Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 5

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 5

“Ho ho…. Where are you ratting off to?!” ask Bladra Wikuyana.“I told you that once you got in, you gotta leave your life here!”

Wiro Sableng uttered none in reply. If there are ten evil person as mighty as Bladra Wikuyana here on the face of this earth, then the world would surely descend into chaos, he thought. When the enemies were attacking the 212 hero, he welcomed them with the [Wave Crashing Hurricane Wall]. For a few breaths of time, Bladra Wikuyana’s staff assaults were held at bay and this opening was used by Wiro Sableng to jump up, dove back down and unleashed his [Fruit Throwing Monkey] attack. A huge blast was heard. Wiro was forced to go down back to the stone stage as his attack was swept away by the flow of the opponent’s staff’s black wind. The youngster was cornered to the wall of the cliff on the east side! The youngster cursed inwardly, and while he was cursing, his opponent’s staff swept onto his head! Wiro leapt to the side, the staff slammed to the cliff and smashed it apart! When Bladra Wikuyana turned around to attack once more, his step was halted. His bloodshot eyes stared unblinkingly to the double-edged hatchet-shaped weapon in his opponent’s hand. The Hurricane of the West couldn’t help but to shiver when he saw that weapon. Twenty years ago, he saw first-hand the might of the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 himself. Now, would he be able to face it head on?!

“Hurricane of the West,” The 212 Hero said. “You better hurry and ask forgiveness to your creator for all your sins thus far. Else you won’t have a chance even if you want to after this …. !”

The Hurricane of the West aka Bladra Wikuyana covered his awkwardness with a chuckled laugh. Knowing about the might of the weapon in his opponent’s hand, he opted to strike first! Black waves of light roiled around to the 212 Hero. The youngster countered with the [Madman Swatting the Fly] technique. The Fire Dragon 212 Hatchet in his hand moved, flashing to the left and the right, producing a droning sound like thousands of hornets attacking! Bladra Wikuyana was incomparably grimed when he felt how his mighty staff was no longer able to freely move. It was suppressed, blocked and slammed by the wind from the double-edged hatchet in his opponent’s hand! Bladra Wikuyana quickened his staff art and tried to attack his opponent with his mighty and deadly techniques. After the 98th stance, this old fighter started to be greatly disadvantaged! In silent, Bladra Wikuyana was soaked in cold sweat. He tried to block his opponent’s weapon strikes as much as he could, but inevitably his staff clashed with his opponent’s weapon and was mercilessly cut in half! Bladra Wikuyana dared not to clash his weapon for another more, his eyes started to find for any avenue to escape! He grumbled in regret as he ordered his disciples to lower down the rope ladder as it was the only way for him to escape out of the abyss! As his mind was split up, one half thinking of ways to escape and the other part concentrating on the opponent’s attack, Bladra Wikuyana’s defense was letting out more and more gaps. It wasn’t that these gaps were missed by the 212 Hero,  if he wanted to then he could’ve smashed that crippled old man, instead from the lips of the 212 Hero could be heard some random whistling playing a random song!

While hacking to the waist, Wiro spun the hilt of the hatchet in a half circle, hacking Bladra Wikuyana’s right wrist that was made from wood! That sickle shaped artificial hand was cut and fell off, flying in the air! Bladra Wikuyana jumped backward, his face quickly became pale. He groaned as a heat wave emitted from the opponent’s weapon slipped through the mutilated wooden hand into his body!

“It’s just your wooden arm, ye Hurricane of the West! Why are you so pale as a ghost?” Wiro Sableng laughed incessantly. “Now I shall get your wooden leg!”

Right after he said that, Wiro Sableng whistled and jumped forward. His hatchet hacked to the head of Bladra Wikuyana. This old fighter dared not to clash his weapon and hastily jumped in his dodging and unleashed a counter attack with his bare hand that produced a formidable gushing wind. But with his Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 in hand, all kinds of fist art from the bearded old Hurricane of the West, no matter how formidable, was now useless n front of him! The Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 swung to his shoulder, and then turned with a hack to the waist, and then again changed with an attack to the head, causing the old martial artist with a vast experience incomparably busy blocking. And when the opponent’s weapon tried to make a parry downward, he no longer had a chance to evade! For the second time the hatchet’s blade hacked another part of his body, Bladra Wikuyana’s right leg! Despite his staggering, the old man could still jump in evasion outside of the battlefield. His face was incredibly ghastly pale with his forehead drenched with sweat! His chest felt bloated with hate, vengeance and killing intent! Holding his body with the tip of his staff, Bladra Wikuyana closed his eyes, his mouth chanting an incantation.

“What other technique are you using, o Hurricane of the West? You better listen to me… This young man would still spare you some mercy as long as you swear to repent and to live in good and justice, no longer committing crime for the rest of your life. How is it…?!”

Bladra Wikuyana slightly opened his eyes. His lips grinned mockingly. “Don’t think that you’ve won, you da*n greenhorn! I’m still miles away from losing! Look at my face, you da*n brat… look at my face …“

Wiro Sableng’s eyes shrunk to a line. When he looked at Bladra Wikuyana’s face he was badly shocked. The martial artist now split into six and blackened! His teeth turn into scary fangs, his eyeballs enlarged and his tongue became long up to his chest. From the twelve eyes on those six heads, green light was shining.

“Ah… this kind of demonic art could only serve to scare little punk!” taunted Wiro Sableng. He swept the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 forward, the gushing wind smashed Bladra Wikuyana down, but his demonic face was still the same, and even it grew increasingly scarier. Suddenly, with a loud, wounded-tiger-like roar, the old martial artist lunged forward, preceded with twelve green flashes coming out from his demonic eyes!

“Crazy old bastard! I give you mercy and you unleashed some crazy-ass demonic technique instead!” cursed Wiro Sableng. He stood silently for a brief moment, and in an instant his deadly hatchet slashed down from top to bottom! The Hurricane of the West laid cold on the stone stage unmoving, also soundlessly. His head, way down to his chest was cleanly cut into two. Blood gushing out into river! And that signified the end of the dark sect martial artist who had spread the seed of evil all his life, teaching people to the dark way! Wiro Sableng scratched his long hair and spat in disgust. He also felt disgusted seeing blood gushing out from Bladra Wikuyana’s body. He looked at the deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 in his right hand. The hatchet’s blade was soaked in blood. The youngster shook his head in amazement. “Good weapon… good weapon…” he muttered.

And then with a single blow of his breath the bloodstain on the blade was gone! The mighty weapon gifted by Granny Sinto Gendeng was promptly slipped back to his waist. For the next half an hour Wiro Sableng entered and searched inside, checking what was inside the Sanggreng Cave. He found a huge number of food supply, along with money and jewelry. According to his thought, the money and jewels were most likely to be the yield of robbery that was stashed and became the treasury of the Sanggreng Cave School. Wiro took some amount of money and jewelries for his supply on the road. Afterwards, the youngster sat on a big chair and enjoyed the food available in the cave. When he went out of the cave, he saw that the sky had reddened, signifying the coming sunset. The youngster quickly looked for some rope ladder. The ladder was then thrown to the sharp stake at the edge of the cliff, and the young hero started to climb up the ladder. From above, before he left, he swept his view for the last time into the stony abyss. Twenty six corpses scattered around. The youngster scratched and shook his head and he started moving along where his feet would take him.

Night fell along, when he didn’t even know where exactly he was right now. His whistles echoed in the forest of stones. While walking, the youngster sang:

the reddish sky, the wind was bold…

the sun dropped to the western horizun…

the coming night was dark and cold…

walking alone sure was no fun…

yet being tailed also not fine…

The song was definitely off the tune and was repeated over and over a few times. Finally, at a steep downward path, the 212 Hero stopped his singing and sat on a protruding rock. Laughingly, he said, “the person tailing me… why are you hiding behind the rock? Come out and show me your nose, don’t know if you’re a human or a ghost…?” Wiro looked at the gap between the cliffs that he just passed through. Silence replied to his inquiry.

“Ah, the person behind the rock surely is shy…” he said.

“Let me see myself how he looks!”

Right after he said that Wiro Sableng slammed his palm to the gap. Some of them rolled down, and from behind the rocks he heard a muffled scream!

What he didn’t think of was that his stalker since the Sanggreng Cave was instead a girl!

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