Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 13.2

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 13-2

“How can I possibly return without getting his orders done back then…?” After saying that, both of Anggini’s cheeks turned beet red in embarrassment .

Wiro Sableng laughed, “Hooo, so that drama hasn’t ended until this moment then…” Wiro shook his head in disbelief (author note: as you may remember, in the “Death Sang in Pajajaran” book, Anggini’s master, the Wine God adamantly tried to match Anggini with the 212 Fighter . Of course, 212 Fighter were unwilling . After a few bouts of clashes that was deliberately planned by the Wine God, he then ordered Anggini to find 212 Fighter and that disciple of his was not allowed to return back to her training, unless he brought 212 Fighter as her future husband!)

“You should have returned to your master’s abode, Angginni . Who knows he might have already retracted that unacceptable plan of his…”

“I know how my master was, Wiro . Once he gave me an order he would never take it back! And if I cannot fulfill his order, returning to his abode would only mean me getting punished…”

“So that’s why you have not returned back there?”

“Yes,” and she continued her story without anyone asking, “That morning after you left, I kept on looking for you for months until one day I met two riders with red robes and red veils . Apparently those two were the Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult and one of his men . You have seen first hand how fierce this group was . Even without any grudge between us they deliberately caused trouble for me under pretense to kidnap me . I managed to kill the lackey, but I didn’t have the strength and skills to fight against the Head of the Cult . Under an accublock I was brought to their lair in Marble Valley . . I was put in a room…”

When her story reached this part, Anggini couldn’t muster the strength to continue . She breathed in and out a few times . Tears that had been welling up finally flowed down her reddened cheeks . Wiro himself felt his chest and his breath to stiffen . Perhaps all this time this was the first time he was in this kind of serious attitude . His funny and cheerful demeanor was all gone, engulfed by the waves of feelings after he heard Anggini’s story, a story that had yet reached its ending .

Bracing her heart, Anggini then continued her recount, “the Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult was about to rape me, and then he would give me to his men to enjoy . But God still cared for me and protected me . Before that bastard Cult Head managed to get his despicable desires fulfilled, a mighty old woman barged into the room and took me on my escape…”

Anggini took a deep breath and continued, “That mighty granny was none other than Purple Chariot Goddess . I was taken to her abode and also made her disciple . Now she has gone . Passed away…”

A long silence ensued .

“So what is your plan after this…?” asked the 212 Fighter .

“I’m not sure myself . But one thing for sure is that I will definitely get my bone deep revenge back from that Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head…”

“It seems that we have the same objective, which is to take care of that despicable Cult”

A long silence was once again in the air .

“Anggini…” said Wiro, breaking the silence, “This time our meeting won’t be long…”

“You indeed never want to be with me for a more than a mere moment…” said Anggini, the Blue Veiled Goddess mockingly .

212 Fighter put his left hand on the right shoulder of Anggini . The woman felt a strange aura that was warm and soothing the heart that flowed in her body .

“I told you before that this encounter is a very joyful one for me . But we both have to understand that I must save Andjarsari and take back the Tumbal Wilayuda kris . One day in the future I will definitely come to visit you here…”

Anggini fell silent . He played around the blue fabric that was used to cover her face .

“I’m leaving, Anggini…”

“Wiro…” Anggini felt her words choked in her throat .

212 Fighter felt his steps grown heavy . He looked at the beauty in front of him . He then saw how the girl moved her hand, squeezing his fingers that were placed on top of her shoulder . A shiver ran down the young blood of the 212 Fighter . He bent down and kissed at Anggini’s forehead . When he was about to pull back his head suddenly the girl’s hand circled around his neck really tightly .

“Wiro… Wiro… please don’t go yet…” Anggini whispered . Their breath flowed on each others . Wiro caressed the fair cheek . When Anggini closed her eyes, the 212 Fighter put his lips onto Anggini’s . The meeting of the pair of lips was oh… so softly . At first they were stiff as a dead man, but then the urge of desire started making its vibration on the surface of their lips . And when things reached this point, the two lips then danced, entangled on each other, squeezing on its counterpart’s . The two kissed as if they wished to never part for an eternity .

“Wiro… I love you, Wiro… I love you…” whispered Anggini repeatedly .

“Hmm…” the 212 Fighter answered unclearly . He bit on the lips of the woman .

“You love me too right?”

“Hmmm…” Wiro answered with another mumble .

“Answer me, Wiro . Say it…” and without them realizing it, the two bodies were already wrestling on each other on the floor .


Suddenly a raucous laughter blew up in the room .

“Hahaha… what a fun scene to be viewed! Carry on… carry on… 212 Fighter, why don’t you just strip the girl’s body naked! That would be thousands of times more delightful! Hahahahaha!!!”

Another one in the group bantered back, “The famed 212 Martial in the end was nothing more than a pervert martial artist . But that’s fine! Before we sent him to his grave we could give you some time to have some fun! You’ll only have worms to kiss and sleep with in the grave anyway!”

Both the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng and Anggini were as surprised at this event . The two of them quickly jumped and got up . Anggini tidied up her clothes that were opened a bit on her cleavage!

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