Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 15.1

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Chapter 15.1

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-1


This valley was surrounded by marble stones that were shining under the sunlight . All over the place, even all the way down to the bottom of the valley it was all huge lumps of white marble stones . In the middle of the valley bottom, a big building with two storeys can be seen, that was made from marbles, from the bottom all the way to the roof . This building was really exquisitely made . On several parts outside and inside of this marble building, there were several beautiful stone carvings that made this building not really suited to become the lair and nest of an evil organization such as the Soul Snatching Devil Cult .

The 212 Fighter stood at the eastern edge of the valley, shading from the sun under a protruding lump of marbles . From where he stood, he could see that the building was not crowded, rather desolate . Not even a single member of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult was visible .

By going along the shades and covers of the marble stones, 212 Fighter started to climb down the valley . And finally he reached the bottom . He was only roughly thirty spear distances away from the marble stone building . Wiro jumped towards the covering of another marble stone formation, and then jumped to the left, and another left jump so that the distance was a mere ten spear distances away .

The main door of the building was opened wide, as well as the windows on the bottom floor and the top ones . Weirdly, even now the building still seemed empty and desolate just as before . “There is probably a bout of discussion inside…” thought the 212 Fighter inwardly . He decided to wait until about the time for tea drinking to finish before entering .

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the marble stone building .

Inside a secret chamber there were four people wearing red veils and red robes . One of them was wearing veil and robe with a darker shade of red than the others . He was none other than the Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult . He sat on a chair, his back to an altar . In front of him were three people . One of them was the Vice Head of the Cult, while the other two were members of the Cult with the highest martial arts of all . On the lap of the Vice Head laid Anjarsari . The Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult nodded his head and the Vice Head immediately stood up . Anjarsari’s body was laid back on the chair while he walked before the Head and bowed, “Cult Head… please forgive my lateness in performing the mission and returning back here . There were several obstacles along the way…”

“Did you get the Tumbal Wilayuda kris?” asked the Head . His voice was heavy and gravy like a sledge hammer .

The Vice Head nodded his head and then took out a kris whose whole body was made of gold, from its sheath all the way to the kris’ body . As this was an enchanted weapon, its body itself emanated a deep and bright golden light! They eyes of Soul Snatching Devil Cult’s Head glimmered when he saw the weapon . Once he received it he took a moment to learn it in more details and then he slipped it to his waist .

“What else do you bring?” asked the HJead . His Vice Head turned his body and pointed at the body of Anjarsari that he laid on the chair . “That girl was the future wife of Sultan Hasanuddin . I managed to kidnap her…”

“How about the Sultan himself?”

“I actually almost managed to also took him away when we were at the headquarter of the Black Blood Beggar Society, but in a surprise attack, a flash of a figure’s shadow in blue managed to took him on an escape . When I followed her trail that shadow was apparently the Blue Veiled Goddess . That damn wench was about to be finished when I attacked her with several members if a crazy young man titled the 212 Fighter hadn’t suddenly appeared there!”

“Hmm… I indeed have heard several rumors about the appearance of a strange newcomer in the martial arts world…”

The Soul Snatching Devil Head rubbed his chin that was hidden under his veil . He then asked, “So you and your men didn’t manage to finish that young warrior?”

“That man was crazy strong . He also had that double edged axe… the Fire Dragon Axe 212!”

It was just a hatchet for woodcutting, and you’re so scared of it… How about the Black Blood Beggar Society?”

“At the beginning, since I felt that we were all from the same dark martial artist side and had no enmity with them, I asked for the kris, Anjarsari and the Sultan to be given peacefully . But they disobeyed my order . I was forced to finish them all that none was alive when I left…”

“That is good!” said the Soul Snatching Devil Head . “In these one to two days, we will immediately set off to Banten! This time, indirectly, with the Tumbal Wilayuda kris in our hand, Banten is practically ours . And as the reward for your merit, you can take that girl as yours!”

The Vice Head was jubilant when he heard that . After the Head and the other two first class members left the room, the Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head quickly carried Anjarsari’s body into his room that was located at the furthest end of the second floor of the building .

A time for drinking tea had passed .

Wiro took another peek from behind the marble stone formation . The building still looked empty and desolate . Impatiently, the youngster utilized his light body technique and flashed like a swallow to the roof of the second floor of that marble stone building . The top of the building was flat and slippery . On the other side, a few spear distances away, he saw two men with red veil and red robe were busily playing dam (TL Note: dam is a traditional Javanese “chess” game) . Once the corner of their eyes saw a flash of white shadow they immediately turned their heads around .

“Hey!” shouted one of them . “Who are you?” barked the second person . 212 Fighter put his left index finger on his lips, signaling them to stay quiet . “Sssshhh…” he hissed . And then suddenly his right hand was punched forward . No mercy, the two men with red robes were downed on the roof with blood frothing out and the dam board and pieces flew far far away to the air .

The 212 Fighter giggled ridiculously . He looked around the perimeter and then faintly from the other end of the building he heard the screaming of a woman . The youngster quickly ran to the other edge of the roof . Under the roof, right above the window there were several holes for wind to circulate . From those windhole Wiro took a peek inside the building! And the blood of the 212 Fighter felt boiled when he saw what was happening in that room under his very roof .

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