Wiro Sableng - Volume 2 - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 9

In just a brief moment after Kalasrenggi left the old hut, strangely the man he accublocked and kicked just then suddenly stood up swiftly and walked back to the hut . He wiped his wet face, soaked in the rainwater and mud . He looked at his clothing, which was all dirtied and tattered . He patted on his left hip which was kicked harshly by Kalasrenggi .

“Damn it all! That a****le sure knows how to kick!” he cursed .

“If it’s another day, I’ll surely reply to his hospitality!” Actually when Werku Alit did his accublock, that man already predicted his move and intention . Before the attack came, he flowed his inner power into the left side of his body . And then, when the accublock attack from Werku Alit landed on his body, this man pretended to fall unconscious . As well when Kalasrenggi kicked him, from his fake fainted, face-down position, he could still see the leg movement of the man and prepared to brace himself so that when the kick arrived he only felt a bit numb! And the discussion between the two men was clearly heard as bright as day to him . That man sat in crouching position and pondered . Who on earth were those two men? Who was the one referred to as “Raden” and who was the other person? Why were they talking in the middle of night, in such a foul-smelling-secluded-place? And the task given by that person referred to as “Raden”? Who is Rara Murni? Are those two not only some common-trouble-making bandit group? The one trying to kidnap Rara Murni would then extort her parents?

That man rubbed his chin . There were many points that he didn’t know rear nor face that he just encountered . But tomorrow when daylight shone he could find some information in the Capital .

The next day, he had circled around the capital since the morning for quite some hours, going to and fro places . Yet, he couldn’t locate the nose of the two people he encountered last night . He ended up entering a small food stall . At that time he indeed felt his throat burning by his thirst and his belly singing the song of hunger .

While eating he kept on thinking .   It seemed impossible that the two men from last night to be some thug or bandit… a bandit wouldn’t be referred to as “Raden” . A “Raden” would definitely be some noble, rich guy . Then why would the rich noble kidnap someone’s daughter? Did he propose but was rejected??? He finished up his meal, and when he looked around apparently the stall was full with people having their lunch . With a full stomach he walked to the stall owner . He asked how much he had to pay for the meal and he gave the money to him .

“Here’s your change, lad,” said the stall owner . He was an old man, with all his hair greyed out .

“Ah, no need sir . You can take it…” said the young man . The old man looked in amazement, so was several people sitting nearby . The young man with a long hair, worn out cloth but with his cute, childish look was acting like some tycoon with a lot of cash to throw out, even refusing to take his change! But others’ attention was just briefly directed to the young man . Each of them later on returned to taking care of their grumbling bellies and hungry mouths . The young man closed in on the stall owner and inquired with a low voice:

“That money was spared to pay up some info from you, dear Sir,” he said .

“Information?” The old man frowned . “What information…?”

“Have you been staying here for a long time?”

“Since I was a baby until now I have a great grandson!” answered the stall owner . His heart still questioned in wonder .

“Why are you asking so, lad?”

“Oh, it’s okay… Perhaps you are familiar with a girl named Rara Murni?” This question instead caused this old man to wonder even more .

“Everyone in Pakuan here knows well who Rara Murni was,” he said

“Oh… no wonder… no wonder… That Rara Murni you asked about should be the little sister of Prabu Kamandaka!”

It was certain that the young man was shocked to hear so . Who would have thought that Rara Murni was the little sister of the Pajajaran Kingdom’s king?! But he cleverly hid his shock . Right after, someone in the stall asked him

“Young man, what purpose do you have to ask about the Prabu’s sister…?”

“Oh, it’s nothing… nothing at all…”

“If you are ill intent, you must know that in this capital there are numerous fine warriors of the Prabu with their sharp ears!”

The young man curved a smile on his lips, “You suspect me too much, old man . I am just a village bumpkin that heard rumors from one mouth to another, that Rara Murni is a beauty that can cause the downfall of a city or a nation . Isn’t it normal for a man to ask about a woman…?”

The young man laughed heartily, but it was cut abruptly by a loud yelling from the door .

“Which blind human dared to freely talk about the Prabu’s sister? Do you dare to face me?! I want to see his dog face!” that shout was extremely loud and fierce . The young man saw how the old man in front of him trembled in fear .

“What did I tell you… what did I tell you…” he muttered over and over . The young man slowly turned his body . On the doorstep he saw a soldier standing straight holding a spear .

“Great! You do look like a stupid monkey . It suits well for you to be caged in the palace!” The soldier waved his hand, and not long after two more soldiers appeared on the door .

“Arrest that long haired young man! He had insulted the Prabu’s little sister!” With their spears wielded, the two soldiers stepped toward the long haired youngster .

“Wait a minute brothers… a minute please!” the youngster said while holding his palms forward . A glint of gentle light flashed towards the two soldiers accupoints .

And to all the discerning eyes inside that stall, they only saw the two soldiers halted their steps for fulfilling the request of the youngster . Although instead, the two soldiers were already hit by accublock attack from afar and was standing stiffly, neither able to move nor to speak!

“Wait a minute, I want to speak first!” said the long haired youth to the soldier standing on the door .

“What? Hurry and spill it out!” a fly flew onto and landed on the left arm of that long-haired youngster

“Ah, this darn fly! Disturbing me trying to speak!” said the long-hair youngster . His right finger flicked the fly . But his real aim wasn’t for the fly itself . It was indeed blasted away with a smashed body, but the wind wave from that flick proceeded to block the accupoint of that soldier standing on the doorstep . People only saw him standing as before, but in actuality his body was already stiff like a log! The long-haired youngster then came and approached him, he pretended to whisper something to the soldier and then he tapped the shoulder before going out . People started to wonder, and a few moments after that weird youngster went away, suddenly:

“Thud… thud… thud…!” The three soldiers fell down on the ground one after another! As they touched the ground they became awake and sober! The food stall blown into commotion . The three soldiers rushed outside the food stall with embarrassment, anger and rage steaming, but the long-haired youngster was long gone! Those three was none other than Kalasrenggi’s lackeys . When the long-haired youngster strolled around the Capital looking for the two men he saw last night at the hut outside the wall, without him knowing, a pair of eyes was stalking him . That person was none other than Kalasrenggi, who was getting ready to do the mission assigned by Werku Alit . When the long-haired entered the stall, he sent those three soldiers inside, with an order to arrest the youngster with any excuses whatsoever they can think of . Once he was captured, further investigation of who that youngster was would be conducted by Kalasrenggi after he finished the mission from Werku Alit . When the three goons entered silently, they overheard the conversation between the youngster and the stall owner . This then became the pretext to arrest the youngster . But since the three soldiers were depending only on their raw physical strength without any inner power skills, they were easily made into a plaything by the long-haired youngster!

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