Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 15.2

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-2

Anjarsari was almost naked . Her long hair was messy and ruined all over the place . The girl was panting and screaming and struggling, but alas she was powerless to get rid of the body of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult Vice Head that was holding her from on top of her body! Without wasting anymore time, the 212 Fighter jumped down and break the room window with a kick from his left foot .

The Vice Head of that Devil Cult was incomparably shocked! He saw the room window was ruined and a mere second later a figure blitzed down and entered the room!

“Lowly bastard!” Snapped the scary faced man . He jumped from his bed in a flash and took on his red robe . He didn’t have a chance to wear his veil as the 212 Fighter had already attacked him ferociously!

The Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head contended the enemy’s attack with the “Kicking Sky Stumbling Cloud” technique . The technique was so strong that the 212 Fighter was forced to hold back on his bloodlust to continue his attack . And this chance was used by the Soul Snatching Devil Vice Head to run out of the room .

The only way out for you is to go to hell, you damn beast!” howled the 212 Fighter who then hunted him with ferocious nimbleness .

The Vice Head escaped to a big hall where every wall of it had five doors . Once he stepped into the room he immediately shouted, “Members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult! The building is breached! Get your ass out here!”

After the shout, all twenty doors on the four walls opened wide and twenty members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult jumped out . All twenty of them wore red veil and red robe and held a blade of red sword! The Vice Head himself also took out a golden nunchaku from under his robe .

“Cut this crazy brat to pieces!” commanded the Vice Head . His word was ended with a smash of his golden nunchaku to the 212 Fighter! Even when they were separated a few spear distances away, the wind strikes from the nunchaku had already blown towards the 212 Fighter, and at the same time as well, twenty members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult had already attacked upon him! Twenty blades of red swords were brandished! In a blink of an eye the 212 Fighter was surrounded by a rain of swords and smashes of the nunchaku!

This disciple of Granny Sinto Gendeng roared ferociously . He quickly dropped his body on the floor . Once he was align with the floor, his two hands were put together to create two circles . Thus two hot, white circles that were burning to the eyes started to wave . Everywhere was screams of death and wails of sorrow . More than half of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult members were downed on the floor with burned body after a brush with the “Sunstrike” technique from the 212 Fighter!

Seeing the fate of their comrades, those that were living started to lose their guts and begun to think of ways to escape . But of course, they were also afraid of their leaders, especially when their Vice Head snapped, “Come on! Fear not! Let’s attack him again with the “Smashing Mountain Stabbing Hill Breaking Dam” technique!

For the last few years it could be said that it was immensely rare for the Soul Snatching Devil Cult to use the “Smashing the Mountain Stabbing the Hill Breaking the Dam” technique, unless when they were facing a major opponent with incredibly high level of martial arts and martial skills . And that day, the fact that they were about to use that ultimate technique was a clear testament that the enemy they were facing was one that was great! And that was indeed the truth!

212 Fighter immediately took out his Fire Dragon Axe 212 when he heard of that formidable name of the technique . So far he had only heard all his enemies attacked him with techniques with four words attached to it . But this time it actually had six words on it! This was definitely some incredible ultimate technique!

And so, when the enemies assaulted him, 212 Fighter brandished his Fire Dragon Axe 212 . Wails of deaths once again echoed in that room! Sis members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult fell down, bathing in their own blood . The two remaining alive, along with the Vice Head of the Cult who held on his nunchaku despite his limp hand due to the previous battle with the 212 Fighter’s Axe, now signaled each others . The remaining two shot at Wiro and sent four consecutive attacks . Their Vice Head actually jumped to another door and pressed on a secret switch!

The moment 212 Fighter hacked the two enemies with his deadly hatchet, at that very second suddenly the floor he was stepping on were opened to the side . Unsurprisingly, his body fell into a room around twenty spear distances deep, while the mouth on the floor that was opened was now covered by iron bars as thick as an adult’s arm!

“Hahahaha…!” The Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult laughed in glee . “Even if you have ten heads and twenty arms and legs, don’t expect that you can escape from this death trap, 212 Fighter!”

“Damn human!” 212 Fighter was very incensed and anxious . He slammed his right hand upwards . A streak of white light flashed . The floor on the upper room was blasted but the traphole was not one bit changed . The Soul Snatching Devil Cult Vice Head himself already swiftly dodged to the side, while taking out a small bell from under his robe . Once he rung the bell, the Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult and the other two first class members with high level martial arts walked out .

Seeing the demise of so many of his men, the Head of the Cult roared angrily . His face that was hidden under the veil frowned, his eyes shone with rage . He walked to before the Vice Head .

“You only called for me with the bell after all of our members were killed?” What a great merit that you have done!”

The Vice Head felt his knees shaken when he heard the roar from his superior . “But Cult Head, that man was super mighty . However, I had managed to capture him! Look down there!”

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