Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 17

“This Mahesa Birawa orderd you to stop this battle!”

The thundering sound abruptly brought a stop to the battle . The crowding soldiers jumped out of the battlefield . The foreign youngster still stood where he was with a spear in hand . Mahesa Birawa’s shout made him turn his head to where the sound came from . And his pair of eyes immediately met a man standing upright with his thick moustache flowing, dressing beautifully . On his waist was a kris . He mumbled inwardly, “Hmm… so this is the man named Mahesa Birawa…”

While he mumbled, that man walked towards him, “Stranger lad!” Mahesa Birawa shouted with a strong and fierce tone . “Even though you somewhat have a strong martial arts you can be proud of, this is not the place to show off your skills!”

The youngster whistled, “Is it true that I am in the presence of Mahesa Birawa now?” he asked .

“Who the hell are you?!” Mahesa Birawa snapped .

“My name is well written on the forehead of your lackey there!” The 212 Fighter pointed at the dead body of Suto Rande .

“Hmm… Might as well…!” Mahesa Birawa twisted his moustache . “You were the one who killed Kalasrenggi, right?”

“Wrong! I only hung him, and it was God who ripped away his soul…” the 212 Fighter chuckled after he said that .

“You know what Mahesa, a human like Kalasrenggi doesn’t deserve to live long in this world! It is already a great luck for him that a river was willing to harbor his body! And you know what… on the face of this earth, there are still a lot of people like Kalasrenggi, and even more despicable than Kalasrenggi that must be wiped!”

“This isn’t a place to preach, lowly bastard!” Mahesa Birawa was enraged

“Oh, I see…? Then let’s talk in private, Mahesa Birawa . I have indeed been looking for you!”

Mahesa Birawa grinned . His face was then turned jet black in an instant, “If I’m talking to you, then you should know that you coming here was none other to deliver your lowly life!”

Finishing his sentence, Mahesa Birawa slammed his right fist forward . A gushing, fiery wind blew strongly towards the 212 Fighter! The 212 Fighter jumped three spear distance high to the air . The raging wind blew past below him and smashed into a tree .


“Crack!” the tree was, inevitably, not only struck down by the fist wind but was also blackened and burned! Both men were surprised . The 212 Fighter was surprised with the ferocity of the fist and the level of his opponent’s inner power while Mahesa Birawa didn’t expect that his strong punch was dodged easily with a simple jump to the air!

With full caution, Wiro Sableng landed with both feet on the ground . “Mahesa Birawa…” he spoke, “Battling is easy . It starts easily, and can be ended easily as well . But I told you already, I wish to speak with you! Also…”

“Lowly brat! Who would want to speak with you!” Mahesa Birawa interrupted with his shout . Once again, his right fist was slammed forward . If the previous attack was utilizing a third of his inner power, then half of his power was flowed into this punch now! Yet for the second time Mahesa Birawa was startled as the 212 Fighter managed to once more dodged his vicious attack .

“Mahesa Birawa, are you the old one will no longer give me any chance to speak with you alone?!” asked Wiro Sableng . His patience was starting to fade from his heart . If only he wasn’t keeping his Teacher’s, Sinto Gendeng’s, mission at heart, he would have definitely retaliated Mahesa Birawa’s assault with his own!

To avoid losing too much face with his failures as his two strikes were beautifully dodged by his opponent, Mahesa Birawa exclaimed, “It’s useless for you to talk, I’ll take your soul from your measly body anyway!”

The 212 Fighter chortled, “Listen up, Mahesa Birawa…” said the young martial artist, his jaws were gritting hard, signifying his suppression of anger and his effort to keep his patience . “I’m bringing a message from Granny Sinto Gendeng!” Mahesa Birawa was shocked beyond belief when he heard that name .

“Who the hell are you then?!” he asked .

“Who I am is not important . I will wait for you tonight on the Jatimaleh Hill . Come alone, Mahesa Birawa . Come alone…”

“You can speak here!”

The 212 Fighter shook his head . “At the Jatimaleh Hill…” he hissed

“I said here!” barked Mahesa Birawa

“Are you afraid of going to the hill in the middle of this dark night? Or perhaps you’re afraid of the chilling, biting wind? Or afraid of the spirits that have been bothering you so far…?!”

Mahesa Birawa gritted his jaw . He signaled, and with tens of the soldiers there he jumped forward! The 212 Fighter jumped up as high as seven spear distances . He held on to the tip of a branch, spinning a full moonsault when he saw Mahesa Birawa threw some kind of projectile secret weapon . Mahesa Birawa exclaimed when he found out that his secret weapon was turning back to attack him . He swept his left hand forward, swatting the secret weapon, yet they still hit the soldiers around him . Four of his soldiers groaned and fell to the ground! The shadow of Wiro Sableng had vanished, but his voice was still echoing in his eardrum .

“Jatimaleh Hill, Mahesa! Tonight . Remember… come alone…”

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