Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 2-2

“Wicked rebels! I’ll takeyour life even if I haveto throw away mine!” Sultan Hasanuddin shouted . He assaulted forward, but even before he launched his attack, a buzzing sound just like a thousand bee was heard . Six weird, shiny star-shaped objects whooshed swiftly towards the rebls . Five of them tried to dodge away or block the object, but they were mercilessly kiled by them! Allfive of them wailed loudly, fell to the ground, their body jolted briefly and then laid stiffly on the ground, lifeless!

The rebel officer, in his surprise, managed to use his sword to somewhat block the the shiny star-shaped object with his high level sword art .


The look on the officer’s face grew pale . His sword indeed managed to block the incoming deadly weapon, but it was also broken into two by them!

Both the officer and the Sultan Hasanuddin abruptly turned their head to the big tree fom where the hidden weapons came from .

“Damn devils on the tree, come down now! Stop hiding yourself!” roared the officer .

In response, a chuckling laughter sounded from above, and then followed with a figure lightly jumping down to the ground from the top of that big tree . Apparently, the person was a youngster with a cool, handsome look and long hair . His age was probably not that far off from the Sultan himself . At that moment his robe was a bit loose and the strong wind blowing also revealed a bit of flesh under his robe, and thus showing the numbers 212 imprinted on the chest of the 212 Fighter .

Seeing that the youngster was facing him with such a mocking laughter, the officer yelled once more . “It seems you still don’t know who you are dealing with! You still don’t know what kind of trouble you have dipped your foo…” but the officer’s words were only up to that . Almost invisibly, the 212 Fighter had moved his hands and released a 212 throwing star towards the talking rebel officer . And thus, “hack!!!” a choking sound was let out from the officer’s mouth when the hidden weapon went all the way into his mouth . The hidden weapon was gone, while blood gushed out from the mouth of that rebel officer . His fate after that was no different than his underlings that had gone to the next world before him!

Sultan Hasanuddin quickly moved coser to the 212 Fighter, “Brother, you have saved my life . I…”

The 212 Fighter signaled to him . He walked quickly and crouched down before Mangkubumi Mintra . The old man was actually not dead yet, but his breathing had grown slow and short . His mouth was moving faintly .

“Sultan… he probably is trying to talk to you,” informed the 212 Fighter or known by us as Wiro Sableng . When he heard that, Sultan Hasanuddin also quickly crouched down next to the body of the old man Mangkubumi Mintra . The old man, with what power left in him, opened his eyes that were then sparkled in relief . When his gaze fell upon the face of Sultan Hasanuddin, he smiled gently .

“Sultan, were you alright…?”

“I’m alright, Sir… not hurt…” The Sultan gently rubbed the old man’s hair and wiped the sweat on his forehead . The sweat and the body had already turned as cold as ice .

“Thank the God…” hissed Mangkubumi Mintra . “I am certain that under your leadership, the rightful Kingdom of Banten will once more reign the land…”

Sultan Hasanuddin nodded . He was about to say something but he held his lips when he saw the old mand had turned his head to the youngster that had helped them .

“Young warrior… I am delighted for you to have come . Even more ecstatic that you managed to have saved the Sultan . May the God repay you for this incredible merit…” the old man stopped his words for a moment, as if he was gathering new strength from whatever’s left in him . And thus he once more opened his mouth…

“One thing for sure is… if the throne of Banten had been returned to its rightful owner, the Kingdom and the people of Banten will never forget your help and benevolence…”

The 212 Fighter forced himself to a smile . He knew that with the old man’s wounds, he was already beyond saving . Thus he said, “it is a shame old man, that I can’t do anything about your wound…”

“Ah… you need not care this old, worn out body of mine . I’m happy to embrace death in this manner… Happy that in this time of my death, I can see the light after the dark,  that Banten will definitely be back to its rightful heir…”

Mangkubumi turned back his gaze to Sultan Hasanuddin . He tried to open his mouth once more to speak his last message to the Sultan, but alas… the angel of death had already taken his life off of him . Tears welled up on Sultan Hasanuddin’s eyes . He bit his own lips to hold his sobbing .

Suddenly the forehead of the 212 Fighter frowned . He turned his gaze eastward . “What’s wrong sir…?” asked the Sultan that hadn’t heard anything at that moment .

“Those damn rebel lackeys, I guess…” answered the 212 Fighter .

“Cecunguk-cecunguk pemberontak itu kurasa…” ujar Pendekar 212 .

A few moments later, the Sultan finally heard the sounds of numerous galloping horses, coming towards their location at that moment . A bit later, amongst the trees and the high bushes they saw around twenty rebel soldiers led by a man with white robe and dark face with a long, messy hair .

Wiro said, “Sultan, please quickly leave this place!”

“No way, my friend! Mangkubumi Mintra had now laid lifeless, leaving this world for good, and it is very cowardly for me to leave you all by yourself . Moreover, you are my savior!” rejected the Sultan when he was asked to leave .

“It’s not about being coward, Sultan! The most important thing now is your safety and also the safety of the Tumbal Wilayuda kris in your hand . ”

Of course, Sultan Hasanuddin was surprised when he heard what the 212 Fighter said . He was already badly surprised when he heard the youngster called him “Sultan”, and now even more when he knew that the youngster was aware of the Tumbal Wilayuda kris being in his possession!

Meanwhile, the riders group was getting ever closer . Wiro Sableng or the 212 Fighter once more exclaimed, “Quickly go before it’s too late! About the old man’s body, I’ll take care of it . As long as the hill is green, we will someday meet again!”

Hearing that, and indeed there was nothing else that he could do, Sultan Hasanuddin immediately left the place .

Just when he was leaving, from behind the bushes, twenty rebel soldiers under the leadership of the Dark Face arrived there . He signaled, spreading the soldiers under his command . And thus the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter was then surrounded in the middle of twenty soldiers, all armed to the teeth, under the leading of a formidable martial artist!

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