Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 5

The Family of Wirja Pranata was a major noble family in Ujung Kulon . When he was young, Wirja Pranata and Fatahillah were very close bosom friends, that one time the two best friends promised that when the both of them had each a boy and daughter, one day the two of the offsprings will be engaged to each other

The noble daughter of Wirja Pranata, Anjarsari, had long known that she will be married to the King of Banten . However, thus far she had never even met her future husband . And when on that afternoon Sultan hasanuddin sudenly arrived, Lord Wirja Pranata was utterly surprised .

“Sultan, what happened? How come you came here without any guards and in this kind of outfit?”

Sultan Hasanuddin bit his lips to halt his raging heart . After he felt that the thing nibbling his heart subsided a little, he started to recount what happened .

It was a huge shock for the nobleman family of Wirja Pranata, including Anjarsari who eavesdropped the story from behind the walls of her bedroom .

For a moment silence reigned . Lord Wirja Pranata and his wife sat in silence without uttering any words . The Sultan himself also fell into silence for a time . When the Sultan left to clean himself up at the back, Anjarsari stole some looks from behind the door . Her heart thumped loudly and her blood felt hot . Ah… apparently the Sultan who would become her husband was a youngster with heroic look with a smooth healthy yellow skin, almost as smooth as a woman’s! Her heart was on cloud seven . When would her parents call her out and introduce her with the Sultan? When she remembered this, her heart was thumping even louder . When she faced herself in the mirror, it was really apparent how she was blushing red!

When afternoon slipped down and the day turned into evening, Anjarsari finally was asked to come out by her mother . Her meeting with the Sultan was really knee-buckling, but it also made her heart joyous . The girl put her head down, her face blushing beet red . The Sultan himself also looked downward shyly . The thing that his father said about his future wife being a beautiful lady was now becoming reality . The young man stole glances from the corner of his eyes at the lady .

Lord Wirja Pranata interrupted them with a cough, and then he asked his upcoming son-in-law . “So what is your next plan, Sultan?”

“I plan to go to Demak, and ask for aid of troops and weaponries…”

“That would be the wisest,” said Wirja Pranata . “But considering Demak is quite a distance away from here and Sultan is bringing the enchanted kris, I feel that it is best for you not to go by yourself”

His future father-in-law’s words were indeed rang true by the Sultan . And he silently remembered Wiro Sableng, the mighty youngster who had helped him twice . If the youngster was with him, he indeed would fear no danger at all .

As a parent who understood the hearts of young people and was also once young, not long afterwards Wirja Pranata and his wife went into the room . Thus now only the two youngsters stayed . The atmosphere was entirely different from before . The air felt uncomfortable, but it was not really uncomfortable in a bad way! This kind of feeling, either by Anjarsari or by the Sultan himself, was never experienced before . It was only the corners of their eyes that occasionally stole glances . When Anjarsari glanced for the umpteenth time, at that same moment the Sultan also glanced at her . And the two pairs of eyes met! Anjarsari quickly bowed her head to hide a reddened face!

The stillness continued for some time . No one dared to open the conversation . The Sultan also felt as if his throat was blocked, his tongue felt like stiffened and his mouth was zipped tight!

But in the end Sultan Hasanuddin opened his mouth, “If there was no betrayal from Parit Wulung, maybe until today there would be no chance for us to meet, Sari …”

“Yes … hmmm …, I was really shocked to hear the bad news, big brother…” said Anjarsari somewhat nervously, then she asked “Will big brother be leaving for Demak …?”

The Sultan nodded .

“The sooner the better, Has His Highness in Cirebon heard of the events in Banten …?”

“I hope so, since I sent a messenger there . ” Then to remove the awkward topic, the Sultan invited Anjarsari to walk out of the house . It was a beautiful evening . The full moon of the fourteenth day of the month shone brightly, the stars scattered in the bright night sky . Many nights have the two teenagers saw the moons on previous full moon nights, but for them it was not nearly as beautiful as tonight .

Right next to the great building of nobleman Wirja Pranata, there was a small garden . Inside the garden was a long bench . The two teenagers walked along to the bench . Suddenly the Sultan turned his head when his sharp ears heard a crackling sound above the roof among the silence . A black shadow flashed across and then vanished on the roof of another part of the building . Although it quickly disappeared but the Sultan still had time to see that the left hand of that black figure held an object in the form of a kris .

“Curses!” said Sultan inwardly . He cried out loudly, “Stop!” but the shadow of the figure had long since vanished . When he ran along the side to the other side, the shadow was already gone from the vicinity . In the confusion, the Sultan even forgot about Anjarsari . He ran into the building, all the way to his room and saw how the bed mattress was in a messy state . When he pulled the mattress at the head of the bed upwards, he found out that the Tumbal Wilayuda kris that was previously stored there no longer around! Vanished! And it must be that shadow that escaped was the one who had stolen it!

“F**king thief!” cursed the Sultan . He ran out again . When he got to the side yard he was surprised . Anjarsari was no longer in the park! She also vanished!

“Anjar!” called the Sultan . “Anjarsari!” he shouted again . But no answer!

Thus in the night, in the whole of noble Wirja Pranata’s mansion, all hells broke loose . Sultan himself, after giving the narrative, immediately flashed and left the manor . The Tumbal Wilayuda kris was gone! But his worries were more on the strange disappearance of Anjarsari . So he decided to investigate the disappearance of Anjarsari first and then look for the traces of the thief of the Tumbal Wilayuda kris!

Shortly after the Sultan’s departure, Wirja Pranata was also running in the opposite direction .

The night was cold and the wind was blowing hard . Wirja Pranata was a nobleman who was “uncommon” as well . Within a short amount of time, with his perfect movement skills he had gone out of town . Because the town outskirt area was rather flat plain, in addition to the moon shining brightly, then at the end of the plain Wirja Pranata could easily see two human body figures were running fast . The one behind was incredibly swift and nimble, and in a short time successfully overtook the one in front . Then a battle erupted! Without waiting any longer, nobleman Wirja Pranata ran towards it . He arrived when the battle was at its peak . One of the two men fighting were a long-haired young man in white clothing . His movements were very agile and gave rise to swirling winds . His opponent was a tall, scary, emaciated man with a very frightening face in black . One of his eyes was enormous and the other is just a hollow black cavity that was truly hair-raising . His skills were also not any bit lower than his opponent . His clothes were patched all over the place .

“Stop!” cried Wirja Pranata .

But the fighters did not care . The frightening man even launched four strong attacks that gave rise to sharp winds and heat!

The long-haired youth shouted loudly, leaping into the air and then swooping back down again, smashing his right hand forward . Strong wind resembling a roaring storm attacked the scary face .

“The Monkey throwing fruit attack!,” cried the scary face, rushing his black clothed sleeve . But his body was smashed to the ground sitting, due the striking wind blows from his opponent was apparently much stronger . The long-haired youngster was also staggering back a few steps, his chest in pain .

“This demon faced human was really skilled and dangerous,” thought the young man inwardly .

Instead the devil’s face who knew that his opponent was a very tough nut to crack immediately cried out to Wirja Pranata . “Why are you just standng there?! Wasn’t your coming here was looking for the kris thief? This is the thieving bastard! What the hell are you waiting for, let’s teach him some!”

The young man laughed coldly . His right hand was held high . When the hand descended, a wave of wind strikes hurtled down against the demon’s body from top to bottom! The man immediately waved both ends of his sleeves . The long-haired youngster even had his legs sank down two inches to the ground while the demonic faced man rolled on the ground but quickly got up again!

Inwardly the long-haired young man was startled .

The previous blow was not just any random one and was using almost a third of his inner power but the opponent turned out to be okay and was even able to bounce back immediately!

“Wirja Pranata!” cried the demonic face . “If you want the kris back then hurry up and help me catch this rotten thief, do you not see his waist bulging?” The kris is hidden there! ”

“Damn moron!,” yelled the young man . “Why are you being affected by what this demon face just said?! –He was the one who stole the Tumbal Wilayuda kris!”

Wirja Pranata became confused . But since he already made his decisions, he continued the attack . The long haired youngster cursed non-stop .

“Lord Wirja Pranata, you should fall back . You should not fall for the thief who cried the bastard!”

Although surprised as the long-haired man knowing of his identity, Wirja Pranata continued launching his attacks . The long-haired youngster growled . Suddenly he whistled loudly . His hands were raised high up and turned repeatedly . He faced precisely on to the demonic-faced human . And this man shouted in shock “The Whirlwind Blow”! with a tense face .

Quickly reaching into his black shirt pouch, he jumped four spear distances away and as soon as his hand came out of his pocket, five glowing black things darted at the youngster .

“Black Blood Spikes!” Wirja Pranata exclaimed while jumping back, his heart started doubting who the demonic-faced human really was .

“Hmm … so you’re a member of the Black Blood Beggars Society?” the long-haired youth derisively said . He smashed his right hand forward once, and the blue spikes all fell to the ground! As he was about to attack once again, the demonic face man was gone!

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