Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 17.1

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Chapter 17.1

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 17-1

THAT night in a secret room, Parit Wulung, Karma Dipa, Djuanasuta and another famous member from the Demon Fire Cult, a martial cult that was led by Saint Macan Seta were conducting very important discussion . This martial art master was one that had inherited the whole martial arts from Saint Macan Seta . His name was Rana Tikusila . He and a dozen other members of the cult were deliberately asked to come by Parit Wulung to reinforce his position and to guard against any unwanted problem . Just like Macan Seta, their faces were also painted with different colors . Parit Wulung, sitting at the head of the table, opened the discussion, “Brothers, this meeting is very crucial as it is related to the Tumbal Wilayuda kris . Until today, we still haven’t found it, while the Sultan himself left no trail to be followed at all . Saint Singo Ireng and Saint Macan Seta also sent no news whatsoever . I wish that…”

Parit Wulung suddenly stopped his words . He stared at a secret contraption at the corner of the room . It was moving gently .

“Brothers, please get ready,” said Parit Wulung . “There is an uninvited guest apparently eavesdropping at our discussion on the roof!”

And right after Parit Wulung finished his sentence, two boards of the roof suddenly flapped open and a figure flew down as light as a swallow . There was no sound at all heard when his feet touched the ground!

Rana Tikusila, Karma Dipa and Djuanasuta quickly drew their weapons . Parit Wulung himself rose from his seat and yelled, “Are you human or ghost? Do you think you have so many lives that you dared coming here?”

The uninvited guest whistled out the familiar tone, telling us that he was none other than the 212 Fighter himself .

“You look down on me way too much, Parit Wulung,” replied 212 Fighter . He glanced lightly when he saw Rana Tikusila moved towards him with his blade crossed ready before his chest .

“Quickly tell us what you want coming here,” said Tikusila while readying his right hand that was holding the sword, lifting it high .

“I am the personal messenger from the Sultan Hasanuddin!”

And thus everyone in the room was startled . From under his clothes the 212 Fighter took out a paper scroll and tossed the thing, falling on top of the wine glass right before Parit Wulung .

“You can read it,” said 212 Fighter . Parit Wulung gritted his jaw when he saw the condescending look of the youngster, but he still took the letter on top of his glass and he read it .


Parit Wulung,

I am hereby gifting you a chance to surrender yourself along with the other rebel lackeys until tonight . Your evil plan to usurp the throne of Banten Kingdom unrightfully over the blood of so many innocent people and soldiers of Banten on top of the palace officials will be in vain!

No matter what you try, you shalt not obtain the Tumbal Wilayuda kris . Your two lackeys, those Saint Singo Ireng and Macan Seta had met their ends .

If you surrender, I will reduce the punishment that it will not be as heavy . But if you dare defy my demand, your head shall be the appropriate punishment, as no matter what evil shall not prevail over the righteous, evil shall not prevail against justice!

Be warned! Your time is until tonight only!




Parit Wulung’s face darkened when he read that letter . But then he chuckled which burst info a fit of laughter . He handed over the letter to Karma Dipa, which then passed it on to Djuanasuta and Djuanasuta gave it as well to Rana Tikusila . And afterwards the room blasted into a raucous laughters of the four men .

Wiro himself grunted inwardly, “You are the Sultan’s messenger? You look like an ape, how come!” said Rana Tikusila . “Let me ask, what do that Sultan of yours rely on that he dared to make this kind of threatening letter?”

Wiro laughed raucously, “You mock too much, friend!” he said, “You can try taking a look on that big mirror on the wall there, and you should see . Your own face is painted in multicolors like a mad man… surely looks even much worse than mine . It’s either your parents are real tiger or they are possessed, crazy tiger wannabes!”

Rana Tikusila flew into a fit of rage when he heard this mockery .

“Shiiing,” he unsheathed his sword and he quickly sent a deadly stab towards the chest of 212 Fighter . This stab is part of the ultimate technique of the Demon Fire Cult and was named the “Arrow Piercinig the Moon”! All this time when he was facing his tough enemies, only a miniscule part of them that would manage to dodge the follow up part of this technique, called the “Bow Smashing the Mountain Top”

But on that very day, Rana Tikusila met his match . His stab unwittingly only hit an empty spot as it was dodged beautifully by the 212 Fighter . With anxiousness and embarrassment with his miss in front of his colleagues in the room, Tikusila followed up with lightning speed with the “Bow Smashing the Mountain” . His sword made a turn to hack at the waist of his enemy!

But this new interim leader of the Demon Fire Cult had even worse luck . With a speed that was pretty much blurs to the eyes, the 212 Fighter managed to hit on Tikusila’s elbow joint . With his sword flying in the air, Tikusila let out a painful roar! And at the next moment his sword apparently was already at the hands of the 212 Fighter! Parit Wulung and the other two rebel leaders had their eyes opened real wide . Rana Tikusila also had his face paled, cold sweat gushed out flooding his forehead!

“I come here not to create any problem but just to convey the message and letter from the rightful Sultan of Banten! I demand an answer right now, are you all willing to surrender or not?!”

Parit Wulung grabbed the letter in the hand of Rana Tikusila and ripped it apart, “This is our answer!” said Parit Wulung and he tossed the pieces of the letter to Wiro Sableng’s face . The young martial artist blew the ripped letter so that the pieces scattered on the floor, “So little rebel alliance, please be advised that none of you will still be in this palace tomorrow morning…”

“Men, get this young bastard!” Parit Wulung ordered . The 212 Fighter replied with a chuckled . He threw the sword he held in his right hand to the giant lamp that illuminated the room . In a blink of an eye the room turned dark and Wiro lightning quickly flashed to the top of the roof, gone in the dark of the night .

When dawn arried, the whole Capital City was shocked to the core . How can’t they be? On the courtyard of the palace, poles were lined up, hanging on them fifteen men that had died since last night . All of their eyes were opened, as if dying restlessly, their tongues were spat out, and on their forehead were visible three familiar numbers: 212!

All fifteen of them that had met their end in this strange way were none other than Rana Tikusila along with twelve other members of the Demon Fire Cult as well as Djuanasuta and Karma Dipa, the two ringleaders of the rebels from Pajajaran!

On the neck of each of everyone of them were hung a piece of paper written:


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