Wiro Sableng - Volume 4 - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 6

Vexingly, the 212 Fighter turned to the Nobleman, “If you did not act stupidly, that damned thief would surely have been caught!”

Indeed, in his doubt, Wirja Pranata also was not sure about Wiro Sableng’s claim .

“Who are you?” he asked

“Later… this is not the time for inquiries!” The 212 Fighter swiftly flashed, chasing towards the directions where the demonic-faced man ran to, the person whom he thought was a member of the Black Blood Beggar Society, but right behind him, he heard a shout .

“Wait! Wait just a moment!”

Knowing that the one shouting was Wirja Pranata, Wiro could care no less and instead ran with top speed . But abruptly whistling sounds of several hidden weapons was coming on him . Angrily, the 212 Fighter turned around and flicked his hand . The hidden weapons were all struck down, and in a blink of an eye Wirja Pranata was already standing right before him

“If you are on our side why do you not dare to come out cleanly? Surely then you are also a part of those Dark Martial Artist!”

Wiro Sableng was now totally incensed, “You ungrateful human! You have no sense of knowing which are the good guys and which are the bad guys! You didn’t even realize that you are being helped, instead accusing people all you want! If I don’t know you are the future father-in-law of the Sultan, I’d have slapped you all the way to sea and back! Now, buzz off!” Wiro flicked his hand, and abruptly Wirja Pranata was pushed back four spear distances away! Wirja Pranata also became furious . Seeing that the youngster was about to leave again, he quickly pulled out his kris and sent out five consecutive thrust!

“Imbecile!” cursed the 212 Fighter inwardly while nimbly dodging .

At that very moment a shadow flickered .

“Hold your weapon!”

The two people fighting, who both recognized the voice of the newcomer immediately ceased the fight .

The 212 Fighter turned his head to the newcomer and said, “Sultan, your father-in-law’s spirit is indeed commendable! His guts is great, unfortunately his brain is lacking!”

Wirja Pranata’s face reddened in shame, but he was also curious to know that the long haired young man actually also recognized Sultan Hasanuddin . The Sultan then introduced the two to each others . Only after that Wiro bowed in respect .

Coughing to relieved his shame, Wirja Pranata asked to the Sultan, “What about Anjarsari, did you manage to find her…?”

Sultan slowly shook his head in disappointment

“Curses! Curses!” Wirja Pranata cursed inwardly . Both his hands were clenched tightly to fists . It is no wonder that the man was incredibly worried of the safety of his little girl .

At that time the 212 Fighter mediated, “Lord Wirja, you can return to Ujung Kulon first . The two of us will quickly give chase to that dastardly thief . ”

“I’ll go with you!” harked Wirja Pranata stubbornly

“Lord Father…” persuaded the Sultan . “I know exactly the worry and anxiousness in Lord Father’s heart . I am just as anxious! But please believe me, along with this good friend of mine, I will most definitely be able to find Anjarsari and locate the Tumbal Wilayuda kris, as well as subduing those damn thieves!”

“If you said so, then I trust you,” Wirja Pranata finally gave in . Afterwards, Wiro Sableng and Sultan Hasanuddin quickly took off .

As the day entered dawn the two men still couldn’t find any traces of the thief they are looking for . With heavy heart they arrived in a city called Parangwilis . Just like Asoka, Parangwilis is a major trading city . The fragrant scent of food wafted out of a nearby food stall . The two men decided to enter the food stall and alleviate their hunger . The long hair and sturdy built of Wiro Sableng, along with the strong, valiant look from Sultan Hasanuddin attracted the attention from the people inside, yet the duo instead were indifferent and continued to wolf down the dishes served .

Suddenly, the atmosphere inside the foodstall became as silent as a graveyard! Wiro Sableng and Sultan abruptly felt this weird change . Sultan turned his head around while Wiro Sableng scanned with his eyes and took several quick glances to some of the corners .

From the front door of the foodstall, came a man with dirty clothing with torns and patches all over the garment . Two more men coming in from the back door, and beyond the windows at the left and right sides two more men each were visible! Their faces generally looked vicious, hair disheveled and facial hairs that were as wrecked and thick as bushes!

Some of the patrons eating in the stall, seeing the rather bleak atmosphere, immediately went to the corners . Sultan and the 212 Fighter, feeling that they were unrelated with the ten men, could care less and carried on with their meals . (TL Note: I have no idea where “10” comes to picture, where there were only 7 stated in the previous sentences)

Abruptly, one of the people entering from the front door slammed his right hand forward . A fierce gust of wind blew upon the table of the duo . The big, heavy wooden table was mercilessly smashed to the wall of the stall . The plates and glasses on top of it were all broken in pieces! But just before that happened, both the 212 Fighter and the Sultan had already dodged to the side with a jump and stood back-to-back with each other! At that very second, the ten haggard looking men already besieged the two heroes tightly

“I’ve searched you for days, and only now I managed to find you two!” the man who smashed the table with his strong strike grunted .

“And who the hell are you?”barked the Sultan, guarded against all the possibilities . Behind him, he could hear Wiro Sableng whistling without a care in the world .

The man chuckled coldly . His teeth blackened and at the corner of his lips he could see a stub of tobacco . “We are members of the Black Blood Beggar Society!” replied the man .

The Sultan was startled, “The two of us had neither grudges nor grievances with you . Why are you offending us instead?”

The man from the Black Blood Beggar Society once more chortled, “You don’t need to try to talk your way out of this . One of you had killed our leader, the Slanted Lipped Beggar!”

“Oh! So you people are the lackeys of that villain? Every evil person shall always meet their end badly! Now you all can either piss off or join him in hell!”

The Black Blood Begar Society member spitted the stub to the Sultan’s face . Even though it was just a small stub, it was still enormously dangerous due to the high amount of inner power contained in it! Vigilantly, the Sultan punched out his right hand forward, and the stub was blasted away .

Some saliva from the stub was splashed out, hitting several members of the Black Blood Beggar Society’s faces, including the person who spitted out the stub! And thus he was enraged, he barked violently!

“Capture the Sultan alive! That hobo, you can cut him to pieces for dog food!”

Nine beggars who received the command immediately lunged forward . Sultan’s and Wiro Sableng’s bodies were gone, leaving a numbing laugh of the 212 Fighter behind . And a moment later, several dropping sounds were heard, “bump… bump… bump… bump…”

Four members of the Black Blood Beggar Society fell down, cold and dead on the floor . Once more, the 212 Fighter’s body flickered and two more of their members were smashed out of the window!

When he saw this, the commanding beggar quickly took out his weapon, a pitch black whip . Following his example, three other members left also took out their own whips, and mere moments later, it was as if a thunderstorm had descended, with the whips flashing at Wiro Sableng and the Sultan . The sound was not much different from roaring thunders, and the stall was as if it was being drowned and destroyed by the sound of those whips . At that time, no other patrons still dare to be inside the stall, while the owner had already run away to God knows where!

Sultan jumped to the left, dodging the whip strike from one of the enemies . Once he dodged, he immediately struck back with a counter, but two other whips suddenly already slithered and wrapped both his hands! No matter what he tried, Sultan couldn’t release himself from the strangle .

On the other hand, the 212 Fighter tried to extricate himself from the combined whip assault of his two enemies, which covered the space like a downpouring rain! Indeed, the whip art of the four members of the Black Blood Beggar Society was indeed profound . While Sultan had already been captured and dragged to the door, the 212 was also already suppressed and cornered all the way to the back area of the stall .

Furious, Wiro Sableng jumped three spear distances to the sky and then dove down while dividing his attacked to the left and right, towards two of his enemies

The striking wind of the 212 Fighter’s attack only slightly pushed the two men behind, as their whip strikes were so formidable that it actually contained some of the power behind Wiro’s strikes!

Curiously, once the 212 Fighter got to the ground, he immediately grabbed a long chair . With the long chair brandished as his weapon, the 212 Fighter went on a rampage . However, the black whips of the Black Blood Beggars were indeed incredible . The weapons slammed against the long black chair a few times, and the chair was smashed to pieces!

Wiro Sableng growled . Both his hands trembled and were raised high above .

“Whirr… whirrr!”

The food stall creaked violently! The two enemies spun and brandished their whips with increased power, but the wind that was swirling and slamming from the arm of the 212 Fighter could no longer be defended . As if a whirlwind smashing, the two men were sent flying all over the place . Their whips went off their hands and abruptly “Boom! The food stall were flattened to the ground!

Moments before the stall was destroyed , the 212 Fighter already smashed the wall and escaped outside . The two members of the Black Blood Beggar Society, however, were dead, struck by the whirlwind attack of the 212 Fighter and were buried under the debris!

Outside the fallen food stall, the 212 Fighter stood blankly in confusion, as the Sultan along with the other two members of the Black Blood Beggar Society were already gone . He quickly looked for more information from people around onto where the three people went to .

“Your friend was captured and taken to that direction . ” Said one of the people outside, pointing at the end of the road . Without further ado, Wiro Sableng quickly gave chase towards the direction


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