Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10.2

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 10-2

But that lovely laughter abruptly vanished when the cave mouth produced some noisy chatters .

“That wench must have brought the Sultan here! Let’s investigate inside!”

And in mere moments, four figures with red robes and red veils came up in that room . Sultan was surprised, while Blue Veiled Goddess snorted from under her veil .

One of the members from the Soul Snatching Devil Cult shouted and pointed forward, “See that! Our Vice Head surely had given us the right info, that the Sultan was with her!”

Another member of the Soul Snatching Devil, the one with a tall slender body stepped forward, “Damn bitch! Quickly handover that man to us!”

“Hehehe… you dare mocking me surely means you dare to die, red veiled bastards!” replied Blue Veiled Goddess with a tit-for-tat .

“Crazy bitch, what the hell are you relying on to dare say that?” barked the tall slender man .

“You better tell me your names! I’m not used to killing random cockroaches whose names are unknown to me!”

The tall man laughed blandly . Raising his chin a bit, he patted his chest and said, “My name is Siralaya . My monicker is Soul Grasping Hand…!”

“Hmm… not bad… not bad indeed . Your nickname is pretty nice . So are you coming up one-on-one or all four of you at the same time?”

Soul Grasping Hand’s face turned beet red in anger .

“Crazy bitch! Take my attack!”

Soul Grasping Hand hit his right hand forward . At the same time Blue Veiled Goddess also thrusted her left hand forward . The tall and slender Hand Grasping Soul was startled when he felt how his wind strike was pushed back by his enemy’s wind strike that the backlash actually threatened him! He hurriedly dodged to the side .

“Siralaya, get lost! I’ll take care this female devil!” the second Soul Snatching Devil member stepped forward .

“Tell me your name!” shouted Blue Veiled Goddess .

“You need not know my name . But my nickname is the Skyshaker!”

“Hoooh… your nickname was definitely unfit with your midget body! It is more fitting for your nickname to be Ugly Frog instead!” mocked Blue Veiled Goddess .

Skyshaker’s mouth trembled in anger . The moment both of his hands moved, two waves of wind that made the room trembled violently shot toward the Blue Veiled Goddess .

Yet incredibly, the Goddess who was still sitting on the boulder instead laughed mockingly and flicked her right hand once . And thus the wind strike from that Skyshaker was dispersed!

The Soul Snatching Devil members angrily shot forward . Both his hands open wide to the side and they moved at the same time in an invisible blur!

“Stinky man like you had no qualifications to get close to me!” barked Blue Veiled Goddess . Her right hand struck once! Skyshaker was thrown backward four spear distances away and rolled on the floor, throwing out mouthfuls of blood from his mouth with a bloodcurdling shout!

Considering his condition, Skyshaker quickly reached into his red robe’s pocket, taking out a medicinal pill, hurriedly swallowed it and immediately meditated in a strange pose, with his head below and his feet upwards .

Seeing that his two friends were beaten black and blue, the third member of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult moved forward . This one had a fat body .

“Blue Veiled Goddess, I won’t tell you my name nor my nickname . But if you are as good and experienced as your reputation is, then you surely will be able to see this attack of mine!” The fatso ended his speech with a move from his two hands . Abruptly six flying knives shot towards six different parts of Blue Veiled Goddess’ body! Inwardly, Sultan was shocked when he saw how mighty this flying knives attack was . He was worried that Blue Veiled Goddess would not be able to dodge all six of the flying knives!

But strangely, the one being attacked instead laughed as crisply as a lark . The first flying knife was caught with her right hand . And then that very weapon was used to block the other five knives that the knives in hand as well as the one attacking her were broken and blocked away!

The eyes of the four members of Soul Snatching Devils opened wide in shock, even more the Flying Knife! As long as his life had been, this was the first time his flying knives attack was so ridiculously blocked! And in his shock, he saw that Blue Veiled Goddess threw the broken knife piece to him . The Flying Knife abruptly scrambled to dodge but alas he failed! The knife piece still slashed at his left ear . And thus, the earlobe of that man was cut in two! What a weapon that slashed one’s own hand! Blood was splattered on the floor, and the Blue Veiled Goddess just giggled in glee . .

Flying Knife in his anger rallied, “Fellas, let’s just get this female devil together!” and thus the four members of Soul Snatching Devil Cult lunged forward in assault . Seeing that the Goddess was being jumped in group, Sultan Hasanuddin decided that he couldn’t just watched with folded arms . He lunged forward as well and launched a quick attack towards the Soul Grasping Hand . But when she saw that, Blue Veiled Goddess moved her body to the side and said, “Sultan, you just be a good boy and watched me there . Don’t need to bother yourself to take care of these stinky cockroaches!”

The Sultan was displeased . No matter how formidable Blue Veiled Goddess was, this unfair group fight no matter what didn’t sit well with his valiant heart . For the second time he was about to redo his assault . But at the same time, a miserable scream was heard from the Skyshaker . His body was thrown to the roof of the stone room, crushing his skull . Even before Skyshaker’s body reached back to the floor, the second Soul Snatching Devil members’ wails was heard . His thorax bone was dented inside, crushing his ribs in pieces!

The Flying Knife and Soul Grasping Hand went berserk . Twenty strikes went away in a blink of an eye . In those twenty exchanges, the two of them kept on pressuring Blue Veiled Goddess greatly . The room shook as if an earthquake was raging! Abruptly, Blue Veiled Goddess shouted loudly, “You stinky devils! Go to hell!”

The Goddess’ pair of soft hands reeked out an incredible aura of death, splitting it into a great technique called “ The Deathbringing Pair of Hands”!

Flying Knife and Soul Grasping Hand no longer had any chance to dodge . They don’t even have the thought to block the attack . Facing death that was right in front of their eyes, they could only screamed in fear!

But right at that time, a thundering voice roared from outside the cave, “The human that dared to mock my Cult shall be my two hundredth dead soul!” Once the roar ended, two flashes of hot, red streak burst towards the Blue Veiled Goddess!

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