Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 13-1

WHEN Wiro Sableng woke up from his unconsciousness, he felt that his head was supported by a warm thigh, while his nose smelled a refreshing odor . He opened his eyes and his gaze fell upon a face covered by a layer of blue veil . The youngster was surprised . He quickly rose and stood on the floor . Under the veil, Blue Veiled Goddess had her cheeks reddened with the scene . Wiro Sableng looked around . The room was clean of the dead bodies of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult members . The Sultan himself was nowhere to be seen . “Where did he go…?” asked Wiro

“He, who?”

“The Sultan!”

“He went this morning . To Demak . ”

212 Fighter looked carefully forward, to the face covered by the veil . The voice of this lady in front of him seemed familiar and he seemed to recognize her from the past, but he couldn’t get his finger to who she might probably be!

When he recalled that this lady was the person who helped him, the 212 Fighter immediately bowed in respect .

“Blue Veiled Goddess, I thank you for your help . . I will definitely repay your kind help in another day . ”

“I do not expect for any repayment…” and Blue Veiled Goddess looked away when for the umpteenth time 212 Fighter stared carefully at her pair of eyes . Her chest shook . She held back the passion in her heart .

Seeing the awkwardness in the Goddess’ attitude, recalling that the sound of the woman was familiar to him as well, Wiro really was curious to see the face under the veil . But before that, he first inquired, “Goddess, is it possible for you to give me any clue of the whereabouts of Andjarsari and the Tumbal Wilayuda kris?”

“Andjarsari was kidnapped by the Soul Snatching Devil Cult . The Tumbal Wilayuda kris was also in their hands . You must quickly take charge at them 212 Fighter!”

“But the world is vast… where could I possibly find them?”

“The Cult is located in the Marble Valley…”

“My thanks for your information, Goddess”Wiro pondered for a bit . Suddenly he remembered the point, “Blue Veiled Goddess, when I was battling with the Cult members you had shouted my name . How do you know…?”

The Goddess’ heart trembled when he heard of this question . Looking away at another direction she answered, “the great name of a martial artist would surely spread far and wide…”

But I’m not a named martial artist…” said Wiro humbly . “And I am certain that I felt that I have met you before this . I can still remember and recognize your voice…”

Blue Veiled Goddess lowered her head . Her sharp and shiny eyes were now dimmed and fogged with tears . She suppressed her raging feeling . She channeled her inner power to suppress the trembling in her voice . “No… we’ve never met before, 212 Fighter . And in this vast world, there are bound to be people with similar voices…”

Wiro Sableng took a step forward .

“Goddess, if you don’t wish to tell me the whole story, please at least let me know your real name . ”

“But you know it already . ”

“Ah… Blue Veiled Goddess is certainly just a moniker you gave yourself…” answered wiro .

“On another day I might tell you my name . But now I hope you can leave this place . ”

But the youngster kept on insisting, “Please hear me, Goddess . Everyone that had helped me, I must know their name . If you don’t wish to tell me your name then it is fine as well . But would you be willing to open your veil for a moment and let me see how you look…?”

Blue Veiled Goddess sighed, “That is also not necessary . You’ll end up regretting it…”

“Why would I?”

“You’ll be surprised to see my ugly and hideous look . ”

“Even hideous look, but with a clean and rightful heart is thousands of times better than a person with a beautiful look but a bad, evil heart . ”

“I cannot grant your wish,” said Blue Veiled Goddess with a sternness that she struggled to push all the way to the surface .

212 Fighter took another step closer . “Well then,” he said, “please forgive me as I was forced to do this . ” Wiro reached out his hand to open the veil covering her face .

“Is a valiant warrior this rude and uncivil?!” Blue Veiled Goddess snapped .

Wiro’s hands briefly stilled . But as the woman didn’t actually seemed to dodge away his head, he continued his action .


And the blue veil was opened!

212 Fighter looked on with wide eyes . “Anggini!” he exclaimed .

Apparently the face under the veil was none other than a beauty . It was the beautiful girl that was acquainted by 212 Fighter as the disciple of the Wine God! (Author note: from “Death Sang in Pajajaran”) . For a moment, Wiro Sableng could only stood dazed while Anggini only lowered her head, trying to hide her watery eyes and also her expression that covered a mixture of her feeling and passionate heart . For the last few months she had been wandering to try finding the 212 Fighter and only now they managed to meet again in an unexpected situation!

“Will he be able to understand how I feel for him?” Anggini, now known as the Blue Veiled Goddess thought inwardly

“This is really an unexpected surprise . Anggini…” Wiro hissed .

Anggini nodded agreeingly . “Yes, indeed it is unexpected…” her trembling voice was once more suppressed by her inner power that it was undetected by the young man .

“But it is also something joyful for me,” said the 212 Fighter . “Your martial arts have been progressing by many folds . Who would have guessed that the Blue Veiled Goddess was none other than you!”

Since Anggini kept her silence and still lowered her head, Wiro asked her, “I don’t get it . Why did you deliberately tell me that you had a hideous face…”

“Ah…” Anggini inhaled deeply .

The 212 Fighter pondered for a moment . He remembered a passionate night a few months back when he was alone with Anggini, right after the battle at the Sanggreng Cave .

“For all this time you have been learning from a mighty master, haven’t you?”

Anggini nodded .

“It seems that you aren’t really happy with us meeting, Anggini?” asked Wiro Sableng .

“Don’t just randomly guess, Wiro…” replied Anggini, and she inwardly added, “you know how I feel about you…”

After a moment of silence Wiro said, “That night at dawn, I am sorry that I had to leave you behind… Have you returned and reported back to your master, the Wine God…?”

Blue Veiled Goddess shook her head .

“But why…?”

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