Wiro Sableng - Volume 3 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 2

Searching for the sake of vengeance in this land of Java Island was never an easy task . Hundreds of miles must be walked on, tens of hills and mountains must be climbed up and down, dozens of rivers must be traveled, numerous jungles and forests must be swept and within all those, uncountable obstacles and trials must be confronted . Obstacles and dangers caused by the nature itself as well as by humans leaving in it, especially from those forging themselves in the wild, fierce martial arts world! Perhaps months, or even years will pass until the nemesis was encountered, and even there were also possibilities that the revenge will go unpaid, with the avenger himself encountering a tribulation on the way and had to lose his life before the vengeance was scored .

Kalingundil was aware of all those, but he was not worried at all . With the newly obtained martial arts he had mastered, he was certain in facing any kinds of danger in his journey to seek for Wiro Sableng, the 212 Fighter, the nemesis that had cut off his hand, the one that had made him a cripple for life! Besides that, Kalingundil already had his own plan to settle the debt with the 212 Fighter . He was sure that he would be able to meet with the mighty youngster, and he was also sure that his grand plan to seek for vengeance will succeed!

First of all he planned to meet Mahesa Birawa aka Suranyali in Pajajaran, as he last met this grand leader and martial teacher of his when he was within the kingdom . But when he arrived there he was badly disappointed . The fire of his vengeance even burned more in his heart to an unprecedented level when he found out that Mahesa Birawa had met his demise, dead in the hands of Wiro Sableng when the great rebellion happened the other day .

With all the stroke of vengeance that was rooting ever deeper in his heart, Kalingundil left Pajajaran . He crossed the Kendang River, resuming his journey to the Siharuharu Hill that was located not far away .

Around that moment in time, the summit of Siharuharu Hill was the location of a martial arts school titled the White Lotus School . This school is only three years old but its fame had already sounded along the borders of West Java and East Java (TL Note: Look up on Google on this two provinces, now existing in the modern day Indonesia) . The fame of this White Lotus School was not only due to its goals of helping the weak and destroying the dark martial arts schools that was the cause of numerous sins, chaos and evil but also because this school was led by a figure who had gained his fame in the last ten years in the martial arts world . This figure was Wirasokananta, a martial artist whose age was then had reached half-a-century .

At that time, Wirasokananta was meditating at the summit of the Galunggung mountain to deepen his mental skills and to purify himself of all the mistakes and sins he had done all over his life . The leadership of his school was left behind in the hand of his eldest disciple, the smartest and his most trusted, Gagak Kumara .

The White Lotus School at that time was enveloped in tranquility . In the grand hall the disciples of the school, which numbered only eight people, six males and two females were sitting in lotus position, solemnly paying attention to the thing read out by Gagak Kumara, a book written by their master, preaching on the literature of life, spirituality, mysticism and worldly knowledge

Gagak Kumara’s voice was loud and clear, very crisp to the ear of his listeners and thus every single advices and lessons he read out was immediately comprehended by his seven martial brothers and sisters .

“In this life…” read Gagak Kumara, “every human will and must go through three stages in life . First is where the human is born from the mother’s womb to this world . The second is where he goes through his life in this world and the third is where he parts from this world, returning to whence he came, or known as death…”

When Gagak Kumara’s preach reached that point, outside that big house a startling laugh was heard, followed by a shout, “Exactly… exactly very much! Born, live and die! Pooped to this world, roaming this world and croak! Ha ha ha…!”

Of course this loud and insulting shout was containing a high level inner power that startled all of the disciples of the White Lotus School, including Gagak Kumara himself! All of them turned their heads to the door where a man dressed raggedly and dirtily, with his terrifying face and limp right hand stood .

“Brother, who might you be…?” asked Gagak Kumara after he briefly examined this stranger guest . He kept sitting calmly on his place with the book quietly put on his lap .

“Don’t ask me first!” snarled the man on the doorstep while he grinned hideously . “I am not done talking…!”

Some of the White Lotus School disciples now looked curiously and moved aside from their seat . But with a silent signal Gagak Kumara told them to restrain their act for now .
And the man on the doorstep resume his words, with first pointing his left index finger at the book on Gagak Kumara’s lap . “What was written there, what you just read was exactly correct! Born, live, die! But do you all know that everything written there and what you just heard today will be your own fate right now…?”

“What do you mean brother?” asked Gagak Kumara, still with his calmness and lack of ferocity .

The limp hand chuckled, “It is useless for you all to own the book… useless for you to own it if you can’t even understand what my words meant! You’ve all been born, you’ve lived and roamed this world, but you have never tasted death, never tried being dead! Well, today, to prove the truth of what is written in that crappy book, myself – Kalingundil – is willing to help you all to know how it feels to be dead! Ha ha ha ha !”

And thus Gagak Kumara rose and stood up from his sit . The book on his lap was folded and handed over to one of his junior martial brother .

“Brother,” said Gagak Kumara calmly . “In this world, there are indeed many people who had gone insane . I fear that you are one of those people who lost your way and eventually reached here!”

Kalingundil’s chuckle stopped abruptly . His face grew stern, his jaw was gritted really hardly . His left hand moved to his waist and in a blink of an eye that hand had held on to a broken sword that emanated a blue light, the Blue Demon Sword!

With a single glance, although the sword was broken, but the disciples of the White Lotus School was aware that the sword in the hand of that unknown man who claimed to be Kalingundil was a really powerful, treasured weapon, it was still very dangerous despite broken!

Suddenly Kalingundil shouted loudly . His figure jumped forward, the broken sword slashed, causing the blue light hacking to the side . Gagak Kumara no longer held back and released a barehanded punch that was filled with boundless inner power . But Gagak Kumara was badly startled when the slash of the broken sword in his opponent’s hand had caused his inner power punch wind to be deflected to the side!

“Brothers!” one of the White Lotus disciples shouted, “this wicked, evil kind of man don’t deserve a one-on-one fight . Let’s vanquish him together!”

“Everyone stay put!” Gagak Kumara yelled, “No matter what we must protect the name of the School and must not tarnish the name of our master! Hold fast to the knightly manner of the marti…” . Gagak Kumara’s valiant speech could no longer be continued as at that time Kalingundil had resumed his assault with a very strange technique . No matter how this highly skilled Gagak Kumara dodged, the tip of the broken sword inevitably managed to cut through his robe and scratched the skin of his chest . At the moment the scratched was made, Gagak Kumara felt that his body had turned heated .

Kalingundil chuckled, “This broken sword is the Blue Demon Sword… it contains a very powerful, evil poison . In three hours your life shall fly away from your body! Ha ha ha ha!”

This news badly shocked Gagak Kumara, as well as his martial brothers and sisters . Gagak Kumara unsheathed a kris from his waist, his martial siblings also did the same thing, and this time Gagak Kumara no longer said anything . Thus the eight disciples of the White Lotus School, each with a kris in hand surrounded Kalingundil who held the formidable, mighty broken sword as his weapon!

Kalingundil only laughed evilly when he saw this happening . “You all will be better off committing suicide rather than dying from my broken Demon Sword!”

“Demon Sword…” hissed the disciples of the White Lotus School in their heart . They had heard the formidability of this sword from their master, but it was rumored that since a few years ago, this sword had vanished, and now that it had resurfaced, its strength hadn’t diminished for one bit, despite its condition! But whatever weapon the opponent had in hand, at that moment the eight disciples of Wirasokananta didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear or anxiety!

All eight of them lunged forward . The eight kris flashed to eight different body parts of Kalingundil! The one under attack grinned and then released a loud shout . His body flashed, blue flashes from his sword whirled, encircling his body! Three shrieks was heard at almost the same time and three martial brothers of Gagak Kumara fell in a pool of their own blood, their life was cut short at that moment!

Gagak Kumara gritted his teeth . His blood boiled from his anger, but the wound in his body made his body grew weaker over time . He circulated his entire inner power in his body, and Gagak Kumara went berserk with all that he has . But his opponent’s sword arts were truly formidable, very uncanny and unpredictable . One technique later, two more of his martial brothers were dead, laid lifeless on the ground . Seeing this, Gagak Kumara immediately yelled to his two martial sisters, Wurnimulan, Nyiratih… the two of you go! Leave this place! Save yourself!”

But the two ladies were valiant girls with a lion’s heart! Wurnimulan replied, “Life and Death together, Big Brother Gagak Kumara!” The girl moved in a flash and sent a swift stab to the opponent’s neck .

Kalingundil laughed . He evaded the kris stab by slanting his body and at the same time his left leg moved .


Gagak Kumara’s final martial brother was slammed to the wall . His chest bone was cracked and bent inside after a kick from Kalingundil . His heart and lungs were ruptured, his life was gone!

Gagak Kumara himself was already running out of steam at that time . The wound on his chest and the poison from the Demon Sword really affected his condition all the way to his veins . He knew that in a few moments he would definitely follow the fate of his other martial brothers . Knowing his fate, he once again shouted, warning the sisters, “Wurnimulan! Nyiratih! Run! Run before it’s too late!”

“Those fine ladies won’t be able to run far! Your lowly lives are already at the tip of my Demon Sword… but before your death, I’ll first let them taste the world!”

Kalingundil chuckled . Gagak Kumara who understood the meaning behind those words for the millionth times shouted to warn them, but the two girls wouldn’t care more and instead attacked even more fiercely! Kalingundil dodged nimbly all their attacks, and then with incredible speed, by using the hilt end of the weapon in his left hand, the man accublocked Wurnimulan and Nyiratih! Both of them were then turned stiff . Knowing the disaster that will soon befall his two martial sisters, with all the power that he could still muster and all the might yet to be lost from his body, Gagak Kumara assaulted Kalingundil from the side .

The one attacked turned around and said, “Your end is before you already, death is right on your doorstep… You might as well suicide…!”

“First eat my kris, your bastard! We have neither grievance nor enmity with you . Why is your viciousness go overboard like this…?”

“Ah… whatever! I’ll shut your blabbering mouth anyway!” said Kalingundil .

The Blue Demon Sword slashed to Gagak Kumara’s abdomen, which dodged by a jump by the disciple of Wirasokananta . But once he jumped, the opponent’s weapon pursued him with even greater speed, now heading towards Gagak Kumara’s face, and could no longer be evaded…!

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