Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 16


“Stop at once!” Six guards stepped forward, six spears were pointed to the chest and back of the white clothed man .

“Who are you?!”

“I want to see Mahesa Birawa!”

“F**ker, I ask who you are, don’t you give me another shitty answer!” retorted the guard . The man grumbled in silence .

“Show me Mahesa Birawa’s tent, or escort me to meet him!”

“You stinking brat! Do you think we are your servants?”

“Are you Pajajaran’s spy?!” barked the guard to the far right . His spear’s tip was now slightly shifted to the stranger’s throat .

“You dimwits! I talked to you nicely, yet you dare barking at me! Damn it!” Six spears immediately pierced forward . The man targeted by those weapons flashed with astonishing speed . In just one move the six guards were tossed around! Four of them lied dead on the ground . One stood in a dazed state, while the other one held his abdomen in agony, but still able to call for help . In the blink of an eye tens of rebels with drawn weapons have surrounded the place, tightly encircling the white-clothed man . Torches illuminated the place and the young man’s face attacking those six guards was now visible . He looked around, his face reflected mockery and disdain .

“Are these the faces of blockheads who declare to rebel against the kingdom…?” The young man chuckled .

“You are all complete morons . You foolishly let yourself be manipulated by a handful of clowns trying to rise to power cruelly! If you lose, you will all be beheaded! If you win, what will you get?!” A tall muscular man with dark complexion stepped forward in front of the stranger . He was the martial arts trainer for those rebel soldiers . With one hand on the waist, another hand pointed right to the stranger’s face, he shouted, “I think you should still have eyes to notice where you are now, right?!” said the huge tall man .

The stranger still chuckled like he did before, chortling insultingly . The huge man who felt disgraced in front of his fellow rebels in his fury launched his powerful fist to strike the stranger’s abdomen . What happened next was too fast to be noticed by common people’s eyes in that place . The martial arts trainer’s massive body was sent flying upside down in the air and crashed with his back on the ground . He lied motionless on the ground! Silence ensued from the astonishment remained for a bit . Once someone howled, tens of soldiers charged wildly . The sounds of clashing weapons were chaotic and deafening .

“Hold!” a soldier yelled .

“Look! We are attacking our own! That monkey was already there!” And when their eyes looked upon the pointed direction they saw the stranger walked casually among the soldiers’ tents! When he had been mobbed earlier, the young man dropped to the ground with incredible speed and crawled between the legs of his attackers . The dark night only served to help his escape and he just walked relaxedly towards the tents . Realizing that the man they had attacked was already at another place, in their shock those soldiers grew extremely furious, especially the martial arts trainer who had been knocked down earlier with just one strike . He shouted, calling for reinforcements .

“Surround that f**ker! If you can’t capture him alive, hack him to death!” he ordered . The martial arts trainer unsheathed his kris . Before he joined with his soldiers to attack, he ordered another soldier nearby, “Tell Mahesa Birawa about this…!”

In the main tent the discussion was still progressing . Mahesa Birawa was saying, “Tomorrow Raden Werku Alit will arrive here and apparently…

“Mahesa Birawa’s words were interrupted . He turned his head to the right and from his mouth came out a loud scold, “Guards! Don’t you know that no one is allowed to enter this tent? Get out…!”

“Apologize Raden…” the tent guards bowed twice anxiously . “A soldier outside told us there is a commotion in the eastern side…”

“Commotion…?!” Mahesa Birawa stood up from his chair .

“Yes, a stranger has been sighted infiltrating our encampment . When surrounded and interrogated he fought back . He took down six soldiers! He also knocked down the chief trainer Suto Rande and now is being mobbed by tens of soldiers under Suto Rande’s command!”

“Just a puny intruder stranded here and you can’t get rid of him?! That’s a disgrace!” snarled Mahesa Birawa . Deep in his heart, as a seasoned warrior with abundant experiences in the world of martial arts he understood that if one could take down six opponents simultaneously, even managed to beat his martial arts trainer, this signified that he was no ordinary intruder, that he must have some reliable skills . However, a lone intruder boldly infiltrating the encampment incited curiosity in Mahesa Birawa . He turned to other Dukes in that main tent and said:, “Apologize . I must excuse my leave from this meeting to clean the mess…”

All the Dukes nodded . Duke Tapak Ireng said, “It is highly possible that this intruder was Pajajaran’s spy…”

“Yes, he could be,” replied Mahesa Birawa while stepping out of the tent .

At that moment the tent guards reported: “The intruder said he wanted to meet with you, Raden…”

“With me?” Mahesa Birawa pointed his own chest . The tent guards nodded . This intrigued Mahesa Birawa further to confront that intruder . The fight raged violently when Mahesa Birawa arrived at the site with a soldier . The soldier was about to shout to stop the fight but was hushed by Mahesa Birawa . He wanted to see with his own eyes how formidable the techniques executed in the fight . Shouts and cries could be heard continuously . Every cry would be followed by a soldier’s body laid dead on the ground . In Mahesa Birawa’s estimation, there were around thirty soldiers under Suto Rande’s command ganging up on the intruder . Silently Mahesa Birawa acknowledged the mighty skills of that intruder . He was still young, with good-looking face and armed with a spear he spun around like a propeller, whirring and each time slashing down a target from the attacking soldiers! Mahesa Birawa knew that the spear in that young man’s hands was a seized weapon . What made Mahesa Birawa struck in awe was the fact that although mobbed by tens of opponents, the young man calmly parried their attacks while laughing and whistling! Several opponents collapsed with their chest or belly severely pierced by the spear’s tip . Then a loud cry came out . A massive body was thrown, crashing down right in front of Mahesa Birawa . When observed closer, it turned out that it was Suto Rande, the martial arts chief trainer! He died and on his forehead there was the number 212 branded…! The number also reminded Mahesa Birawa on the report given by Raden Werku Alit’s messenger regarding Kalasrenggi’s bizarre death, hanged upside down and found dead with the number 212 on his forehead! Without waiting for more victims to fall, Mahesa Birawa shouted!

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