Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 13

Once she was out of the Limanaluk Valley, Rara Murni went out of breath from all the running . Before this, not to mention running, even this far had never been done at all! She stopped and stood leaning on a lush tree trunk . At that moment she only realized that her clothing was no longer covering her body, especially the garment on her chest that no longer covered her private parts . She immediately tidied up her dress, as well as her hair .

She waited for her gasping breath and stuffed chest to recover to her peak condition . She also felt that her feet were killing her as well at that moment . Rara Murni felt that she was not alone in that place . She turned her head and she was startled to see that her eyes bumped a figure that was standing really close, right next to her . That man was none other than the long-haired man that was previously in the old temple

“Tired?”Wiro Sableng asked in his smile .

Rara Murni decided to not answer him .

“The capital is nowhere near here, Rara… ‘

“I know… ”

“Then why are you running like this? Is it possible that I made you afraid? My long hair, was it?”

“Brother, who are you actually?”

“Me? Me is me… “said Wiro nonchalantly .

“If you have any ill intent to me as well, then you better scram right this moment!”

“Ah… My face is indeed hard to look at, but I’m not as evil as you thought, Rara Murni . I just don’t want to see you forced to run until you are half dead to reach The Capital! Perhaps you’ll drop dead before halfway!”

Rara Murni fell silent . But then she asked, “No matter what I must return to the Capital as soon as possible…”

“That’s true… But not with running . Come with me… ”

“Come with you where?”

“Listen Rara, you don’t need suspect me too much . On the riverbank over there, there are several horses . Can you ride?”

The girl shook her head . Wiro Sableng could only scratched his .

“Well then…” he said,

“You’ll have to ride the horse with me!”

And Rara Murni’s face turned as red as tomato .

“Don’t you dare speak nonsense, brother!” yelled the girl .

“Heh… I’m not speaking random nonsense . It’s you yourself that can’t ride a horse, then what should I do? ”

“I’d rather walk there!” shouted Rara Murni stubbornly with a loud voice .

Wiro Sableng laughed . “Listen up Rara Murni, I have a hunch that this kidnapping is not the end . Rather it still has a long story behind it, a big and long one . If Kalasrenggi is betraying the Prabu, against the Pajajaran Kingdom, and perhaps even not just betraying, but also planning to harm you, then it is not impossible that there are other high ranking officials that are also involved in this conspiracy…” What the 212 fighter said was indeed logical according to Rara Murni . But riding a horse along with the young man? Of course she is utterly embarrassed! What would people say if they saw that happening? Then the young girl heard Wiro Sableng continued talking, “the earlier you reach the Capital the better…”

Rara Murni fell briefly silent . But her heart kept adamant about riding the horse with the youngster . Without further words this girl then turned around and quickly left the place . Wiro Sableng grumbled inwardly, “stubborn princess! Once your feet are hurt then you’ll know .

He shook his head and walked along with her . Not long after, they reached the side of the main road . All the while, none of them opened their mouth to talk .

“Rara,” said Wiro when they reached the place .

“It might be better if we take a rest here . Who knows there might be a cart or carriage passing through, and we can ride along with them . ” The girl kept her silence . But she stopped her steps as her feet had indeed grown tired . It had been close to ten minutes since they waited on the roadside, but not a single thing passed through the road .

“Rara Murni… ” called Wiro Sableng

“It seems that you don’t like me? You don’t wish to speak with me?” Rara Murni kept her silence . There was actually nothing that she could hate about the youngster . Just that everything that just happened and everything that almost befell her that made her talked less and felt suspicion over the long haired youngster whose identity she still had no idea of . Wiro Sableng looked to the end of the road . It was empty with no one in sight .

“Shall we move again, Rara…?”

“Kita berangkat lagi, Rara…?”

“Brother…”said Rara Murni for the first time after her long silence . “Who are you actually and where are you planning to go?”

“Ah… Tis an excellent question . Excellent indeed…” exclaimed the 212 fighter while smiling brightly .

“Who I am, I presume is not important . And where I plan to go to… I myself actually don’t know as well…!” Rara Murni looked sideways, paying attention to the youngster . His answer was like an answer someone insane would give, or perhaps that is just something that was given just foe the sake of answering . Suddenly the duo gazed towards the end of the road on the right side . From afar one could see the coming of a cart, pulled by two strong oxen . At the front of that open-cart sat two men . They dressed like farmers while the rear half of the cart was fully packed with vegetables .

“We have quite a luck at last Rara…” Wiro Sableng said . And when the cart came closer, the youngsted immediately waved his hands . The cart pulled over .

“Brothers, are you two heading to the capital?” The two men on the cart didn’t answer Wiro Sableng’s inquiry and instead looked closely to the girl by his side

“If we understand correctly,” said the men driving the cart, “we seemed to be in the presence of Princess Rara Murni, the sister of Pajajaran’s King…” Rara Murni nodded and the two men abruptly climbed down the cart and knelt .

“What occurrence had brought your Highness the Princess to be in this place…?”asked the man who held the rein of the cart . Both his eyes then glanced briefly to Wiro Sableng before returning back to his companion . Rara Murni only answered with a sigh and inhaled a deep breath . As they thought that the long haired youngster was only a slave or servant of Rara Murni, they only answered with an indifferent nod .

One of them then talked to Rara Murni, “If your Highness intends to return to Pakuan, we are of course willing, even obligated to deliver Your Highness the Princess . But we first apologize for the state of our cart… It is dirty and full of vegetables… ‘

“That’s not a problem, as long as we can reach the Capital . ” the person answering was Wiro Sableng . Yet, his answer instead annoyed the two men . They then helped Rara Murni to climb up the cart . The girl sat in front, right next to the driver, while his friend was with Wiro Sableng to sit in the back, right next to the piles of vegetables . Not long afterwards the cart started moving to resume its course . “

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