Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 5.2

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Chapter 5.2

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 5-2


Mad Cloth stopped laughing . His small eyes were slightly widened, he blinked them a few times and then he started laughing ferociously again . “You said that we have no enmity? Hah… is your brain still intact? You said no reason huh? Have you forgotten what you did about a week ago in Kertoragen? So fucked up screwed! You have killed, beheaded that Devil Claw! There, I brought his head with me as proof!” Sword God was shocked . His eyes glanced at the head of that man that was laid on the stage near his feet .

Around a week before this event, Sword God indeed killed a bandit head nicknamed the Devil Claw . It happened in a junge, when Devil Claw and five of his men were about to rob a cargo cart passing by the jungle!

When the head was thrown by Mad Cloth before him, he indeed felt that he somewhat recognized the face, but since its condition was badly damaged and covered with blood, it was hard for Sword God to actually recognize the owner of that head!

When he heard Mad Cloth’s reply, Sword God immediately understood that Devil Claw and Mad Cloth surely had some kind of relationships . Thus the Head of Fragrant Lake School replied, “It was Devil Claw’s own deeds that had him killed, Mad Cloth, not me! Everyone like him will definitely receive that kind of punishments!”

“Hehehehe… you are sure good in sophistry! But do you know the way to hell? If you don’t know yet then let this Mad Cloth show the way for you!” The mighty skinny figure stepped forward two steps . He lifted his right hand high in the air!

“Now, receive this deathblow, Sword God! Hehehe…!”

“Mad Cloth!” shouted Sword God while channeling his inner power to his right hand, “How are you related to Devil Claw?”

“Oh, you want to know about that? It’s nothing much, Devil Claw is my brother! Now you know how bad I want your life, right? And even the life of your families and also the members of your School!”

For Sword God, nay, for everyone there, knowing that Devil Claw was Mad Cloth’s little brother was a new information .

“Mad Cloth!” said Sword God, “Whoever Devil Claw is won’t be a matter for me . The important thing is that he committed crimes . And justice would never let him walk away and spread his evil deeds anymore…”

“Ah… this is neither the time nor place to talk such bullshit sophistry! You can discuss them with the demons in hell later!” the corner of Mad Cloth’s eyes caught a shadow of someone walking towards where he stood face-to-face with Sword God . When he took a glance to the side, apparently the person walking there was Saint Godapati, the member of the Three Golden Trident that was on the side of the stage just before! The atmosphere immediately turned silent and intense .

“Mad Cloth, I hope that you can pay a bit of attention to the situation and condition of where we are, and also give face to the martial arts figures present here… I hope you restrain and do not continue with the intents that you have kept in your heart!”

“Eh, purple robed bastard! Are you daydreaming or has your brain gone fried…?” snapped Mad Cloth . Trying to talk nicely but instead got scolded as such made Saint Godapati’s heart turned fiery .

“My brain perhaps is fried a bit, but surely not well done and overburned like yours!”

“Hmm… So here we have one more person who knows not the depths of the sea and the height of the mountains . If you’re that tired of living then feel free to let me know, so I can quickly send your rotten life to hell!”

“You talk too big, Mad Cloth!”

“Your balls are also too big for your own good, Godapati!”

“You still don’t have six heads and a dozen hands, Mad Cloth!”

“Oh… do you happen to have a spare life?” barked Mad Cloth .

“I indeed don’t have any spare life . But just to face you, I don’t fear sparring a thousand exchanges!”

“Good… Very Good! But let me ask first, are you trying to defend Sword God in this?”

“I stand on the side of no one!”

“Then what the hell? Don’t you try selling the virtue and justice and righteousness nonsense in front of this many people! Every single one here knows, what kind of School that you established on Wuwutan Island! Everyone here knows that you are a stinky corrupt saint that would do anything once money and treasures fill up both your mouth and your butt hole!” after he said that, Mad Cloth once more laughed out loud in glee .

“Then no other way,” said Saint Godapati while taking out his weapon, the trident that was made from pure gold .

“It seems that you are in a rush to meet the devils in hell…!” Mad Cloth laughed out loud . Suddenly he let out an ear piercing shriek . Both his hands were punched forward . Like a typhoon, wind blew hard! Saint Godapati jumped to dodge six spear distances away and swung his trident to the enemy, followed up by two kicks from both of his legs .

But astonishingly, even before the spear and two kicks reached the intended target, abruptly the three attacks all changed directions to another body parts of Mad Cloth! Mad Cloth was startled and also a bit angered seeing the attacks from his enemy . His skin and bone body flashed furiously, both hands attacked in waves, billowing mad winds that struck the area .

On the other hand, Saint Godapati also unceasingly unleashed his golden trident attacks, which also functioned to block the attacks coming towards his body!

After five exchanges passed and he being unable to do anything to his opponent, Mad Cloth flew into a fit of rage .

“Bastard human! Take this!” Mad Cloth snapped . His body vanished into a blur . His two hands and two feet moved so fast that they were practically invisible .

And then Saint Godapati’s bloodcurdling wail reverberated in the air . His golden trident flew in the air while his body was thrown off the stage . The Saint tried sitting cross legged to channel his inner power and heal his severe injury, but his chest bone was crushed, his ribs broken in places . Just a moment after sitting cross legged, Godapati fell to the ground with his life gone . Everyone present closed their month in awe .

The atmosphere turned as deathly silent as in a graveyard . Mad Cloth laughed uproariously at the scene . He then turned his body to face Sword God who was standing nine spear distances away from him . He grinned and said, “Your death will be faaar uglier than that damn Saint, Sword God!” His words were closed with a fierce charge and attack! His right hand clawed forward while his left kick aimed at the crotch of Sword God!

Sword God who had also lost his patience and angered, fumed with revenge over his son’s death also didn’t stay still . He ducked low, both hands struck forward . This is a stance for a long distance punch that he was about to unleash!

When seeing that the two hands of Sword God were moving forward, Mad Cloth felt that his body that shot through the air feeling an indescribable pressure! His body swayed and his charge was dispersed . He was incomparably startled . It wasn’t wrong if his brother, the Devil Claw, meeting his end in the hands of this Head of the Fragrant Lake School who apparently had mastered such an incredible bare handed fist art!

With a thunderous shout , Mad Cloth’s body was visibly seen diving downward like a swimmer underwater and suddenly his two fists had punched toward the stomach and chest of Sword God! Sword God ferociously welcomed the enemy’s fist with a punch of his own .



Two fists containing incredibly high level of inner power collided and produced a loud blast sound . The impact was also truly hard . Sword God’s body was slammed backward! If only his light body technique hadn’t reached the realm of perfection, he definitely would have flown further off the stage or even falling down from there .

On the other hand, Mad Cloth was also thrown backward one spear distance away! For the second time since the start of the event this lunatic martial artist was surprised .

From his previous experiences, whenever his enemy dared to fight head on with his fist strike, if his opponent’s fists weren’t mangled they would at least receive some internal injuries . But this time he could see that Sword God was still standing in a completely fine condition . It was only his two hands that was a bit reddened! Mad Cloth’s mouth mumbled unclearly .

“Huh… It seems that you indeed have some skills to back you up!” he growled feistily . He rubbed both his hands against each other . And a moment later his both hands were clenched to form a bluish colored fists!

Sword God understood that his enemy was about to use his best fist arts . Thus, he quickly readied himself in response! The audience all held their breath, their eyes glued to this incredible fight .

Mad Cloth lifted both his hands upward, parallel to each other and at the same height as his sallowed face . He looked even scarier in this state .

“As long as I possess this Blue Demon Fist Art, not a single human would be able to defeat me! There had been a total of two hundred thirty nine martial art figures that died by my hand, and you shall be the two hundred fortieth, Sword God!” 

Listening  to the name of the fist art that will be unleashed by his enemy, Sword God redoubled his inner power . And it was at that time that Mad Cloth assaulted forward with a shrieking laughter! Two streaks of blue light shot forward and blasted downward to the head of Sword God .

The Head of Fragrant Lake School quickly dodged and sent an elbow strike to the ribs of the enemy, but Mad Cloth dodged the attack by bending his knee, while his both left and right fists were still closing in swiftly at Sword God’s skull!

Sword God was hesitating to block his enemy’s attack, and therefore he abruptly threw himself to the side . The pair of Mad Cloth’s fists passed through his side .

“Bang! Bang!”

The floor of the stage that was made from thick wood planks were smashed and broken when slammed by the wind strike launched by Mad Cloth . Everyone had their jaw dropped . It was truly imaginable how formidable the fist art was . Sword God himself was incomparably surprised by it .

Two famous figures sitting amongst the guests were whispering to each other to discuss the fight, “It appears that the Head of Fragrant Lake School won’t be able to cross fists with his enemy up to the twentieth exchange…”

“The height of Mad Cloth’s martial arts is indeed unfathomable! But Sword God himself doesn’t look like to have used any of his secret arts and skills . Even though he is young, we shouldn’t look down at the Sword God…” replied the other figure in whispers .

At that very moment, on the stage, the fierce battle between Mad Cloth and Sword God resumed . Blue streak and white streak of light wrestled against each other . It seems that Sword God had started to utilize his secret skills and arts!

When the battle was nearing its climax, when every eyes couldn’t afford to move their gazes from the stage, suddenly a strong shout was heard . And the very next second, everyone caught the image of four shadows!

“Stop the fight!” barked one of the newcomers . Her voice shook the valley, stifling the chest of everyone present! And then four women figures with slender bodies came out and stood on the stage .  

When they saw their looks, the audience again broke into commotion! How could they not? The four ladies with beautiful, slender bodies all had incredibly terrifying looks! Their faces hidden under a skull mask!

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