Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Once he saw that the opponent was holding a weapon, Demon Shadow crazily launched his attack along with a thunderous shout, “Come face this deadly technique, young man!” the black steel paddle swooshed through the air towards Candra Masa with deadly ferocity . The young man nimbly dodged to the side and from there he sent back a counter with his sword arts .

And thus a streak of black light was let out from Demon Shadow’s weapon that was contending with the white streak of light from Candra Masa’s sword!

Close to the end of that formidable technique, suddenly Candra Masa’s scream was abruptly heard . His sword was thrown away but he quickly managed to catch it back with his left hand . The youngster then jumped backward . His right arm hung limply and was bleeding profusely . His opponent’s weapon had broken the arm!

“Demon Shadow!” snapped Sword God . “This spar was held not to harm each other… but only to test the depth of one’s martial arts…” Demon Shadow snorted and laughed uglily .

“When it was your side losing, then you speak so much . You can tell your other worthy member to come forth!” Meanwhile Candra Masa first bowed to his School Head before returning to his seat . Several members of the School came to give him some first aid to fix Candra Masa’s broken arm .

From the right sde of the stage suddenly a figure jumped up . He was Suralangi, the Southern Elder from the Fragrant Lake School . While bowing in respect to the Sword God, the short but sturdy man spoke, “School Head, I ask your permission to fight against this man!” Sword God answered with a nod .

Suralangi took out his sword and stepped before Demon Shadow, “Please give me your guidance,” said the Southern Elder of the School

Demon Shadow put on a wide grin, “You can have the first attack,” he said . Without any hesitation, Suralangi immediately brandished his silver sword . With the unleashing of the ultimate sword art created by the Sword God named the “Berserking Thousand Swords” technique, in a blink of an eye Suralangi had already besieged his opponent with strong slashes of his swords!

Demon Shadow’s black robe flapped in the wind by the mighty swirling of sword wind . Silently Demon Shadow was also incomparably surprised when he saw his opponent’s sword arts . He quickly spun his own sword swiftly . The weapons of both fighters clashed hard and loudly for a few times, sparks flying everywhere . Five exchanges of moves quickly passed, up until this point the two of them looked very evenly matched . Another five exchanges happened under the witnessing of tens of pairs of eyes of the audiences .

“Suralangi, you can quickly end this now!” Fragrant Lake School Head’s shout was heard . When he heard this, Suralangi swiftly moved a single step to the side . When his opponent chased him with a swing of his black steel paddle, Suralangi recovered his positioning and from then on struck back with a technique named “Mountain Striking Venturing Phython”


The black steel in Demon Shadow’s hands was smashed through the air . Groans of pain was let out from the lips of this black robed man . If one paid a careful attention, one can see that the bones at the back of his hand was crushed!

Suralangi used the hilt of his sword to smash at the back of Demon Shadow’s hand!

While Demon Shadow was still groaning in pain, Suralangi put his sword back to its sheath and said, “Thank you, you have truly taught me a lot of things, Demon Shadow!”

This time Demon Shadow had truly lost any face that he previously had completely . Under the jeering of the crowd he bent down to take his black steel weapon and jumped to leave the stage, vanishing at the eastern horizon .

Suralangi bowed towards his School Head and then stepped back to his seat, but at that same time a figure flashed and jumped on to the stage from the guests in the West side .

This figure apparently was an old lady with a hunched back, her face was wrinkled and thin, with big and wide eyes like a coin . Her hunchbacked body was covered by a piece of red garment while on her waist a red blade was hung .

“Brother,” called the old lady to Suralangi . “Your skills were quite commendable . The “Mountain Striking Venturing Phython” from before was admirable . I believe you still have some more formidable secret arts from your School that you saved up! Would you be willing to show them to me…?

Suralangi was shocked when he saw this old lady coming . And even more shocked when he found out that the old lady recognized and knew well the name of his sword arts that he used when he beat that Demon Shadow! Suralangi glanced to his right where the Head of Fragrant Lake School was seated . And he saw that Sword God folded his arms in front of his chest, while his forehead wrinkled in deep frown .

The appearance of this red garment old lady who was none other than the Red Blade Granny also shocked Sword God . Five years before, he once clashed with this old granny when Red Blade Granny was trying to help an evil bandit group that was wrecking chaos in the capital of Demak Kingdom . Since his side was stronger and numerous in number, Red Blade Granny and her accomplices were defeated by Sword God and his associates . But that was the event from five years ago .

If this old Red Blade Granny resurfaced, it definitely had a connection with what happened back in the old days! In Sword God’s calculation, Suralangi will be hard pressed to face the old granny and even there is a big possibility of him being soundly defeated .

But to force him to retire was also impossible as this will bring the fame and name of the School to plummet . When he saw his School Head nodded, only then Suralangi took a step forward .

“Thank you, but apparently amongst the guests today there is still someone that wishes to test our School’s martial arts . But before that, would you be kind enough to state your name and title, Senior?”

The old lady laughed so hard that his thin cheeks were pushed inward even further, “My name is not important, but people usually call me as the Red Blade Granny!” Suralangi’s guess that the old lady was Red Blade Granny was apparently on the spot . His heart slightly trembled in fear when he found out who his opponent on stage was .

“Well… I hope we don’t mince words anymore than this . Please start,” said Red Blade Granny while taking out her blade .

“Bring out all your strongest martial arts! You don’t have to bother to hold back with this old lady” . Just like in the previous battle, as initiating technique Suralangi once again assaulted his opponent with the “Berserking Thousand Swords”technique!

“Ah… Its is just this “Berserking Thousand Swords”, this surely is not one of your secret arts!” mocked Red Blade Granny . She indeed seemed like she was indifferent to the opponent’s sword lights that was wounding around her tightly .

“Come! Bring out the number one sword art from your School! Otherwise I can’t be responsible over your life!” Suralangi was fumed and grieved that he quicken the speed of his sword arts even more so that the weapon itself really had appeared like there were thousands of them around!

“Stupid Idiot! I told you to use your secret arts but you instead continued with this stupid technique!”

“Whoosh… Whoosh…Whoosh…!”

Red Blade Granny slashed her blade three times in a row . Three streaks of red light slashed and crossed on each other . The wind produced by the weapon was really hard and strong . The white streaks of light from Suralangi’s sword that entrapped her were immediately suppressed badly and dispersed to nothingness! Suralangi was incredibly shocked! Sword God took a deep sigh .

“Apparently this woman is even stronger and mightier than she was five years ago…” Fragrant Lake School Head thought inwardly . He then silently sent a voice transmission in warning, “Be careful Sura, this old woman is very strong . Attack her with your best techniques!”

Before Suralangi, Red Blade Granny stood with her hunchbacked body with a wide grin, “Are you still not willing to use your secret arts? Don’t regret when your life flew away…!”

“Red Blade Granny, watch my sword!” snapped Suralangi . The pure silver sword flashed with ferocious speed, as if hacking through six different parts of the granny . But the Red Blade Granny nimbly managed to dodge those ferocious attacks and instead countered it with a lethal assault of her own that froze the blood of the spectators!


Suralangi was forced to use his sword to block the blade’s attack to his neck that was already not dodgeable! His hands felt numb and weak while his sword’s blade looked cracked by the attacks from his opponent’s weapon!

When he saw this, Suralangi immediately spun his sword meticulously and launched three attacks with his sword, the ultimate technique of Fragrant Lake School sword arts . All three of these techniques were called, “Diving Garuda Piercing the Lake”, followed with the “Mighty Dragon Tail Bash” and ended with the “Thunder Slashing the Earth” Techniques .

The silver sword turned into a mere white blur that slashed toward Red Blade Granny’s head, and then turned to hack at her waist, before climbing back up before going down to smash with a downward motion! If any one of these chained attacks succeeded, then Red Blade Granny would be either had his head lopped off, or cut in two at the waist or perhaps had his head to his chest sliced in two! But instead, Red Blade Granny didn’t get even a single injury!

She moved her hand . The red light from her blade rushed forth . Those three ultimate attacks abruptly were dispersed! The Granny laughed in a shrieking mock .

“Apparently the Fragrant Lake School only had these shitty techniques!” Suralangi, in his stoked anger, followed up his dispersed attacks with two more attacks along with a punch from his left hand and a kick with his right foot! The Granny brandished her blade twice and once again Suralangi’s attacks were stopped, crippled even!

“Now eat MY attack! This one is called the “Mighty Dragon Ascends from the Ocean” technique! Her words were closed with an uber quick slash from her blade, truly as if a mighty dragon rising up and ascended from the depth of the ocean . Even though the slash was very quick, but the trajectory was truly tricky and everchanging, making it hard to predict which part of the body was its true target!

“Sura, quickly jumped out from the attack trajectory! Counter attack her from the side!” warned Sword God with a voice transmission . Suralangi quickly retreated backward and shifted his body to the side, but he couldn’t follow up with his attack . The opponent’s blade slashed through, threatening to slice his face! The only way out to save himself was to block the attack with his sword! But alas, like a famed sword cutting through veggies, the Granny’s red blade cleanly cut Suralangi’s silver sword right above its hilt! And the Red Blade Granny’s motion ddn’t stop at that . Her body shot further forward .

“Sura, watch out!” yelled several members of the Fragrant Lake School . But it was too late . Red Blade Granny’s right kick had already smashed through Suralangi’s chest . Mercilessly, Suralangi was sent flying, all the way into the middle of the lake!

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