Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6.2

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 6-2


“Your opponent is me, demon faced devil hearted girl!” Indrajaya snapped . Blue Scorpion’s eyeballs rolled and shone brightly when she saw the valiant look of the young man standing before her .   Her heart was inwardly feeling attraction to him . Red Scorpion, the red robed skull faced girl, knew about it and quickly barked at her, “Blue Scorpion, quickly do as I say! That young man must be dead in one strike!” In their journey across the martial arts world to accomplish the plan that had been set by their master to establish the Skull Valley Sect, it was indeed Red Scorpion who had more accomplishments than her three other fellows and it was she who was appointed as the captain . Blue Scorpion complained inwardly . Her heart felt a tinge of pity seeing that a young man as valiant as Indrajaya must meet his death at her hands . But when she remembered Red Scorpion’s warning and recalled the words from people who were not willing to enter their Sect or tried to fight back, that pity immediately vanished .

With a loud screech Bluer Scorpion assaulted Indrajaya . The young man readied his sword to welcome the attack . But Blue Scorpion was not an equal opponent to Indrajaya . Before this everyone had seen how Red Scorpion with her only slightly superior martial arts had managed to fell Mad Cloth and Brahmana Wingajara with a single attack, and thus it was already clearly forecasted that Indrajaya would also meet his demise in a single strike as well!

And thus, even though in the first half of the first exchange Indrajaya still could fight back and even suppressed his enemy with his quick and nimble sword arts, but when Blue Scorpion lifted her right hand high in the air and punched forward, at that time green scorpions were thrown towards the young man’s head . Indrajaya’s sword form  turned into a mess in an instant .

In his panic, he tried to slash at the three scorpions that attacked him with his sword, but all was far too late! Two of the scorpions’ tails stabbed at his forehead . The third one stabbed on his left cheek! Indrajaya wailed loudly . His body fell stiff on the wooden floor . Before his life flew out of its vessel, the young man still managed to throw his sword at Blue Scorpion, but with a wave of her left hand, the sword toss was blocked easily .

Raging vengeance and burning anger from the death of his son, Jayengrana hadn’t even been healed, and now that his eldest son had also met his death with such a miserable fashion, Sword God’s rage blew up to an unprecedented degree .


The Head of Fragrant Lake School unsheathed his sword . The white light from the sword blinded the eyes of everyone present, “Don’t even bother to think of leaving this place, Blue Scorpion!” Sword god snapped . Suwita, Bradjasastra and school elder Klabangsongo jumped forward, without further ado they charged at the remaining three skull faced girl, Red Scorpion, White Scorpion and Black Scorpion . And thus a grand battle ensued on the stage . But the battle quickly met its swift ending, and abruptly replaced with horror! Three streaks of green light slashed through the air, and the death screams of Suwita, Indrajaya and Brajasastra (TLN: yes, it was Klabangsongo in the previous paragraph, again it was hard to make edits on typewriter back in the 60s) could be clearly heard in the air! The three people laid lifeless on the stage floor . Each of their heads was stabbed by poisonous green scorpion!

Sword God who was fiercely suppressing Blue Scorpion with his deadly and mighty sword arts was currently about to start the second stance of his skills, when he saw the death of his dearest wife and youngest son become burned with incomparable anger! His anger made him forget his sanity and he went berserk . His sword was brandished with utter ferocity but without any logic in its moves at all!

When streaks of green light and three green scorpions whirled towards his direction, he only managed to dodge one of the deadly beasts . The other two clawed and stabbed him on his head!

The Head of Fragrant Lake School staggered . His eyes opened wide in his effort to withstand the incredible pain . Suddenly, he roared and lunged forward! His sword slashed! His attack really went unpredicted by Blue Scorpion . The skull faced girl jumped quickly to dodge the assault but her cloth was still managed to be slashed that it was ripped open!

“Fucking Demon!” cursed Blue Scorpion . By the time Sword God gasped for the last of his life, Blue Scorpion smashed her kick to the abdomen area of Sword God . Mercilessly, the Headmaster of this new School that hadn’t even been established for a single day was flown away, falling into the lake!

The elders of Fragrant Lake School shouted to order two of the School members, “Quickly retrieve the body of School Head and take him to the woods for safety!” Two of the School members immediately jumped to the lake but they were deterred by Red Scorpion’s bark, “whoever dared to move will be dead!”

The School Elder, Jambakrogo, jumped before Red Scorpion, “Your cruelty has gone way beyond measure, demon girl! I’ll gladly let my life go to cut you to pieces!” After he said that, Jambakrogo unleashed his sword art, two kicks and a punch strike! The might of this attack was not something to look down at! But even so, Red Scorpion didn’t even put an eye on it . With a move of her hand, a streak of green flash passed through, and the death scream of Jambakrogo was heard loud in the air, his life was gone from his body!

The three School elders who were all struck down and fainted by the attacks of Mad Cloth and Red Blade Granny now no longer cared about their injuries at all . Every single one of them lunged forward in assault .

Klabangsongo rallied, “All School members, form ranks! Assemble the “Deadly Lake Array”! Heeding this call, Fragrant Lake School members that had held their own bellyful of rage and felt their hands itch to join the fight, quickly moved to line up and formed the formation known as the “Deadly Lake Array” . This formation consisted of 5 layered circle shapes . As Fragrant Lake School is a new school that is yet to be well known, nobody present was familiar with how formidable the “Deadly Lake Array” formation was! Besides that, no one in the audience was caring about what happened on the stage any longer, not to mention what was about to happen on it . But with the chaos happening on it, they were all aiming for the opportunity to leave the place utilizing the chaos . But the moment any one of them stood up and moved their muscles even for a little, Black Scorpion’s angry roar reverberated in the air .

“Daring to leave this place means you are daring to die!” Those people who were about to leave all were dazed in an instant . But a group of them suddenly made a burst out and ran to escape . Black Scorpion and Red Scorpion who were standing neared the edge of the stage and were closest to those people roared loudly .  

“Die” they yelled . Two streaks of green light flashed, and thus the death screams were wailing incessantly . The whole group that were escaping were lying dead on the ground, not a single one managed to escape with their life intact! Those seeing the scene stood with their knees trembling in fear!

“Those trying to excape, be my guest!” said Red Scorpion . But no one else dared to even move a single muscle . But this doesn’t mean that every single one of the guests present felt fear over Red Scorpion and her friends .

Some of the figures deliberately, to channel their anger, held down their rage until they felt that it was the right time for them to move!

Suddenly, from the stage a huge shout was heard! Apparently the “Deadly Lake Array” had already started to move . Circles of white light rolled out incessantly, besieging the four girls with skull masks with incomparable ferocity!

Four of them actually looked down at the formation at the beginning . They thought that they would be able to break the siege with a single wave of their hands . But the moment they were tightly surrounded by their enemies, it was practically impossible for them to even lift their hands and made a punching movement to their front!

The four of them were startled and it was only the great depth of their light body skills that saved them from the siege of sword waves that kept on crashing on them resembling the ocean waves hitting the cliff! Even though the four of them still managed to hold on, but inwardly they felt deeply worried . They all silently sought for any openings for their break-out plan and once they managed to locate the weakness of the “Deadly Lake Array”, all four of them launched a focused attack at two of the people forming the formation!

Two bloodcurdling screams ripped the sky . Two bodies of the members forming the “Deadly Lake Array” were blasted through the air, falling down on the ground lifeless . And thus the tight siege that was highly depended by the Fragrant Lake School was broken . One by one, the members of the School fell lifeless, down on the stage!

The moment Red Scorpion and her compatriots were tightly besieged by the “Deadly Lake Array” formation, most of the guests who weren’t confident with their skills and felt unsafe, who felt it would be futile to fight back against Red Scorpion and co later on, quickly made the rush to escape the place . But the other major figures stayed put, especially those coming from the righteous side of martial artists and were good friends with the late Sword God .

At that moment, the stage instead displayed a horrific scene . Tens of human bodies laid lifeless . Some of them had their heads crushed, some had their abdomen ripped or their chests caved in, but most of them died due to the Green Scorpion Technique unleashed by the four girls with the skull caves, humans who were thirsty for others’ lives!

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