Wiro Sableng - Volume 3 - Chapter 8.3

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Chapter 8.3

Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 8-3

212 Fighter really didn’t expect the formidability of Kalingundil’s inner power to multiply many times since a few months ago! On the other hand Kalingundil instead cursed inwardly . When he struck with the three consecutive punches, he had utilized three-quarter of his inner power . Even though he had obtained a martial art that is unique and with a high quality, his opponent nevertheless was still stronger than him!

Kalingundil gritted his teeth .

“Crazy kid, take this Azure Demon Punch!” barked Kalingundil . His right hand was punched forward . An azure light flashed towards the 212 Fighter which just landed his feet on a piece of land near the edge of a marsh!

Our beloved fighter jumped four spear distances high and from above he sent a counter punch that was not one bit weaker .

The wind from that punch caused a sound like hundreds of flutes being blown at the same time . Dust swirled up in the air, the mud from the marshes looked as if they were boiling . Kalingundil circulated his inner power to his feet to defend himself . His body was trembling under the wind from his nemesis’ strike, but his pair of feet was as sturdy as steel, clawing to defend his spot . Anxiously, with a ferocious shout the 212 Fighter doubled the inner power he was using in that strike!

Now Kalingundil could no longer held on in place despite using all his might . Both of his feet was blown away like a root of the tree pulled out from the ground, blown away from its defense . His body staggered harshly to the back towards those deadly marshes . He pushed his hand forward to dispel the wind from his nemesis’ strike and at the same time he summersaulted in the air, jumping over a small marsh and landed on the other side of the land! Thus, now the two martial artist once more faced each other, separated by the marsh!

The stumped man chuckled coldly . His left hand moved to behind his robe . A moment later his left hand was gripping on an azure-colored broken sword . Despite his stump, seeing the azure light from the weapon, Wiro Sableng knew that the sword in his opponent’s hand was an enchanted sword .

“Do you see this sword, crazy kid?!” barked Kalingundil . “Your life shall end on the tip of this weapon!”

The 212 Fighter chuckled, “The man and the sword are one and the same! Both of them are stumped!” mocked this student of Granny Sinto Gendeng .

Kalingundil’s face was seething red in anger . “Mocking is indeed easy . But you should know, killing you with this weapon is even easier than that!” replied Kalingundil . “Open your dog eyes wide, crazy kid, and witness its majesty!”

Kalingundil swept his broken sword towards the marshes in front of him . The mud from the marsh splashed to the sky seven spear distances high! Some of them splattered to the side as if they were sliced apart, that the dark bottom of the marsh was able to be seen clearly for a few short seconds!

“Good weapon,” said Wiro Sableng inwardly . “Even in its broken state it is already this incredible . I can’t imagine it in perfect condition . How did that little kitten managed to get his hand on it…?”

“You see that crazy kid?” Kalingundil snapped .

“Your weapon is not bad, Kalingundil . But rather than using it for crime, it is better if you forge it to make you a prosthetic!”

Kalingundil was deeply enraged . He swept the weapon to the direction of the 212 Fighter . Thus a streak of blinding azure light flashed!

The 212 Fighter was no fool . He quickly channeled his inner power to his two palms, and he jumped high into the air .


With a thundering yell Wiro Sableng unleashed strikes, building windwall that layered one after another . Once his strikes managed to block the opponent’s attack, Wiro attacked back with his own Monkey Throwing Fruit punch, unleashing half of the inner power in his reserve!

The first strike had made Kalingundl’s attack blocked as if crashing into a solid, tough cliff rock . The second attack didn’t only disperse the azure light of Kalingundil’s attack but also smashed through it, and now it was Kalingundil that was in defending position! The attack forced Kalingundil to dodge two spear distances away to the side . After the dodge, Kalingundil decisively lunged forward . His sword hacked furiously, azure light that blasted cold and sharp aura flew to the 212 Fighter!

Wiro Sableng shouted loudly! The shout blasted into Kalingundil’s ears, causing them to tremble furiously! The sword was slashed towards the opponent’s abdomen but in that instant Wiro flashed and disappeared from his sight! Kalingundil anxiously swirled his broken sword with a delicate sword art, and the azure light drove in waves to besiege Wiro Sableng!

Just as the habit of the 212 Fighter, when the battle was heating up, he would start his shrieking whistling sounds, playing a random tune! His body was now only shadows of his real body, mere afterimages! As it was indeed very dfficult to determine which one was the real body amongst all the others which were mere afterimages, almost all of Kalingundil’s attacks instead landed on empty spot . Nevertheless, the demonic  martial arts that Kalingundil inherited from the Demon Cave last time was only a third of the whole, yet it was still a sight to behold .

The 212 Fighter knew that even in the next twenty or so stances still won’t be able to touch a hair of him, even more so injure him . But on the other hand, he would have trouble to counter attack himself, as every attack unleashed by Kalingundil contained their own defensive profoundness! The demonic martial arts inherited by this stumped hand demon was indeed very formidable!

Nonetheless the teachings of the Mighty Granny Sinto Gendeng over Wiro during his time of seventeen years becoming her students woud be a waste if he can’t even handle an enemy of this caliber in a one-on-one fight .

The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter immediately changed his martial arts style . The unpredictable moves of Kalingundil was faced with his own seemingly random techniques, attacking here and there unrestrainedly . Both his hands were opened wide to the sides like a Garuda bird while his lips unceasingly whistled a shrieking note that relentlessly stung Kalingundil’s eardrums like a tsunami! At that moment, both fighters had fought for more than thirty passes! It was really incredible that thirty passes of incredible techniques passed like nothing! And now it was clear that Kalingundil was badly disadvantaged .

No matter how Kalingundil moved and performed his techniques with increasing speed, no matter how he threw his feints and attacked like a raging bull, he was still badly pressured, and he was even being gradually pushed back towards the deadly marshes!

“Ha… ha… ha… it seems that your one way ticket to hell will be through these marshes Kalingundil!”

“Damn brat! Stop your nonsense! Eat my Demonic Star!”

Throwing himself back and away, while still holding to the broken sword, Kalingundil used his left hand to throw a dozen of azure colored star-shaped weapons to his opponent .

“Ah… why do you have to show your childish technique?” mocked the 212 Fighter . His right hands rotated in the air . A swirl of tornado blasted forth and the Demonic Stars were blown away all over the place, losing their target .

The second Wiro Sableng used his hand to block the secret weapon, the chance was immediately used by Kalingundil to jumped away accross the smaller marshes .

“Little kitten! Where are you running to???” yelled Wiro Sableng .

In reply, Kalingundil tossed a white scroll towards the 212 Fighter . Initially Wiro thought that it was another secret weapon, but when he realized it was just a plain white scroll, he quickly caught it and it was then Kalingundil used the chance once more to jumped further away and with his profound movement technique he left the place .

Wiro hadn’t the slightest intent to chase after the stumped hand man . Full of curiosity he opened the scroll in hand . It was apparently a letter written by Kalingundil for him .

“This cripple in my body shan’t be forgotten for life . The death of my friends and Mahesa Birawa shan’t be forgotten for as long as I draw breath . All those are the fruits of your labor . The day of vengeance shall come! Dare you do the deeds, then dare shall you burden the blood revenge! On the thirteenth day of the tweltfh month I shall await you on the peak of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain . If the guts to come you have not, then better you take your life here and now!

The 212 Fighter was incensed . He crumpled the challenge scroll . “That damn little kitten!” grunted Wiro Sableng . He ran to the hill, but Kalingundil’s shadow was nowhere to be seen .

The challenge from Kalingundil for the face-off in Rawasumpang was just to measure how far the formidability of his Demonic Martial Arts can contend against his nemesis . But in the end Wiro Sableng was still much stronger than he was . But that didn’t make him dejected . On the day of his choosing, his blood vengeance will surely be paid . On that day in Rawasumpang he finally managed to send his deadly invitatin letter to that nemesis of his . He was absolutely certain that the 212 Fighter will go to the peak of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain!

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