Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 6.1

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Chapter 6.1

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 6-1


Both Sword God and Mad Cloth were startled by the screaming and shouting order that had shaken the valley . The two of them backed off and looked to the right! Apparently there were four girls with Skull-face mask that had risen to the stage and stood there . The bone-chilling look definitely resembled death itself to the onlooker .

“Damn Misdirected Cretin! What the hell is your business, the hell do you think you are qualified to order us to stop our fight, huh?!” snapped Mad Cloth to the skull faced girl that was frontmost and wearing a simple red clothing .

“You skinny lanky monkey! Your mouth is too dirty! I’ll definitely have your life in…!” and the red clothed skull face’s words were cut short by the raucous laughter from Mad Cloth .

“You dare to mock then you have to dare to die as well!” he said .

“Hmphh… It seems you are also way over your head, skinny monkey!” 

Mad Cloth once more laughed uproariously, “If only you know who you are in the presence of, you surely would have run with your tail between your legs!”

“Bull Fart!” snapped the red cloth in heightened anger . Her left hand move with a snap of her sleeves .


A storm like gust of wind whirled towards Mad Cloth . At the beginning Mad Cloth looked down and was still lightly laughing when he received the attack . He carelessly waved his left hand to disperse the attack from his opponent . But alas! How surprised he was! His waving hand could not disperse the attack at all . Instead, the whirling gust made him staggered and swayed! And if in that very moment he did not dodge and jumped to the side, his body would surely have been thrown  out of the stage!

Mad Cloth started to sweat out of his mind . He frowned deeply . The inner strength of the skull face was incredibly strong, thought the skinny old man inwardly .

“Skull face, who the f**k are you, huh?” asked Mad Cloth with a furious snapping .  

The one under inquiry instead chuckled, “We are devils who rip life off of people! Did you get that clearly? Now be good and embrace your death!”

“Ugly lowly bitches! Don’t you even think to daydream!” barked Mad Cloth . He rubbed his two palms against each other and immediately they turned blue!

“Devil bitch! Come! Eat what you sow!” he yelled . Mad Cloth unleashed the incredibly mighty “Blue Demon Fist” technique .

The red clothed girl screeched loudly . Her body jumped six spear distances to the air and when she dove down back, from her right hand a streak of green light flashed, followed by three Green Scorpion beasts!

“Green Scorpion!” Mad Cloth exclaimed with a startle . His heart trembled . Sword God and every single person present were also incomparably surprised . Several martial artists who well realized that their skills and arts were still not perfected turned pale faced . Since the last two months, the name of “Green Scorpion” had appeared in the martial arts world! Now that they had shown themselves before them, it was a given that they would be surprised and tense to the bone .  

Mad Cloth punched forward . The blue light from the “Blue Demon Fist” hurled forward . But alas, fate had decided! One of the green scorpion had already reached him and stabbed deep into his head . The second and third one followed along as well! Mad Cloth let out a blood curdling scream . Before the death ripper arrived, Mad Cloth still strived to launch another “Dragon Clawing Upper Heaven” technique, but it was all in vain . His body slammed on top of the stage, shaken for an instant and then laid unmoving and stiff, dead!

The shouts of exclamation and clamors sounded as if it was loud enough to bring down the sky above the lake! But everyone abruptly turned to silence when the red clothed skull  face roared ferociously, “Lowly humans! Shut up! All of you!” 

Even though the audience had turned silent and held their breath upon seeing the meteoric emergence of the four girls in skull masks, many of the famed martial artists from the righteous side felt insulted and degraded .

This was even truer for those from the righteous side that had been displeased with the rise and cruelty done by the four young girls in the last two months!

One of them was Brahmana Wingajara (TL Note: Brahmana is a caste from Hindu religion whose main work is becoming the religious figure in the society) that was titled the “Two White Hands”, a martial arts figure with a pale marble white hands and arms, and it was in those two hands and arms where his main strength came from . Without further ado, the Brahmana jumped onto the stage .

“Fat baldy piggy!”yelled the red clothed skull face . Wingaraja indeed had a fat round stomach, bald headed and short in stature . “Do you also want to come and quickly end your life that you even dare to come on this stage?”

Brahmana Wingaraja laughed drily . He replied, “This stage wasn’t made by you, and was also not your possession! Even the host himself didn’t forbid me to come up here, demon-faced human!” Actually as a Brahmana, Wingaraja very rarely and even almost never cursed at someone or talked rudely . But at that moment, having been insulted that badly, especially in front of tens of martial arts figures, Brahmana Wingaraja was so incensed that curses actually sprouted from his mouth!

The red cloth giggled, “Then what the hell do you want by coming up here?”

Brahmana Wingaraja deliberately did not answer her and instead turned to face the audience and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, from what you have heard in the last two months, and from the atrocities that we have seen today, it is should be clear in your mind what kind of future will befall the martial arts world in the coming days, especially for those from the righteous side if these young skull faced girls are allowed to live even a bit longer…”

“Shut your trap, you cat shit Brahma! Eat this!” 

The red clothed skull face kicked forward . The wind from the kick was incredibly powerful . While dodging, Wingaraja slammed his two hands forward . Hot white smoke hurled and clashed at the red clothed girl! The skull faced girl was pushed back and she countered with a ferocious attack from the side! Green light flashed forward, three green scorpions swished through the air and Brahmana Wingaraja’s death scream was heard . Two of the green scorpion stabbed onto his forehead, while the third plunged into his left eye!

Once again, the atmosphere was filled with horror and shock . And once more, the red cloth roared loudly, “You damned humans! Shut the hell up!”

The audiences froze bitterly in their chairs . Seeing the ill premonition of what awaited them ahead, some of the audiences rose from their seats . Immediately, the red clothed skull face yelled, “Not a single soul is allowed to leave this place! Whoever dares to means that he or she is dead!”

Seeing the killing that was against his conscience and valiant soul, added further by his unvented revenge against Mad Cloth that hadn’t been fulfilled even though the latter had become mere corpse, the Head of the Fragrant Lake School took one step forward towards the skull face, “I have heard of your famed name doing the evil deeds in this martial world for the last two months . As a martial man, I respect you lot, but as an evil from the dark side with a demon heart, I despise even looking at you! Therefore, I hope you all leave this place right now! I do not wish to see more crime and killing!”

The red cloth and her three friends all looked at each other . All four of them then guffawed uproariously, “Fragrant Lake School Head, you do not wish to see more killing you said? But don’t you realize that you will also die in our hands? Unless…”

“Unless what…?” interrupted Sword God .

“Unless you and your whole school members are willing to kneel down and enter the Sect that we are going to establish, the Skull Valley Sect!”

Sword God snorted and answered, “People like me shall never ever kneel to the likes of you even until death takes us away! Even more entering your cursed Sect! If you want to find Sect members, go find them in the pits of hell! There surely will be many people with your looks and and type and are willing to be admitted to your Sect!”

The four girls in skull face masks guffawed once more, “Fragrant Lake School Head,” said the skull face in black clothes, “what makes you even qualify to say that?”

“Perhaps he’s got himself a spare life!” teased the blue cloth .

“That’s probably true . One is human life, the other is dog’s one!” replied the red clothes . And the four girls roared in laughter once more! 

Having been insulted as such, Sword God perhaps was still able to hold down his anger . But that was not the case for his wife, “Demon bitches! You talked so insultingly and cockily! Watch for your head!” a flash of sword cut through the air towards the head of the red clothed one, startling the skull faced girl and pushed her back five steps!

“Aaahh… a pretty lady… surely you are the wife of that Fragrant Lake School Head!” said the red clothed skull face . “You don’t need to be so feisty against me! You should even be better to persuade your man and the members of his school to enter into our Sect and you all shall be saved from your own ending . ”

“You must first save your own neck, damn bitch!” screamed Suwita . Her silver sword slashed furiously towards the red cloth .  

The one being attacked welcomed the attack with a giggle, “Ungrateful woman!” mocked the red cloth while jumping to the side and yelled to her friend, “Blue Scorpion, hurry up here and take care of this stupid woman!”

The blue clothed skull faced girl jumped to the front and blocked Suwita . But from behind the Sword God’s wife, another person jumped in to face Blue Scorpion . The newcomer was none other than Indrajaya, the eldest son of Sword God!

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