Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 13-1


When hundreds of pairs of eyes stared unblinkingly to the stage, waiting impatiently yet fearfully to the emergence of the awaited Green Scorpion Goddess, a sound of gong being hit seven times reverberated in the air . Once the echo from the gong ended, strangely the skull stage in front of everyone present suddenly rose slightly and at the bottom of the stage, a trap door opened .

Accompanied by loud piercing shouts that seemed to be able to crush down the universe, coming out from that trapdoor was Green Scorpion Goddess, emerging together with her three disciples and a hundred plus of the sect members . Both Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples as well as the entire sect members all wore a necklace with a skull head decoration! Green Scorpion Goddess, her three disciples and the others then sat on a line of chairs that was placed on the west edge of the stage .

The gong was hit for another seven times, and after that Green Scorpion Goddess as the Master of the Skull Valley Sect jumped up to the stage . Her movement was very graceful and pleasing to the eyes, her legs did not bend for a single bit, nor was her center gravity shifted for her to move like that . From this demonstration, everyone present could tell how high and formidable Green Scorpion Goddess’ martial arts were!

Before she continued her speech, Green Scorpion Goddess swept her eyes on every single one of the audience . Only after she scrutinized everyone then her loud, crisp voice  sounded, which at the same time also seemed contemptuous and arrogant!

“I am Green Scorpion Goddess, hereby standing as the Sect Master as the Skull Valley Sect, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the brothers and sisters here that had been willing to come to be the eyewitnesses of the official establishment of the Skull Valley Sect!

“You all need to know that this Sect has only one big objective, which is to unify and merge all martial arts figures as well as Sects and Schools in the world, to be together under one big umbrella, which is our very own Sect, the Skull Valley Sect . We do not force anyone nor any Martial Arts Schools to enter into the fold of our Skull Valley Sect . But in our opinion, since you all have been willing to accept our invitation and come here, it means that you all have declared your willingness to join into our great Skull Valley Sect!”

The audience broke into a clamor when they all heard what the Skull Valley Sect Head had mentioned . They looked at each other with wide open jaws and eyes fully bulging in disbelief!

Their shock had not even started to subside when they once more heard the ethereal voice of Green Scorpion Goddess .

“As of this moment the Skull Valley Sect already has more than a hundred members which comprise of major martial arts figures, some of which even had been at the top of the food chain in the martial arts world! Now, to shorten the time for everyone, I hope that you all will be willing to stand from your seats and kneel down, to vow your loyalty and declare that you all will enter into our Skull Valley Sect!”

Once again, chaos and tension ensued among the crowd . Out of nowhere, one of the audience members stood up and yelled, “Green Scorpion Goddess! The invitation you gave to me and to everyone coming here was just to attend the establishment of your little Sect! But now, by one-sidedly declaring how big the members of your Sect, you are trying to force us to enter and become a member of your Skull Valley Sect? What the hell kind of rules are you trying here?”

Everyone’s eyes, including ones belonging to the Green Scorpion Goddess abruptly turned to the source of the voice . The one speaking apparently was none other than a righteous path martial artist who was influential in the world .

“Oh… it is the Yellow Bamboo Warrior,” said Green Scorpion Goddess .

“Of course, a martial artist of your caliber would not be joining only as a regular member, but one who is holding a high position . ”

“My apology, but I have no intention of asking whether I will be having a higher or lower position as a member, but I adamantly reject this kind of coercion to joining your Sect!”

“Then what do you want, Yellow Bamboo Warrior?” asked Green Scorpion who started fuming in anger .

“I wish for you to take back what you just said, the coercive words you just mentioned!”

Green Scorpion Goddess laughed coldly, “I am actually not forcing anyone”, she said

“But if there is any amongst you who do not wish to abide by my words, that means you’re just seeking your own death! Are you all not aware, that even if you all have wings or even if you all are able to fly, you still won’t be able to get out of this Valley safely, unless you enter and join my Sect!”

“I’d rather die than to join your Sect!” Yellow Bamboo Warrior refused sternly and firmly . Green Scorpion Goddess frowned under her skull mask . She looked behind her and said, “Tri-Poison Chisel, take care of this scoundrel! Do it in five passes at most!”

And thus a man in red clothing and thick moustache, who has more than a hundred poisonous chisels hanging on his waist, immediately jumped to the stage . He looked viciously to the Yellow Bamboo Warrior and shouted, “You loud mouthed man have dared to insult our Sect Head . Come up here on the stage and accept your death!”

Yellow Bamboo Warrior felt his rage burning . He shouted loudly and jumped to the stage while unsheathing his weapon, a sacred yellow bamboo and resumed with his assault! Tri-Poison Chisels welcomed the opponent’s attack by throwing five of his poisonous chisels at him .

Yellow Bamboo brandished his weapon with a spin and in a flash all five of the chisels were deflected! Tri-Poison Chisels took out two more of his weapons, and with them he attacked Yellow Bamboo Warrior! A great battle broke out on the stage . In a short moment of time three passes had gone on! On the fourth pass, Yellow Bamboo Warrior was heard exclaiming as the mid section of his bamboo weapon was caught by the opponent’s pair of weapons!

Reluctantly, Yellow Bamboo Warrior had to let go of his weapon . As he let go of his hand, at the same time he let off a right footed kick forward! Tri-Poison Chisels jumped to the side but he was tricked! That kick earlier was merely a feint! As he was dodging, his opponent unleashed a full powered barehanded strike containing his entire inner power!

Tri-Poison Chisels quickly let go of the yellow bamboo caught by his chisels . The pair of weapons were then spun to block the attack from his opponent, but alas! The wind from Yellow Bamboo Warrior’s attack was already squarely striking his chest! Tri-Poison Chisels was thrown two spear distances away, rolling on the stage and spit out a mouthful of blood! When Yellow Bamboo Warrior bent down to take his sacred bamboo, suddenly three shadows flashed to the stage and ambushed the righteous Warrior!

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