the pants to fell off her waist and now her private parts were completely uncovered!
“D**n Beast! Just kill me! Kill me!” yelled the girl.
Bergola Wungu laughed loudly. “Killing you is a simple thing!” he said while pressing the end of his saber to the girl’s throat. “But did you know that before killing my mother, your old man first raped her?! Haa. haa. The law of karma is now truly happening! This is karma!”
Suddenly with an astonishing speed the girl pushed forward her neck forward towards the blade of the saber. But Bergola Wungu moved even faster. His saber tip was moved to the side. Once the girl was swayed forward, his left hand nimbly grabbed the girl’s hair. The powerless girl still tried to kick forward, yet that meaningless attack couldn’t reach the target. Bergola Wungu threw the girl to the ground roughly and pounced at her violently. Both of them rolled on the ground. The girl tried to defend her honor, while the man was trying to ruin her honor!
“Boys!” shouted Bergola Wungu. “Don’t just stand there! This girl is for us to enjoy! What the hell are you waiting for?!”
With that order, the three lackeys of Bergola Wungu at once jumped in as well. One girl, four men rolled over the graveyard! Shouting, kickin

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